He’s messing with the biggest mob in the country and they ain’t getting their cut from his business. They can’t even tell how much he had made on hot dogs… yet they took every penny…everytime i see something like this i always end up thinking, “are the police really here to protect and serve???”

Sometimes I wonder....

As well as Supernatural having a gif for everything, I’m pretty sure Misha also has a gif for everything….

For Example…. 

A cop:

A maid: 

A mermaid: 

Freaking penises!!!!:

….. Anyway, I could go on…
So does anyone want to join me in this quest for Misha gifs?! 

(I own none of these gifs, credit to owners)

Defending Nazis and arresting a woman and her service dog. Another pathetic performance from the Berkeley PD. This is so appalling. I just do not understand how trained police officers can lack so much common sense so frequently… Her and her dog are lucky to have survived the encounter, the cops could have easily killed them both and claimed they felt threatened.