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Yo! I was wondering, how would the guys react to the soulmate au where the world is in black and white until they encounter their soulmate? No rush keep on keeping on friend.

It’s a day later than I was hoping to get this written, but it’s here! Part 2 is finished and includes Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Lucio!

Part 1 is here 


- Reinhardt has wondered all his life who is soulmate is

- He looked for you wherever he went, but he never let his search consume his entire life like some people he knew did. He hoped that if you were soulmates then you were of the same mindset

- But if never stopped him from having dreams about meeting you. When he slept you met a thousand different ways but when he woke up he could never remember your face

- He found himself fighting in the Omnic Crisis, watching as soldier after soldier died. The Overwatch Strike Team helped, but Reinhardt’s shield could only stop so many bullets

- He started wondering if you’d know if something happened to you. Some people who hadn’t found their soulmate had reported getting a terrible feeling and knowing that their soulmate had died, but no one knows if it’s fact or not

- The Omnic Crisis ended and he never had that terrible feeling, but he never found you either

- A few years passed and the UN made a new Overwatch, and Jack might have been official face for it, but it was Rein who was the true face of Overwatch. Rein is the one who would go and visit kids in the hospital

- He tends to make these hospital trips in different places around the world after missions. After one such mission and hospital visit he was walking back to the hotel where the team was staying for the night when he heard a noise in a nearby alley

- He goes to investigate and fights some local teens beating up an omnic

- Reinhardt might have fought in the Omnic Crisis but the war is over and he protects everybody now. Have you seen how tall the guy is? You don’t want to fight someone that big especially when you know that he could kick your ass one handed. The teens run before he has to say more than a warning

- He goes over to the omnic “Are you already? Is there any way I can help you?” They ask him to help them up and he does. He offers to escort them wherever they need to go and and they accept

- It’s only after the two of them walk out of the dark alley does he notice that the world is now in color

- He stops, realizing what just happened and turns to the omnic a smile already appearing on his face

- You’re already looking up at him “You just realized? I thought that’s why you offered to escort me”

- He doesn’t know what to say, he’s so happy to finally find you. You’re a little worried that he might be opposed to having an omnic soulmate since he fought in the Crisis, but he doesn’t care

- He calls up Morrison the tell him that he’s taking a few personal days to get to know his soulmate

- The media goes crazy when they find out that one of the original Overwatch members has an omnic soulmate but neither of you care what the press thinks. Everyone in your life accepts Rein and everyone in his accepts you, and most importantly you accept each other


- One of the first questions the omnic monks thought of when they were struggling with the question of if they’re just machines or have a soul was the question of soulmates. Do they have them? If they did that would prove they have a soul but if they don’t that doesn’t prove that they don’t have souls

- But it’s a question the struggle with for a long time, even after they come to the conclusion that they do have souls

- Zenyatta struggles in particular because out of all the monks he has some of the closest contact with humans through Genji and other humans he interacts with.

- He doesn’t know how it would work, he and all other omnics are build with the ability to see the all the colors that humans do after they’ve found their soulmate, and some can see other parts of the light spectrum (Zen can see about ⅕ of the UV light spectrum). And yet some omnics say they have found their soulmate, sometimes another omnic and sometimes a human, but he has heard no word of how they know when they can already can see colors

- Eventually he joins Overwatch because they’re trying to help the world, human and omnic alike. He meets Genji’s soulmate (and the two get along fabulously, Genji almost regents introducing them)

- He’s only been on a few missions when they head to a town that was known for its excellent human/omnic relations. Not anymore, the town is half burst down by an anti-omnic group and there are wounded everywhere

- Zen and Mercy immediately start working on the wounded while Tracer, Genji, and the others make sure that the last members of the gang have gone

- He’s helping one of the injured, they have a hole in their thigh that won’t stop bleeding, when he takes their hand to comfort him while his orb of harmony does it’s work

- The moment he takes their hand he notices a shift in his vision

- The colors look the same as before, except that they don’t. They seem richer and brighter, more pure. He does a quick diagnosis on his visual sensors to see why the change has happened, but they are working the same as they always have

- He glances down at you, and you’re smiling up at him. He knows that smile, he’s seen it a dozen times when other people have found their… their soulmate. He thinks the word and can hardly believe it, he wasn’t even sure he had a soulmate but now you’re right in front of him

- “Hello” you say. You’re not sure what else you can say. You’ve heard stories of omnics and humans who have rejected their soulmate simply because they were an omnic or a human. You’ve not one of those, but you don’t know about this omnic holding your hand

