I actually want to make one of these a really long time ago because I was SO nervous to actually admit how much these artists inspire me so I always put it off, but I really couldn’t stop myself from doing it eventually.

Sorry if these sound weird in advanced omg


Gigidigi //

I found gigidigi mostly through discovering her webcomic Cucumber Quest! Her characters are simple and creative and the way she puts colors together is totally insanely adorable and addicting to look at. (I’m also in love with cute food related themes, they make me entirely too happy.)

Horrorcat - Better known as Fukari on DeviantArt //

I’ve only recently discovered who she was not too long ago, but I have seen her art in passing a lot of times! The clothing style and facial structures she uses on her characters are so unique and endearing!

Cooru58 //

I discovered this artist a little while back when one of their Frozen fanarts appeared on my dash– and I fell in love immediately. Everything I’ve seen so far is so professionally put together and has a great balance of realistic structures and attractive expressions. If I ever set a goal in my art, I hope to achieve something similar to what Cooru58 has achieved. 

Silenthillnouta //

Silenthillnouta has a BUNCH of really cute and interesting Original Characters on top of an original and really cute art style. I see their art on my dash all the time and always look forward to seeing it more!

Starpatches //

Their art makes to really happy when I see it. They have a really curvy lineart and perfect color choices that make the turnout really really adorable. I’ve wanted to commission starpatches on multiple occasions because I would kill to see my OCs in that style but really don’t have any money to be spending on anything aside from college stuff. ;~; Regardless, everything I see from them is really really super cute!

Loveexamination //
Her art is really really cute and her coloring style really tops everything off about why I like her art SO much. She once told me while responding to my ask a while ago about how discouraged she was from her art and it was a total shock because she deserves a lot when it comes to her art!

Moosoppart //

I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN to say how much I totally adore his characters. Each of them have an A+ design and personality and when I see his doodles all the time either here or on deviantart I smile a lot. He has a couple of different stories (???? idk but Division 6 is my favorite and I would kill to know a lot more about it.) and just a lot of really cute doodles that are funny and lighthearted and just the absolute best omg.

Fluorophyte //

Fluorophyte’s style is really unique and totally interesting. She has a couple of grade A characters that she draws often that are really great and fun to learn more about as well! I’ve always sorta connected to Fluorophyte a lot because her OCs really remind me of my own in a way, but aside from that just really adore seeing her art and watching her develop as an artist!

and last but not least,

Theartoflottie //

Lottie’s art is really really bubbly and fun just to look at! She draws most of her art for fandoms I’m not part of, but that doesn’t stop me from totally adoring her art style!