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a group of people i know in real life called me a loli idk how i should feel abt this

If you are underage call the cops ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

If you are 18+ just embrace the loli (◕‿◕✿)

Kingsman Fanfic Rec List: 1

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading Kingsman fanfic because I am bored and obsessed, and I’d like to share a few of my favorite fics so far:

Merwin (Merlin/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin):

Please by Liarielle (tumblr is liarielle​)
euphoria by adecutegirlz
All Hail Scottish Jesus by violentcheese (tumblr is violentcheese​)
Summer Heat by Fabrisse
Routine by DictionaryWrites
Forgiveness and Permission by Anonymous
in sorrow to the harbor by syllogismos (+ the sequel: the ghost of a morning)
Show Don’t Tell by loved_ice (tumblr is loved-ice​)
Power and Control by loved_ice
Fallout by Whisper91
Enough For Now by GraphiteFox
Unprofessional by DictionaryWrites
A Lovely Afternoon by Fabrisse
Listening By Fabrisse
Baltimore by Fabrisse
5 Times Eggsy Wore Merlin’s Jumper by gaealynn
Corporal Punishment by Sexxica
Running Laps by sometimesilie (Serpentsign)
Murphy’s Cops Law #18 by Python07
A Wizard’s Touch (series) by lucelafonde
A Conversation (in your ear) by schweinsty
To Be a Boss by Andromeway (livin_on_borrowed_time)
To the Victor Go the Spoils by Mycroftergo
Desk Work by Andromeway (livin_on_borrowed_time)
Whispers as Loud as a Bang by anarchycox
Misunderstandings by Kaijuno (tumblr is kaijuno​)
Even the Strongest Will Always Break by liarielle

Cheggsy (Charlie Hesketh/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin):

All i care about is sex and violence by languageismymistress
Sway Me Smooth by BelaCinderella
Late Night Rivalry by BelaCinderella
Charlie’s problem by Lesatha

100 People, and in some cases Things, that would make a better President than Donald Trump

1. Me
2. Beyoncé
3. Beyoncé’s 3 year old child Blue Ivy
4. Franklin Roosevelt
5. Abraham Lincoln
6. George Washington
7. Nicki Minaj
8. Nicki Minaj’s butt
9. Chris Pratt
10. Fetty Wap
11. Mariah Carey
12. Velma from Scooby Doo
13. Daphne from Scooby Doo
14. Scooby Doo
15. Ariana Grande
16. Ariana Grande’s hair extensions
17. Paul Blart: Mall Cop
18. A jar of mayonnaise
19. The cast of Empire
20. The cast of SpongeBob SquarePants
21. Mr. Rogers
22. Big Bird
23. Mickey Mouse
24. Elmo
25. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
26. A toothbrush
27. A spoon
28. Ellen Degeneres
29. Bill Nye the Science Guy
30. Myself & I
31. You, probably, depending on who you are
32. Steven Spielberg
33. Harrison Ford
34. Han Solo
35. Princess Leia
36. Batman
37. Superman
38. Wonder Woman
39. Mr. Incredible
40. Mrs. Incredible
41. Jimmy Fallon
42. Jimmy Kimmel
43. Jimmy Neutron
44. Carl from Jimmy Neutron
45. Shaquille O'Neal
46. Michael Jordan
47. The movie Space Jam
48. Bugs Bunny
49. Daffy Duck
50. The number 50
51. A Mexican American, including but not limited to:
52. George Lopez,
53. Ricardo Montalbán,
54. Eva Longoria,
55. or Salma Hayek
56. Will Ferrell
57. Steve Carell
58. Amy Poehler with auburn hair
59. Amy Poehler with blonde hair
60. Sir Mix-a-Lot
61. Will Smith
62. Jaden Smith
63. Willow Smith
64. the song Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
65. The entire population of the state of Hawaii
66. Marty McFly
67. A doorstop
68. James Bond
69. A wax figure of Gwen Stefani
70. Tupac
71. 2pac
72. Shakira
73. A high-heeled shoe
74. A martini
75. Miranda Cosgrove
76. Josh Peck
77. the song We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
78. Beyoncé saying “Onika” in the Flawless Remix
79. Dory from Finding Nemo
80. Meryl Streep
81. Jodie Foster
82. Jennifer Lawrence
83. Bianca Del Rio
84. Leonardo DiCaprio
85. An Academy Award Statuette
86. Adele
87. Roman Zolanski
88. The Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show Performance
89. A soup ladle
90. A pair of Crocs
91. Nicki Minaj’s verse in Monster by Kanye West
92. Cher
93. A trash can
94. Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
95. A minivan
96. The Abominable Snowman
97. Adam & Eve
98. Adam & Steve
99. Michelle Obama
100. Bernie Sanders