- “Hello” he says back, still holding your hand. The pain in your leg is subsiding, thanks to the little floating ball. “I am Zenyatta. I’m very pleased to meet you”

- Your smile deepens “I’m very pleased to meet you as well, Zenyatta. I’m (name)”

- He keeps helping the other injured, and with your own wound healed you help where you can. After the chaos you find a quiet spot to talk. You end up going back with him to overwatch, you’ve been waiting to long to find your soulmate and you’re not about to let him out of your sight so soon after meeting him. Likewise, he doesn’t want to be far from you, he spent too long wondering if you even existed to leave you behind


- Jamison had only ever known life in the irradiated Outback

- He’s probably heard about soulmates but he doesn’t give his much thought. He’s got other things to think of, like his bombs and how to stay alive in the harsh landscape he lives in

- So the day a heist gets a little complicated and he gets tackled by a cop and the world suddenly bursts into color he doesn’t put the pieces together right away

- He doesn’t know the that you’re equally startled. But you both launch yourself away from each other, and he takes the opportunity to run

- He doesn’t realize what it means until he asks Roadhog, thinking it might be some kind of chemical weapon that’s making him hallucinate

- But Mako recognizes what Jamie is describing, and tells him that he just met his soulmate

- “You must be kidding, mate. It was a cop”

- Mako tells him that fate is funny like that and tends to choose the least likely person

- But from what he saw before the Omnic crisis, he never saw fate choose wrong

- Junkrat isn’t sure what to do with the information that his soulmate is a cop whose job is to arrest him

- Meanwhile, you’re not sure what to do either. Your soulmate is a wanted criminal and you’ve sworn an oath to uphold the law. You tell your superiors that the reason he got away after you tackled him was because he managed to land a blow to your head. Not a blow hard enough to injure you, just enough to make you let go. You’re not sure why you lied to them

- The Australian government has had enough of Junkrat and Roadhog and you’re still part of the team tasked with taking them down

- A couple weeks later your team catches up with them again. It’s just you and him in the alley behind the bank and you have your gun leveled at him. You could arrest him right now. It would mean the admiration of your peers, a promotion at work, and a pay raise to go along with it if you would just arrest him

- Instead you lower your gun and tell him that if he and Roadhog take the road heading east out of town they’lll meet with the least resistance. Before he leaves you ask him to punch you so you don’t make your superiors suspicious of letting him get away twice in a row

- The next thing you know you’re waking up with an EMT leaning over you checking to see if you’re seriously injured

- You also have a note in your coat pocket telling you to be under an abandoned railroad bridge on the opposite side of town in three days. There’s only one person it could be from

- You know it’s probably a bad idea but you go anyways. You can’t find it in yourself to give up on your soulmate without even properly meeting him

- He’s not what you had imagined. For one thing, he can hardly stand still and he’s so obviously nervous to meet you that you can’t help but smile. It only takes you a few minutes to realize that you’re already ready to do anything to protect him and the two of you start plotting

- You don’t leave the police yet, first you spend a couple months secretly sabotaging the investigation and destroying months of work

- Then you join him and Mako when they leave Australia and head to the mainland. It’s not the life you pictured for yourself, but neither is he and you wouldn’t trade your soulmate for anybody


- Mako found his soulmate when he was fairly young. He married them and they planned on starting a family

- But the Omnic Crisis happened and afterwards the Australian government gave part the Outback that contained to omnium to the omnics in the hope of fostering peace

- This included the part where Mako and his spouse lived. So Mako joined the Australian Liberation Front which ultimately resulted in the explosion that irradiated the Outback

- Mako’s spouse died in the resulting chaos and over time he adopted the Roadhog persona and left Mako behind

- He eventually started working for Junkrat and the two started their crime spree

- A couple of years later the two of them were walking through the wilderness when they came upon a small farmhouse outside a nearby town. The farmhouse had a well outside, which you were standing next too

- ”Well, well, well. If it isn’t the infamous Junkrat and Roadhog”  you say. They’re both immediately on alert because you recognize them and that usually means trouble

-Then you offer them some water and dinner and a place to stay the night

- It’s Junkrat who asks why you’d do such a thing

- “I heard about what you did to those ************************************ corporation goons in the city. Anyone who sticks it to the city folk is alright in my book”

- After hearing the very rude way you spoke of the ‘suits’ they decide that maybe you’re being serious, so they decide to take you up on the offer of dinner, but they don’t plan on spending the night. They’re not willing to take that risk

