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Main Tenu Fir Milaan Gi
I will meet you yet again 
Kithey? Kis Tarah? Pata Nai
How and where, I know not
Shayad Terey Takhayul Di Chinag Ban Ke
Perhaps I will become a figment of your imagination
Terey Canvas Tey Utraan Gi
Or maybe on your canvas
Ikk Rahasmayi Lakeer Ban Ke
Spreading myself in a mysterious line
Khamosh Tenu Tak Di Rawaan Gi
I will silently push you along
Yaa Khowrey Sooraj Di Loo Ban Ke
Perhaps I will become a ray of sunshine
Terey Rangaan Wich Ghulaan Gi
I’ll immerse myself in your colours 
Yaa Rangaan Diyan Bahwaan Wich Baith Ke
And embrace them with open arms
Terey Canvas Nuu Walaan Gi
I will paint myself on your canvas
Pata Nai Kiss Tarah? Kithey?
I know not how and where
Par Tenu Zaroor Milaan Gi
But I will meet you for sure.
Yaa Khowrey Ikk Chashma Bani Howaan Gi
Maybe I will turn into a spring
Tey Jeevan Jharneyaan Da Paani Udd-da
And from the watefall of life
Main Paani Diyaan Boondaan
I will rub drops of water
Terey Pindey Tey Malaan Gi
Onto your body
Tey Ikk Thandak Jahi Ban Ke
And rest my coolness
Teri Chaati Dey Naal Lagaan Gi
On your burning chest
Main Hor Kujh Nai Jaandi
I know nothing else
Par Aena Jaandi
But I know this 
Ke Waqt Jo Vii Karey Ga
That despite what time does
Aey Janam Mairey Naal Turey Ga
In this life you’ll walk with me
Aey Jism Mukda Hai
When the body perishes
Tay Sab Kujh Muk Jaanda
Everything ends
Par Chaityaan Dey Dhaagey
But the threads of memory
Kaainaati Kana Dey Hundey
Are forever enduring
Main Onhaan Kana Nuu Chunaan Gi
I’ll touch them
Dhaageyaan Nuu Walaan Gi
And weave the threads
Tey Tenu Main Fair Milaan Gi…
And I will meet you yet again

- Amrita Pritam (1919-2005), Punjabi poet and novelist


Thinking of a way to say “The Frozen Fever dress bothers me” without sounding rude.

I know I’m not the only one that thinks that, and I’m not a fashion or character design professional (of course), but….

These are some cuts I threw together. the features are meant to mismatch between eachother, so if things don’t match that’s why.

More stuff in the captions, and I’m probably most definitely not done with designs.