Pokémon AU where Viktor (Beauty) and Yuuri (Cute) are Pokémon Coordinators, but they don’t compete against each other because they  aimed for different ribbons. 

They are already married, and always use coordinated outfits (Viktor’s idea obviously).

Viktor’s pokémon
Shiny Altaria (♀), Smoochum (♀), Makkachin [Stoutland] (♂)

Yuuri’s pokémon
Shiny Sylveon (♀), Vicchan [Lillipup] (♂), Gardevoir (♂)

((I gave them pokémon based over their personalities.))


How to make an entrance, by David Tennant
(featuring Freema Agyeman)

Montreal Comic Con - July 2017
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but this desire, this urge wasn’t like that. it was the urge to kiss like he meant it, to make alec feel it, to kiss alec like he was starving after four courses because he was. and that was an urge he had to swallow. despite the fact that with every look, he knew, he could tell that alec was swallowing that same urge. these little slow motion moments of alec’s hazel eyes dipping down to magnus’s lips and lingering, watching the way his chest would rise and it was a kind of aching.  x    happy birthday ally! @princemagnusbane