- It’s a simple fare you offer them, but it’s better than they’ve had in awhile (neither are very good cooks)

- After dinner Roadhog remembers what manners are and helps you taking the plates to kitchen. Your hands brush and it’s not a sudden burst of color, but more like they slowing got turned back on, more like the sun rising than a light switch being flipped

- But it still only takes a few seconds before you both are seeing in full color

- “Well this is a surprise” you say. “Didn’t think I’d ever be getting a second one”

- “Me either” is all he says

- You keep doing washing the dishes and he takes them to dry, the feeling of doing something so domestic feeling very foreign to him

- They end up staying the night. You offer to share your bed with Roadhog, and he accepts although nothing happens. It’s a stretch for both of you to be this close, you both have old wounds, and it would only hurt your chances at making this work if you did something on impulse

- He and Jamie stay for another day before on. You tell them to not be strangers and that they’re always welcome

- It only takes a month before they’re back on your doorstep. This time you and Mako talk about it (you even learn his real name). You still proceed with the relationship slowly, and you build trust over time. He shows up every month or two, sometimes with Jamie sometimes without, but he always comes.

- he doesn’t admit but it’s really nice to have a place to always head back to, a place that feels like home. Neither of you think of the other as a replacement for your lost soulmate, but what you have is good and you’ll both take it for as long as you can


- Lucio loves his mother very much but he sometimes wished that she’d stop trying to find his soulmate for him okay he wished it most of the time

- Most of the people she tried were mostly interested in trying because he was famous. Not all of them of course. Some were simply people trying to to find theirs and figured they might as well if he was it. But he never was and they both always walked away disappointed even if they hadn’t thought it likely that he was their soulmate

- But he keeps trying anyways because a) he can’t say no to his mother and b) she might just find them and he’d hate to miss them because he was being stubborn

- So when she calls him up and asks if he can make if for dinner the next night, he knows what’s coming but he says yes anyways

- When you meets you you refuse to shake his hand. “It’s nothing personal but I’m trying to get my mother to stop trying to find my soulmate for me”

- “I know how you feel”

- But since there aren’t many people at the dinner the two of you end up talking. Turns out you get along really well

- Dinner ends when Vishkar agents try and arrest Lucio but the two of you fight them off

- And once he realizes that you’re a really good fighter and that he thinks the two of you would actually be good friends he asks if you’d be interesting in joining his security team

- Actually, you’d be the security team. He hasn’t wanted to get one but he is famous and Vishkar is trying harder and harder to catch him, and if he has to get one it might as well be someone who he gets along with

- You accept

- It takes two months before you actually have physical contact. You punched a bounty hunter that was about to taze Lucio and he hugged you

- The world suddenly got a lot brighter

- You looked at each other, both your eyes wide. But try as you might you found you couldn’t actually mind having him for your soulmate, you were actually really glad he was. You were glad that your soulmate was also -literally- your best friend

- Judging from the smile on Lucio’s face he felt the same way

- “our parents are never going to let us live this down”

You Always Know How to Accessorize:  Mako and Bolin’s outfits as an emphasis to character arc

Kylie: Hopefully you’ve read the wonderful submitted meta, “Left My Heart in Republic City: How Asami and the City relate to and inform one another throughout the series.” I am pleased (and humbled) to announce that the same author, Productive Procrastinator, gifted me with yet another essay, this one on wardrobes…my favorite topic. It is both humorous and deep, and I truly recommend it to anyone who loves this show.

The old adage that the clothes make the man has its truths in life just as it does in the world of animation.  Character design is something remarkable and nuanced in how it can be a shortcut method of telling the audience a great deal of information from just a glance.  Out of the many characters and their outfits in TheLegend of Korra it is Mako and Bolin’s clothing which has the greatest impact on their individual and paired character arc.  Their story developed from brothers who were codependent, to brothers who went their separate ways, to brothers who reaffirmed their familial bond, and finally to brothers who came to recognize each other as an individual they are proud to call brother.  

Incredibly, their clothing helps to tell this tale.  I actually found Mako and Bolin’s arc far more relatable and compelling than Katara and Sokka’s wonderful sibling relationship in AtLA.  The following interpretation is subjective and influenced by my own understanding of sibling dynamics as a younger sibling myself, but it also offers a viewpoint of some of the fundamental themes in LoK concerning power, authority, identity, and shifting internal paradigms.