Eric’s “Filmography”

Movies, Dramas, MVs, … From 1998  to 2015          

_ Resolver 해결사 [“Shinhwa”] < 1998 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Eusha! Eusha! 으쌰! 으쌰! [“Shinhwa”] <1998 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Sharing Forever 천일유혼 [“Shinhwa”] < 1998 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Yo! (Brat Report) Yo! (악동보고서) [“T.O.P.”] < 1999 < Shinhwa MV

                                                            * * *

_ T.O.P. Twinkling Of Paradise [“T.O.P.”] < 1999 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Hong Jong-Ho

                                                             * * *

_ Jingle Bell - SM Town (Christmas In < 1999 < MV

                                                             * * *

_ Only One [“Only One”] < 2000 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ All Your Dreams [“Only One”] < 2000 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ First Love [“Only One”] < 2000 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Wedding March (Your Side) Wedding March (너의 곁에서) [“Only One”] < 2000 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Prayer 기도 - Christmas Winter Vacation in < 2000 < MV

                                                             * * *

_ Waiting For White Christmas 창밖을 봐요 - SM TOWN (Winter Vacation) < 2000 < MV

                                                            * * *

_ Hey, Come On! [“Hey, Come On!”] < 2001 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Hong Jong-Ho

                                                             * * *

_ Wild Eyes [“Hey, Come On!”] < 2001 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Lee Doo-Hwan

                                                             * * *

_ One Autumn Day 어느 가을날 < NonStop 2 뉴 논스톱 Ep. 119 < Sitcom < 2001.09.28

                                                            * * *

_ Angel Eyes 천사의 눈 - SMTOWN (Winter Vacation) < 2001 < MV

                                                            * * *

_ The Golden Age 화려한시절< 신화의 6mm #1 < 2002.02.09

                                                            * * *

_ Kung-Fu World < 신화의 6mm #2 < 2002.02.16

                                                            * * *

_ Days of Tomorrow 천장지구 < 신화의 6mm #3 < 2002.02.23

                                                            * * *

_ Perfect Man [“Perfect Man”] < 2002 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Chun Hyuk-Jin

                                                             * * *

_ I Pray 4 U [“Perfect Man”] < 2002 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Chun Hyuk-Jin

                                                             * * *

_ Summer Vacation - SMTOWN (Summer Vacation) < June 2002 < MV

                                                            * * *

_ Wedding 너의 결혼식 [“Wedding”] < 2002 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Poisoning (Deep Sorrow) 중독 (Deep Sorrow) [“Wedding”] < 2002 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Hero [“Summer Vacatiion In SM”] < 2002 < ‘Shinhwa’ MV

                                                             * * *

_ Emergency (Act/Measure) 19 긴급조치 19호 < 2002 < Movie < Character : cameo with Shinhwa

                                                            * * *

_ My Angel, My Light - SMTOWN (Winter Vacation < 2002 < MV

                                                            * * *

_ Breathless 나는 달린다 > 2003 > Television Drama > Character : Shin Sang-Sik (supporting role)

                                                            * * *

_ Young Gunz [“Winter Story”] < 2003 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Chun Hyuk-Jin

                                                             * * *

_ Thank You [“Winter Story”] < 2003 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Phoenix / Firebird 불새 > 2004 > Television Drama > Character : Seo Jung-min (2nd lead)

[Best New Actor & Actor Popularity Award at MBC Drama Awards 2004]

                                                             * * *

_ Brand New [“Brand New”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Lee Sang-Gyu

                                                             * * *

_ Oh! [“Brand New”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Angel [“Brand New”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ 2gether 4ever [“Brand New”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Banjun Drama < 2004 < Television serie < 10 episodes…

*- Suite Room 스위스룸 > Eric & Chae Rim #01 > 2004.08.08 Banjun Ep. 01

                                                             * * *

*- Meet Princess Good-For-Nothing 궁주 건달을 마나다 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #02 > 2004.08.15 Banjun Ep. 04

                                                             * * *

*- After That Day 그날 이후 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #03 > 2004.08.22 Banjun Ep. 05

                                                             * * *

*- Shall We Love 사랑 할까요 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #04 > 2004.08.29 Banjun Ep. 07

                                                             * * *

*- Love Thief 경잘과 금고덜리 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #05 > 2004.09.05 Banjun Ep. 10

                                                             * * *

*- My Beloved Bodyguard 나를 사랑한 보디가드 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #06 >     2004.09.12 Banjun Ep. 11

                                                            * * *

*- Second Love 두번의 사랑 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #07 > 2004.09.19 Banjun Ep. 13

                                                             * * *

*- Rival 라이벌 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #08 > 2004.10.03 Banjun Ep. 16

