Witchsona pt.2

Should I continue this series of my witchsona… Maybe next time I’ll draw her a familiar ( and more plants ofc )

Edit : I’m selling prints of my Witchsona series in my shop ~

An endangered snow leopard named Rilu at the @MillerParkZoo.
Snow leopards have adapted to live in some of the most frigid environments on Earth. They have an incredibly strong and agile body and a white coat with black markings that blends in perfectly with their mountainside homes in central Asia. Their long thick tails can be wrapped around their bodies for warmth, and are also used to help with balance.
These big cats once ruled the Central Asian mountains, however their population has shrunk by at least 20% over the past 16 years. Poaching and illegal trade have contributed to the loss of this species over the years, as well as overstocking of the fragile, high altitude grasslands with livestock where these cats once thrived. Overstocking leads to a decline in wild prey for snow leopards, and when they turn to livestock to eat they are often shot on sight.
The good news is that snow leopards are protected throughout most of their range, and CITIES has made hunting and trading of their body parts illegal. The International @SnowLeopardTrust and Snow Leopard Conservancy are two organizations working hard to create a multi-faceted approach to the conservation of this species.
To see still images of this beautiful cat, check out @joelsartore!