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Sousuke - Haruka in the background
Haruka - Rei in the background
Rei - Rin in the background
Rin - I think it’s going to be Makoto

Why? In the Future Fish Ending, there is already a shot of Rin with Nagisa and they didn’t make Rei new picture with Mako. So that’s why I think we’re going to get a Policeman talking to Firefighter… Rei’s about to blow up his lab so it gives Rin a reason to talk with Makoto about the disaster that’s about to happen.

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maybe headcanons for dad!roadrat with a kid!reader that they kinda just found and put under their wing? If roadrat isn't possible then just roadhog is ok! maybe the kid happens to be stealing stuff from them and that's how they met?? Idk ur good at writing but that's a suggestion!

I hope you like it! 

- They meet the kid after Jamie watches them pickpocket a cop by crying to distract them before lifting their wallet. The kid almost escapes but the cop realizes what they’ve done and arrests them

- Or they try to anyways, but Jamie ‘interferes’ he may or may not have thrown a flash bang grenade in the direction  of the cop. The kid makes their escape

- Jamie goes on his way, thinking that he annoyed a cop and helped a small criminal in the process, but a couple of days later Mako points out that someone is following them

- When Jamie looks back he sees the kid following them

- The kid isn’t really doing anything except follow them, so they decide to leave them alone

- Or rather, they leave the kid alone until they creep close enough that Mako can grab them

- And the kid fights, oh boy, does that kid fight. But they’re no match for Mako, their struggling doesn’t even inconvenience him

- When the kid stops struggling Jamie asks them, “Why you following us, mate?” No answer. “I said, why are you following us? Don’t tell me you’re doing it for the cops, I saw you pickpocket one, you wouldn’t help them.”

- The kid mumbled something

- “Whatcha say, mate?”

- “I wanted to look at what you threw at the cop,” the kid said, a little louder this time

- “What, the flasher?”  Jamie’s confusion was visible. “That little thing? That’s why you’re following us?”

- “Made the cop let go.”

- “Yeah, they’re real handy for that. I’ll tell you what, mate. How about Roadie here let’s you go, you don’t try anything, and I’ll show you how the flasher here works,” Jamie held up one of his flash grenades as he spoke, giving it a gentle shake to emphasize his point

- Mako made a noise of disapproval, causing Jamie to look at him, “I got a feeling about this one, Roadie, trust me”

- The kid looked at Jamie with wide eyes, before nodding

- It was a start. After Jamie showed the kid the flashbangs, they wanted to learn more

- So they stuck around, following them around while they pretended to not care. But the truth came out when some cops came after them and one of them grabbed the kid

- Mako was NOT happy, and it didn’t end well for the cops

- So Mako and Jamie had a third (much smaller) person added to their party

- Mako tried to make sure the kid knows some basic things, like reading and writing, knowing what the omnic crisis was, things like that

- Jamison teaches them how to build bombs. They’re good at it, and the two come up with all sorts of new designs

- Mako makes sure the two eat and sleep

- It’s a strange family, to say the least, but that doesn’t mean that three mean any less to each other (abiet, they’re a bit of unconventional family, to say the least)

Mako loves to talk about the women he admires: “You’re the Avatar?? Mako’s told me so much about you” (twice) and “Mako said you’re an excellent police chief” and it’s really funny because we never see it on screen but imagine Mako sitting there with Suyin, bursting with quiet excitement as he talks about how amazing and smart and cool Lin is and she’s so good at her job she’s a great boss!!! and meanwhile Suyin’s sort of smiling to herself because her crotchety, cranky, grouchy older sister is this kid’s inspiration

A Makorra Fic: Risk

Sorry this took so long to answer, Anon. I haven’t been home much so I had to stop working on this for a while. Hopefully you see it though! (p.s. beware of typos and shit. I barely edited this.)

Pairing: Makorra

Rating: M for Much Needed Sexy Time

Word Count: 2,474

“I don’t see why this is necessary,” Mako pouted, bottom lip jutting out as Korra tightened his red scarf around his neck.

Rolling her eyes, she sighed, “Because we’re engaged now. I think my parents have the right to want to enjoy a celebratory dinner with us.” She tugged on the scarf once more, nearly choking her financé with the aggressive adjustment.

Gagging slightly, he resigned his argument with a final huff. “Fine. But if you dad challenges me to ‘wrestle’ again, I’m leaving. I don’t care if we were playing ‘water tribe rules’, using ice to freeze your opponent to the ground after he loses is not a fair punishment.”

“Mako he was just-”

“And neither is tying him to the belly of a polar bear dog and telling the thing to ‘roll over’.” Mako folded his arms over his chest, a vague look of displeasure on his face.