                                                            * * *

*- His Double Life 그의 이중생활 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #09 > 2004.10.10 Banjun Ep. 18

                                                            * * *

*- Bad Cop 연인 > Eric & Han Ji Hye #10 > 2004.10.17 Banjun Ep.19

                                                            * * *

_ Hiphop rescue team 힙합 구조대 - D.O. (Lee Hyun-Do 이현도) [title track of his compilation album, ‘The New Classik…And You Don’t Stop’] < 2004 < MV ft. Eric, Epik High, …

                                                            * * *

_ How Do I Say [“Winter Story 2004-2005”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Red String 천생연분 [“Winter Story 2004-2005”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Chun Hyuk-Jin

                                                             * * *

_ Erase All of Time 세월의 흔적 다 버리고 [“Winter Story 2004-2005”] < 2004 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Chun Hyuk-Jin

                                                             * * *

_ Super Rookie 신입사원 > 2005 > Television Drama > Character : Kang Ho (male lead)

[Best New TV Actor & Most Popular TV Actor at 41st Baeksang Arts Awards + Actor Top Excellence Award at MBC Drama Awards 2005]

                                                             * * *

_ Anymotion - Lee Hyo Ri 이효리 feat. Eric < 2005 < Music Drama Story 1

[Samsung Anycall 애니콜 CF Song]

                                                            * * *

_ Anyclub Part 1 - Lee Hyo Ri 이효리 feat. Eric < 2005 < Music Drama Story 2  [Samsung Anycall 애니콜 CF] < with Kwon San Woo

                                                            * * *

_ Anyclub Part 2 - Lee Hyo Ri 이효리 feat. Eric < 2005 < Music Drama Story 3  [Samsung Anycall 애니콜 CF] < with Kwon San Woo

                                                            * * *

_ A Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생 > 2005 > Movie > Character : cameo (gun dealer’s brother)

                                                             * * *

_ Hey, Dude! [“Summer Story 2005”] < 2005 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Diary Of June / Bystanders 6월의 일기 > 2005 > Movie > Character : Kim Dong-wook

                                                             * * *

_ Wolf 늑대 > 2006 > Television Drama > Character : Bae Dae-Chul (male lead)   

                                                            * * *

_ Once In a Lifetime [“State Of Art”] < 2006 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Cho Soo-Hyeon

                                                             * * *

_ Throw My Fist [“State Of Art”] < 2006 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Kim Kwang-Seok

                                                             * * *

_ You’re My Everything [“State Of Art”] < 2006 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ We Have The Sun In Our Hearts 僕らの心には太陽がある [Inspiration #1] < 2006 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Love…Afterwards 사랑… 후에 - 신혜성 & 린

< 2006 < Music Drama Serie “Winter Story” MV < featuring Kim Yun-Kyung

                                                            * * *

_ Korea Secret Agency / Invisible Parachute Agent 무적의 낙하산요원 > 2006 > Television Drama > Character : Choi Kang (male lead)

[Actor in a Miniseries Excellence Award & TOP 10 stars at SBS Drama Awards 2006]

                                                             * * *

_ Isn’t It Beautiful 예쁘잖아 [“Winter Story 2006-2007”] < 2007 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Que Sera Sera 케세라, 세라 > 2007 > Television Drama > Character : Kang Tae-joo (male lead)

                                                             * * *

_ The Snowy Night 눈 오는 날 [“Winter Story 2007”] < 2007 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Run [“Volume 9”] < 2008 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Song Won-Young

                                                             * * *

_ Evidence (Destiny Of Love) 흔적 (Destiny of Love) [“Volume 9”] < 2008 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Never Give It Up - Andy 앤디, Eric Mun 문정혁, Kim Dongwan 김동완 & Lee Minwoo 이민우 ( Andy’s album “The First New Dream”) < 2008 < MV

                                                            * * *

_ Strongest Chil Woo 최강칠우 > 2008 > Television Drama > Character : Kang Chil-ru / Choi Chil-ru (male lead)

                                                             * * *

_ Rocket Girl - Stellar 스텔라 feat. Eric < August 2011 < MV

                                                            * * *

_ Spy Myung Wol 스파이 명월 > 2011 > Television Drama > Character : Kang Woo (male lead)

                                                            * * *

_ Venus [“The Return”] < 2012 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Kim Kwang-Seok

                                                             * * *

_ Venus ‘Dance Version’ [“The Return”] < 2012 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Kim Kwang-Seok

                                                             * * *

_This Love [“The Classic”] < 2013 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Cho Soo-Hyeon

                                                             * * *

_ This Love ‘Dance Version’ [“The Classic”] < 2013 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Cho Soo-Hyeon

