Reverse Lunge with Front Kick

3 sets of 13 reps

Kelly Ann Charles 

Start standing. Bring the hands to fists in front of the facewith elbows close to the body. Lift the left back and step far back, cominginto a lunge. Sink the hips low, shin parallel to the floor. Front knee is overthe ankle and leg is bent to a 90 degree angle. Press off of the ball of backfoot and kick that foot forward, flexing the foot and leading with theheel.  Continue this move, stepping back to the lunge and then kicking forward, going for 12 to 15 reps, then switch sides.

Good for core, lower body strength, and toning

Standard Moves presented by Puma

dsfjghjnfsk I can’t keep this good news to myself anymore so here we go

Originally, I’d thought that since one of my required classes was cancelled this semester, I would have to go an extra semester and graduate next May instead of graduating this December. Well, I went to my major advisor, and she gave me the good news that the cancellation didn’t set me back as far as I’d thought. My options are:

1. Take a summer class (required writing studio) and take three classes (two lingusitics courses and the senior capstone Advanced Writing) in the fall

2. Take the summer off and take four classes in the fall (one of the writing stuidos being taught by my favorite professor I’ve ever had)


Equally Blessed is a coalition of four national Catholic organizations which work for justice and equality for LGBT people in church and society. We are seeking a part-time coordinator to manage the day-to-day work of the coalition, as well as to oversee special projects and initiatives as they arise.  At present, Equally Blessed is involved in communications work to amplify the voice of the majority of US Catholics who support justice and equality for LGBT people, as well as education and advocacy projects consistent with our mission.  Coalition partners meet via conference call at least once a month; we also meet in person about five times a year.


SOOO I finally saw Gabby from the interviewer duo in Sapphire/Ruby, and I loved how they made her look in the new games! I thought she looked way more like me than the previous games, so I was going to edit glasses on her and use it as an icon.

…but then I just kinda, redrew the whole thing? :’D

I had fun! And it looks like it’s from the game! And I also redid the mouth later to make it more “me” and less NPC-ish. I got the background here, all credit to them for that!

Park Bom’s coordinator, rapper friend Ben Baller, and Blackjacks respond to Kemy’s diss track + Kemy’s apology revealed to come from an imposter account

Just three days following the release of rookie group A.KOR Kemy’s diss track “Do the Right Thing” against Park Bom regarding her previous drug smuggling controversy, a couple of acquaintances have spoken up against the 96’ liner rapper through Instagram and Twitter.

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Help us welcome aboard our new Frederator Networks Social Media Coordinator, Kirsten “Kiki” Wagstaff. Based at Frederator’s NYC office, Kirsten will help oversee all Channel Frederator and Cartoon Hangover social media activities. Kiki is awesome, fun, has a great accent … and she’s already online reading and re-blogging your posts, answering your questions and checking out all the great fan art.

Kiki is taking over a lot of the day-to-day social media responsibilities from our guy Cade Hiser. Not to worry, Cade isn’t going anywhere, he’ll be working more on the network side of things, and never fear he’ll continue to host Hungover with Cade on Cartoon Hangover and co-host Toy Pizza on Channel Frederator.

While Kiki was born in Wisconsin, she was raised in Singapore and New Zealand. Growing up Kiki developed a love for animation, specifically falling for anime titles including Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats. After finally wrangling her parents into getting cable TV (there are harrowing stories of what it took to convince her folks), Kiki discovered Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory among other animation classics.

Now that she’s grown up (it’s a chronological thing), Kiki is a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s work … saying, “Howl’s Moving Castle is my favvvvvvv.” Her other current animation favs are Adventure Time and Daria … oh and obviously Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat.

With a college degree in her back pocket (it might still be there), and a couple of years of marketing and PR under her belt with Sony Music NZ and other entertainment companies, Kiki packed her bags (cue packing your bags music) and set out for NYC. Kiki freely admits that upon her arrival here, “I was in total culture shock!” But, now two-and-a-half years later, she “can’t get enough of this city.” In fact, you might catch her doing stand up comedy around town.

You can also follow Kiki on Twitter (@kikimcfuggs) and Instagram (@kikimcfuggs).

- Gwen