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I can’t believe it. It’s been 84 years but here I am, back at it again with some makorra fic. Special just for Olivia! (takes place during episode 8)

Korra woke up to the feeling of someone petting her hair.

She still felt hazy; she remembered being given the anti-toxin but after that she conked out and went right back to sleep. Last she checked she was on a couch, but it seems she had been moved back to her room. There was a dim light coming from her beside lamp and when she craned her head she saw Mako at the far side of her bed next to the lamp, holding a book in his left hand and stroking her hair with his right. He seemed so lost in the story it took a few moments for him to realize she was awake. When he did, his hand stopped immediately and he went to tug gently on her ear lobe before his fingers went back and rested still on the crown of her head. “How you feelin’?” he asked lightly, still reading his book.

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Did anyone else get reminded of the KnB alternate futures when watching Eternal Summer’s ED?

Could you just imagine Aomine and Rin working together as cops? Mako and Kagami fighting fires? The doctor sending patient samples to the labs? Haru and Murasakibara cooking in the same restaurant? Pilot? Astronaut– yeah sure, both involve things in the sky.

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why am i reading the summaries of various nicholas…

all of the above. except for the tragic illness one.

in a small town in north carolina, korra, a young woman with dreams of being the MMA world champion (for the prize money, to pay senna’s hospital bills for a mysterious illness, because this is a nicholas sparks novel), finds an old box of love letters. fascinated by the contents, korra enlists the handsome, strapping young cop mako, whom she met at a bar (fight) the night before (where he was drinking whiskey on the rocks, because he’s a tortured soul), to help her return the love letters to their rightful owner, he has dreams of becoming a detective and solving the heinous murders of his parents a dozen years prior. he has forgotten how to love, or something.

using the addresses on each love letter, they road-trip their way across the country, a journey interspersed with flashbacks to the lives of the letter-writers (aang and katara, in the 1940s, in a love story that has zero parallels to the current day, but regardless teach mako and korra about the meaning of tru love). there’s probably a gunfight at some point. they almost have sex in a motel, but stop because mako sees a bible on the nightstand. zaheer is the real villain, somehow. and despite their initially heated, rocky start, they grow to love each other. by the time mako and korra find old katara in alaska and deliver the box of letters into her hands (her trembling, wizened old hands, her blue eyes twinkling with a passion that never died) they are totes in love. mako learns how to love again. korra wins her MMA title in less than 14 seconds, using a brutal armbar, and mako jumps into the octagon to kiss her passionately as the confetti drifts around them romantically. the end


okay i wrote the thing based on this post, mako and bolin reuniting in the worst possible way. Oops?

1,600 words hell yeah


Somewhere near a junction in the grassy, sun-browned foothills of the mountains, Kuvira’s train comes to a slow, shuddering stop. Several dozen yards ahead is a single, isolated train car, waiting on the rails like a glossy green beetle, its couplers twisted and bent by the team sent to detach it from Prince Wu’s train. That train is long gone.

Kuvira steps out of her own train car and strolls up the rails, hands clasped behind her back, as Bolin trots behind her. Her tightly-knotted braids gleam in the sunlight, sleek and oiled without a single strand out of place, and he realizes he’s never seen it otherwise. It’s always perfectly shaped, never down or messy, held together by the force of her willpower alone. (And it makes her so different from Korra - Korra, whose hair tangled and came undone, sticking slick with sweat to the side of her face, whipping around her as she fought - Korra’s power burst from her in all different ways, casting light without ever getting dimmer. But Kuvira seemed to pull her power in, like a fisherman gathering his nets. Like she drained strength from the earth itself.)

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Why everyone should attend the Makorra Nation Tinychats

The Makorra Rights

  • Korra has the right to remain sexy
  • Anything she says can and will result in Mako’s dick being held against her
  • She has the right to sex on demand
  • If she cannot orgasm, Mako will provide one for her
  • Korra is presumed sexy until proven the most fucking beautiful thing on the planet
  • Any failure of Mako’s to uphold the above mentioned will result in his ass being locked out of the house

- By the incredible eiyo-taika

Ok, on one hand

We have the 17 year old happy-go-lucky brother who isn’t sure what he wants to do with his life yet, but is passionate about Pro-bending, but has shown that big ideas aren’t really his area of expertise. 

On the other hand, we have the 19/20 year old brother who is serious, determined, and has shown that he’s very good at solving mysteries and coming up with plans. He’s also well accustomed to the inner workings of the city’s crime problems, in ways his younger brother really isn’t. 

I’m sorry, but Mako being a cop makes more sense to me.