                                                             * * *

_ Discovery Of Romance 연애의 발견 > 2014 > Television Drama > Character : Kang Tae-Ha (male lead)

[Actor in a Miniseries Excellence Award & Actor Netizen’s Award & Best Couple Award with Jung Yu-Mi at KBS Drama Awards 2014]

                                                            * * *

_ Memory [“WE”] < 2015 < Shinhwa MV

                                                             * * *

_ Sniper 표적 [“WE”] < 2015 < Shinhwa MV < Director : Han Sa-Min

                                                            * * *

Ship Names

I was discussing this with my brother last night, but how come all the DBZ ship names are just the names of the characters mushed together (GoChi, Tiencha, Bulgeta, K/18, etc)? Why can’t we have dumb punny ship names like the Pokemon and TF2 fandoms do? I DEMAND GOOFY SHIP NAMES FOR ALL MY FANDOMS.

Therefore I recommend:

  • Science and Slaughter (Bulma/Vegeta)
  • Devil’s Rice (Gohan/Videl)
  • Robo-Cop (Krillin/18)

I can’t think of any others but feel free to add

Kill Counts

These totals have been complied by counting the number of kills by each of the protags in solo missions (including Strangers and Freaks and character specific Random Events) and splitting the amount of kills made during play in missions with two or more active characters wherever the story/settings allows for variations on gameplay.

* = optional kills. ** = before switch is available. ~ = variable based on play style. °  = speculative.

Michael’s confirmed kill count is a minimum of  189 people.

  • Jay Norris (Friend Request)
  • At least 1 of the boat thieves (Father and Son)
  • 1 pathologist° and 21 IAA/security agents at the morgue (Dead Man Walking)
  • 4+ at the IAA building, plus 3 choppers, max 3 people in each (Three’s Company)
  • ~18+ cops/N.O.O.S.E (Blitz Play)
  • 1 alleged terrorist in Chumash (By the Book)
  • A minimum of 3 building workers (Mr. Richards)
  • Rocco Pelosi and Gianni (The Ballad of Rocco)
  • Pilot and passenger of plane (Caida Libre)
  • 2 O'Neil brothers (Predator)
  • 20+ IAA agents/scientists (Monkey Business)
  • 22 Triads (Bury The Hatchet)
  • **10 Triads (Fresh Meat)
  • **10 FIB agents at the Kortz Center (The Wrap Up)
  • 3+ Ballas (Lamar Down)
  • Molly Schultz (Legal Trouble)
  • 22 Merryweather agents (Meltdown)
  • Stretch and/or 10 Ballas (The Third Way)
  • Dr. Friedlander* (Abandonment Issues)
  • Abigail Mathers* (What Lies Beneath)
  • Tracey’s stalker* (Doting Dad)
  • 12+ Epsilon members* (Unknowing the Truth)

Trevor kills approximately a potential minimum of 426 people.

  • Cash depot guard (Prologue)
  • Johnny K and 24+ Bikers (Mr. Philips)
  • Ortega and 25+ Aztecas (Trevor Philips Industries)
  • 30+ Bikers (Nervous Ron)
  • 18+ O’Neil brothers (Crystal Maze)
  • 5+ bikers in (Friends Reunited)
  • ~8+ cops/N.O.O.S.E (Blitz Play)
  • 30 Ballas (Hood Safari) [if played solely as Trevor]
  • Javier - Madrazo’s Cousin (Caida Libre)
  • 10 Merryweather guards (Minor Turbulence)
  • 2 train drivers and 15 Merryweather (Derailed)
  • Floyd Hebert and Debra (Hang Ten)
  • Leon, the former owner of The Vanilla Unicorn (Hang Ten)
  • 45+ rednecks, 45+ Vagos, 50+ Ballas, 45 soldiers, & 30+ hipsters (Rampages)
  • At least 4 Merryweather (The Wrap Up)
  • Steve Haines (The Third Way)
  • Al Di Napoli* (The Last Act)
  • Joe and Josef from the border patrol* (Minute Man Blues)
  • Josh Bernstein* (Breach of Contract)
  • 11 Random Event characters who can potentially be delivered to the Altruist Cult
  • 15+ Altruist Cult Members*
  • 2+ unnamed victims in cut scenes

Franklin only racks up an approximate minimum of 231.

  • 14 gang members (Repossession)
  • At least 2 boat thieves (Father and Son)
  • 4 of Madrazo’s men (Marriage Counseling)
  • 25+ Ballas (The Long Stretch)
  • **6 IAA agents and one chopper (Three’s Company)
  • 28+ in Merryweather Heist (Freighter)
  • 18 in Merryweather Heist (Off Shore)
  • 30+ Ballas (Hood Safari) [if played solely as Franklin]
  • 2 guards, ~18+ cops/N.O.O.S.E (Blitz Play)
  • Brett Lowery (Hotel Assassination)
  • 4 jury members (Multi Target Assassination)
  • 2 in (Vice Assassination)
  • Issac Penny (Bus Assassination)
  • 13 guards and Enzo Bonelli (Construction Assassination)
  • 1 actress (Deep Inside)
  • 1 O’Neil (Predator)
  • **24+ Triads (Fresh Meat)
  • 8 agents (FIB Raid, fire crew
  • **10+ N.O.O.S.E (The Big Score, obvious approach)
  • 10+ Noose Agents, Wei Cheng and 8 Triads (The Third Way)

cutehomosexual  asked:

Time heals everything because ignorance slowly dies and doesn't get passed down to the younger generations

Don’t remember the racist chant from a University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) chapter? Where do you think they learned it? These young people are the future judges, lawyers, doctors, and educators of white America and they are perfectly comfortable with white supremacy. 

Of course this doesn’t even touch the surface of black, brown, yellow, and red face on university campuses (and elsewhere) across America. Young white people love to appropriate cultures they know nothing about because white supremacy is, in part, about entitlement.

Remember this guy, Darren Wilson, the killer cop who killed 18 year old Mike Brown? Wilson is in his twenties, even younger at the time he decided to unload six rounds into a black child. Wilson is just one cop of tens of thousands of cops out there enforcing a system of white supremacy, being taught to shoot now and deal with court later. Might I remind you of how many black, brown, and indigenous people police kill.

To top it off, Brown was portrayed as anything but an innocent child. Which brings me to this guy:

Dylann Roof, the 21 year old who murdered nine black people at a South Carolina church on June 17th, 2015. Roof entered the church and sat through a whole portion of the service before getting up and gunning down six black women and three black men. Where do you think he got the motivation to commit mass murder? 

And even with his monstrous acts the media still treated Roof more kindly than it did Mike Brown. And then there is this case:

Three white teens from Brandon, MS, including Deryl Dedmon (pictured above), went “hunting for black people” in Jackson, MS. They found 49 year old James Craig Anderson and subsequently ran him over, then repeatedly backed over him to ensure he was dead. Where – no, from WHO – do you think these teens developed the hatred in their hearts to carry out such an odious act against another human being? 

It is dangerously naive to believe that simply letting time pass somehow will rectify racism in America. It’s been 500 years already! Yet the genocide of indigenous peoples continues, the brutalization, marginalization, and dehumanization of black and brown people continues, and the tokenizing, appropriation, and subjugation of nonwhite people shows little sign of slowing down or halting. 

Only active resistance can bring an end to white supremacy – and its co-habiting systems of oppression. This requires understanding its resilience and scope while waging war against it at every possible juncture. I asked over and over from where, and from who, did these young white people learn their hatred. The answer is they learned it from other white people, their elders, and their history. I want to see that history interrupted, constantly, because as Cutcha Risling Baldy recently wrote:

“[H]istory is about power. The ability to tell the story is a very powerful thing. And the history we have learned in the west, is about justifying, maintaining and supporting the illusion that western civilization, western control of, western ownership of this land was inevitable, beneficial, and destined (manifestly).

From a different perspective, history is not so benign. In fact, it is a constant presence meant to deny Native people’s very existence. Because if Native people exist, then all that history comes in to question. Who we will be, it’s not so set. And we are a country, not so settled.”

I don’t want to passively wait for history happen to us. I want to be in it, changing it, and creating it in a way that embodies liberation and justice.

Here’s what coming to Netflix in May:

May 1:

  • A Study in Sherlock
  • Admiral
  • Ava’s Possessions
  • Bring It On
  • Bring It On: All or Nothing
  • Easy Living, Seasons 1-3
  • El Crítico
  • FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue
  • Finger of God
  • Gary Gulman: It’s About Time
  • Great Expectations
  • I Am Road Comic
  • Jesus Town, USA
  • Just Friends
  • Kevin Hart Presents Keith Robinson: Back of The Bus Funny
  • Kevin Hart Presents Lil Rel: RELevent
  • Kevin Hart Presents: Plastic Cup Boyz
  • LoliRock, Season 1
  • My Last Day Without You
  • The Nutty Professor
  • Off the Map
  • Palm Trees in the Snow
  • Pleasantville
  • Shark Lake
  • She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Sugar Coated
  • Terra
  • Things We Lost in the Fire
  • To Catch a Thief
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down a Dream
  • Who’s Driving Doug

May 2:

  • The Replacements

May 3:

  • Submerged

May 4:

  • The Keeping Room
  • Shanghai Knights

May 5:

  • Fourth Man Out
  • Marseille, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

May 6:

  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (Netflix Original)
  • Baby Daddy, Season 5
  • Grace and Frankie, Season 2 (Netflix Original)
  • Young & Hungry, Season 3

May 8:

  • The Chosen Ones

May 9:

  • A Stand Up Guy

May 10:

  • Eisenstein in Guanajuato

May 11:

  • Chelsea (Netflix Original)
  • Goosebumps
  • They Look Like People

May 12:

  • Bleeding Heart

May 15:

  • We Are Still Here
  • Yo soy la Salsa

May 17:

  • American Dad!, Season 2
  • Kindergarten Cop 2
  • Slasher, Season 1

May 18:

  • A Girl Like Her

May 19:

  • Benders, Season 1

May 20:

  • Lady Dynamite, Season 1 (Netflix Original)

May 22:

  • David and Goliath
  • The Letters
  • The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death

May 23:

  • Electricity

May 26:

  • Graceland, Season 3
  • The Last Man on the Moon

May 27:

  • Chef’s Table, Season 2, Part 1 (Netflix Original)
  • The Do-Over (Netflix Original)
  • Mako Mermaids, Season 4 (Netflix Original)
  • Bloodline, Season 2 (Netflix Original)

May 28:

  • Hell on Wheels, Season 5

And of course, here are the big movies going bye-bye.

My thoughts on the PLL Summer finale.

“Summer of Answers” HAHAHA Summer of answers MY ASS.

First. Cece Drake is A. Is Charles Dilaurentis. Ok, I accept it. I liked her being A. It was unexpected by almost every PLL fan. So I liked to be a shocking reveal. But after that, EVERYTHING IS A MESS.

Before my thoughts, here you have the ages of the liars and Cece in the show.

The age gap between Alison and Cece is 7 years. So explain how this is Jason, Charles/Cece and Ali.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE. That girl can’t be 7 years younger that the kid in the middle. There’s only two possible things here: 1) That girl is Bethany or 2) The writers made a huge mistake.

When they found Bethany’s body, the cops said she was 18 when she died. So she was 18 in 2009. That’s a 3 years gap between her and Cece. Tell me how Bethany looks older than Charles/Cece in the flashbacks when she was younger. Another mistake, Marlene.


If the episode “The First Secret” Toby said his mother died in 2007. 2007!!
Cece was 19 and Bethany 17. THIS KIDS LOOK LIKE 19 AND 17??

So in the story Cece tells, Marion Cavanaugh died when she was a kid. Toby and Alison must had like 5-7, more or less. OKAY? SO EXPLAIN HOW MARION IS AT HER HOUSE WITH HER TEENAGER SON AND HIS TEENAGER FRIEND!

With that story I felt so dissapointed because I think the writers don’t pay attention to their own show.

Let’s move with the motive of Cece/Charles torturing the girls.

Cece really tortured them for three years because they were friends of Ali? Because the felt “”good”” when she was “dead”? Didn’t Cece see all the things the girls did to protect Ali from A, from her? The girls cared a lot about Ali when they found she was alive. They did everything to protect her and make her feel save enough to come back to Rosewood. It doesn’t make any sense.

Ok, she entered Radley when she was 8-9 (the baby Alison wasn’t more than 1 and half) and Cece said the next 7 years she was alone. So it makes an age of 15/16. Charles died at 16 so that makes sense. YAY.

Twelve. Alison had 5. This little girls is not 5. She looks like 7/8. 


C’mon Mona. You’re the smartest one, you knew you didn’t kill Alison because you were the one who helped her to fake her death. You’d must known you hit/killed another girl. Another mistake?

Sure he knew, then why he could sabotage Aria’s exhibition and why he showed up at Dilaurentis’ looking for Kenneth?











“How to get a boyfriend in 20 steps, Judy style. Written by Nick Wilde.

Step 1: See future bf in ice cream store.
Step 2: Immediately fall in love with him.
Step 3: Buy future bf his ice cream.
Step 4: Stalk future bf.
Step 5: Confront future bf about his job.
Step 6: Blackmail him into helping you.
Step 7: Do dangerous work.
Step 8: Amazing epic future bf stands up to your boss, everyone is in aw.
Step 9: Trick future bf into opening up about his feelings.
Step 10: Start a howl.
Step 11: Sort of figure out case.
Step 12: Ask future bf to be a cop and your partner.
Step 13: Publicly discriminate against future bf and break his heart.
Step 14: Run away for half a year.
Step 15: Show up crying to future bf about how he was right and how you missed him and tell him he’s super awesome and stuff.
Step 16: Hug.
Step 17: Solve actual case.
Step 18: Become cop partners.
Step 19: Ask future bf out multiple times until he says yes.
Step 20: Have boyfriend.”

Clawhauser looks up from piece of paper, amazement on his face. “Is that really how it happened?” Clawhauser asked. Judy sighs out of annoyance. “Of course that’s how buddy!” Nick smiles. “Wow, Judy I didn’t know all this…” Clawhauser started. “Oh my, no, some of the points are exaggerated, I didn’t ask him out he asked me out, only once, and I said yes…” Judy said, annoyed. “Sure, sure,” Nick said teasingly. “Come on Officer Wilde, we have work to do!” Judy says, grabbing Nick and pulling him towards the door. “Whatever you say Officer Hopps. Clawhauser, take care!” Nick calls, waving as he is dragged out of the building. Clawhauser smiles at the door. “What a cute couple, I’m going to copy this and give it to all the ZPD.” (Outside in the patrol car) Judy suddenly shivers. “What’s wrong Carrots?” Nick asks. “I just got a really bad feeling…” Judy answers.

"I can't believe this is happening in America"

I keep seeing white liberals on social media posting that they can’t believe what is happening in Ferguson, or that they can’t believe this is happening in America. Now I normally wouldn’t care enough about any of that to make any commentary, but they are sending me messages, outraged at what America has become. This America is strange to them. “Are you seeing this?” Yes, I see it. “How is this happening?” Have you all not noticed that I’m Black? Do you genuinely believe that you are sharing confidential information here? Is white supremacy and the abuse of power by the police supposed to be breaking news for me? It’s like they’re saying “us good white people wanted to let you know that there are bad white people out there doing bad things. It’s shocking! Just want to let you know in case you weren’t aware.” They can’t believe it they say.

There are only 3 reasons why they can’t believe that Black people are under siege in the United States and those reasons are as follows;

1. They know nothing about the country they live in. Absolutely nothing.

2. They haven’t actually listened or payed attention to anything Black people have said before.

3. They are deep denial about their country.

This is a country that dropped two bombs via air on Black people in Philadelphia in 1985. When it comes to raids and sieges, all white people know is Waco and maybe Ruby Ridge. They don’t know about MOVE in Philadelphia. Go ask your white liberal friends if they know about MOVE and you will probably be met with blank stares.

Since the inception of the US as a settler nation, Black people have been under siege. Black people being under siege is something many white liberals cannot fathom because they have never been under siege and they don’t know Black history beyond Martin Luther King having a dream and Rosa Parks sitting on a bus. They are comparing Ferguson to war zones outside the US because this doesn’t seem like home. Certainly not the home they know. They can’t fathom it happening in their country. No my friends, this is America. This is your country. This is what it has always been. Violence committed against Black people is as American as apple pie.

This level of savagery is foreign to white liberals because they don’t encounter openly hostile and aggressive law enforcement as a default. They don’t have to deal with the indignity and dehumanization of barbaric policing and then get told that them being targeted for abuse is the law (i.e. stop and frisk, broken windows, Rockefeller drug laws etc). They’re not accosted by officers with K9 units. They’re not dealing with aerial outposts of police surveillance in their communities. It’s not their blood flowing on the streets. Pictures of dead white bodies murdered by the police and white vigilantes isn’t a reality that gets shared on social media. Their dead bodies aren’t used by opportunistic media outlets looking to garner traffic and clicks for profit. Their dead bodies aren’t consumed by an eager audience looking to take a bite out of the latest ‘strange fruit’ that fell off the poplar tree. Cops are not barging into their homes and destroying everything in sight. It’s not their naked grandmothers being dragged out of their homes. It’s certainly not their 7 year old daughters getting shot and murdered as they sleep like Aiyana Jones, nor is it their teenage sons being taken to remote marshes, forced to strip, beaten to a bloody pulp and then abandoned nude, like Rayshawn Moreno.

Do they think these cops became this aggressive, violent and militarized overnight? They evolved into the beasts you see by enacting brutality on Black people. Evolved is the wrong word here. They’ve always been like this. They just have better equipment at their disposal. Gone are the water cannons and fire hoses. They now have rubber and wooden bullets, tear gas and sound cannons that cause permanent hearing loss

The looting narrative is dead. Anti-Black racists can’t spin this with the classic Black criminality boogieman. The police are assaulting residential neighborhoods. The tide turned for white liberals after journalists started getting assaulted. Then it got real. It wasn’t real before when it was only Black bodies. Black suffering is meant for consumption and profit, not for enacting justice. Anti-Black racists wanted to conflate the issue with a handful of looters, as if the entire Black community in Ferguson were looters.

The question that should now be posed is that if journalists are getting arrested, physically assaulted, pelted with rubber and wooden bullets and even getting shot at with tear gas; if this is how the police is acting when everyone is watching, how do you think the police acts towards Black people when no one is watching? How do you think their policing in Black communities is conducted? Please note, after shooting journalists directly with tear gas, the police took their cameras. See here.

All this is happening in Ferguson because Black people dared to demand that the cop who murdered 18 year old Michael Brown be held accountable. They have to fight for mere accountability. Justice is not a given, they have to literally take to the streets and brave a police force that looks like an occupying military presence, complete with weaponry for warfare.

Ask yourselves white liberals, how often do white people have to galvanize entire communities and protest to get someone charged with murdering a white person? This is what Black people have to do time and time again.

Anyone who “can’t believe” what is happening in Ferguson is someone who is ahistorical and ignorant about the relationship the US has with Black people. We live in a country where the first air strikes delivered on US soil was on Black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their communities were destroyed. Incendiary bombs and explosives were dropped on them by white law enforcement via World War I planes. I repeat, they dropped bombs on Black people in residential neighborhoods. I made no mention of the ground attacks, just the aerial assaults. So by all means, after you feign shock at what is happening in Ferguson, crack open a book (written by a Black historian) and see what your country has been doing and getting away with for time immemorial.

We are living through and watching Ferguson in real time, and this will be history. Like with previous sieges and assaults on Black communities, the grandchildren of today’s white liberals who know nothing about MOVE in Philly or Black Wall Street in Tulsa or Rosewood or the Colfax riot or the Wilmington insurrection or any of the numerous state sponsored and funded assaults on Black communities will feign shock and disbelief when Black people are again assaulted and they will say “I can’t believe this is happening in America”. These are the same white people who are outraged at wiretaps and declare that “the government is invading their privacy”. They will say “this country is turning into a police state”. They will say that when this country had the FBI’s Cointelpro. Surveillance is something that is shocking to them. It’s shocking because they don’t know about Cointelpro and what it did to Black people and Black progress. Black people have lived under siege and under surveillance. This might be new for you, but it’s not new for Black people.

In the future when the young Black protesters of today’s Ferguson will be old, the young white liberals, much like their forbears who have never heard of MOVE, will know nothing of Ferguson. White people have the privilege of not needing to know. Ferguson will be another ugly chapter in the annals of US history that will not be part of a school curriculum outside of a Black studies class.

Black people will soldier on. They are survivors. The very existence of Black people in the US and the Americas is a tale of survival. Bless them. Bless us.

anonymous asked:

Is it racist that a white, 20 year old unarmed kid was shot by a black cop on Monday, Aug 18, 3 days ago and its no where in the news? Oh wait, it happens all the time, its just not newsworthy. Sucks to be white.

Dear Racists: I know you’re going to to be trotting this out in the next few days claiming that this shows how white people are just as badly treated as black people in the US (though, of course, the idea that “it happens all the time” to white people is, of course, a ridiculous and disgusting lie).

But guess what, fuckheads, as usual, you’re wrong as fuck. The reason this tragedy isn’t national news is because, surprise surprise, a similar (ish) shooting of a white teenager by a black cop is being handled by the authorities completely differently! That’s right, you dumbfucks, this officer is being immediately and vigorously investigated, the officer’s name was released, the victim wasn’t denied medical care, nor was his body left on the street for hours. It’s almost like we treat black and white people differently in our justice system! And if you want to argue that the fucking Salt Lake City PD (oh shit, was I able to read about this case in the NATIONAL NEWS?!?!?! ) is racist against white people, you are fucking out of your mind.

So, nice try, you asshole, I know you were salivating over finding a case to compare this to Mike Brown, but, even with this timing, you’re not even fucking close to proving your racist “point.”

If you get to carry a gun and break traffic laws, you might need to make a conscious effort to otherwise be a regular Joe.

4 Weird Decisions That Have Made Modern Cops Terrifying

#4. Cops Separate Themselves From the Community

To someone on the outside, one of the most baffling parts of the Ferguson Police Department’s response to their shooting of an unarmed teenager was when they refused to name the officer who pulled the trigger. “If we come out and say, ‘It was this officer,’ then he immediately becomes a target,” the Ferguson, MO police chief said, about officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot 18 year-old Mike Brown. “We’re taking the threats seriously.” The reason it seemed strange is because it implied that the cops don’t see themselves as part of the community. In a perfect world, the police chief should look at a dead kid and be like, “Wow, this whole town needs to work together to figure out what happened here, because a child is dead, and that is unacceptable.” But instead he prioritized the comfort and security of his officer over the comfort and security of his community, which … okay, non-rhetorical question: Isn’t that literally the opposite of his job?

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Chestnuts in DBS 16 Last part.