coordination complexes


Going through the comic again because hey, it’s a good comic (and I’m going to buy it as soon as it appears in shop shelves or whatever) and I found this.

First of all, I was surprised, because I’d seen art where Lance calls Keith ‘samurai’ but I hadn’t remembered the canonicity of the line, and here it is - they’ve just taken down the big insect monster with Keith’s sword work, and everyone is complementing him on it - including Lance. 

Lance also happens to have a slight blush going across both cheeks in a way that most of the others don’t, and he isn’t grinning like Pidge is. If anything, his expression is soft, and a variation on the one we see in Beta Traz when talking about Keith doing ‘cool stuff’.

But what I found really interesting was the way that Lance has only just praised Keith (complete with non-insulting nickname!) and he is straight back into attempting to drive the attention back to him. 

Literally, the first thing he does is go ‘Maybe you should be saying ‘great job, Lance.’ - and when Keith, who is probably confused as well as annoyed, says ‘I’m the one that formed the sword’, he isn’t just referring to ‘plugging in a bayard’, as Lance puts it. He was also the one who knew what to do with the sword, who was directing the team. In many ways, this is Keith’s specialty.  

So basically, Lance does a complete face turn from ‘praising Keith’ to ‘anyone could have done what he did’. 

Note that when Keith says that flying a leg can’t be that hard because Hunk flies a leg, he also says ‘sorry, but you always say you’re the worst pilot’, which is less derogatory of him and more stating a point of fact - this is just what they do. There’s nothing amazing about doing what you do.

But the most important part of this for Lance, which no one really picks up on, is the very fact that he says ‘I coordinated a complex pivoting movement with a leg-shaped lion!’. He wants to know that what he is capable of and achieves isn’t taken for granted. He wants, more than anything I think, reassurance.

This is more obvious after having seen Beta Traz, but it’s been here all along.

And it isn’t just that - in that one sentence, there’s this implication that in order to do this, there’s this understanding of pivots. It might not mean much considering we haven’t seen anything of the sort yet other than Lance’s love of making Voltron kick things, but it’s entirely possible his area of science lies more in the traditional mechanics of pulleys, levers and pivots rather than Pidge’s computers or Hunk’s electrical hardware. Which I’d say also explains how he doesn’t understand what Pidge and Hunk are on about when they talk science - his is simply a different area. He might not even be the best at it, but he knows it, and he doesn’t get what they’re good at.

Well, that last bit is just a theory, but it’s an interesting one to go with at least, I hope.

New Cast: Part Two

Okay, guys. Part Two was really good tonight, really good. I’ll admit I still had/have some reservations about the cast after Part One but Part Two has smoothed many of those away.

Part Two opens with my favourite piece of choreography, led by Nuno Silva. Nuno didn’t come out of stage door tonight which was a shame because I wanted to tell him how glad I am that he’s stayed on. For those who don’t know, Nuno plays Bane, as well as other ensemble roles but his most important role is Movement Captain. He is basically Steven Hoggett’s (Movement Director) right hand man among the cast and he works with the rest of the cast to coordinate all the complex routines that are carried out on stage, often with very large set pieces. You could really see what Nuno does among the new cast today, how he guides them and the confidence in what he does.

Samuel continues to be the star of the new cast. He really is outstandingly confident and a total natural - you’d think he’d been doing it for years and the audience is absolutely focused on him  and him alone when he’s on stage. I think it was @mrsellacott who said that James Howard told her he loves his new son, and that shows. Samuel and James have a great chemistry on stage. As James is my favourite of Cast 2, I was really looking forward to tonight because Draco has his best scenes in Part Two. His first scene, in the Voldemort timeline did not disappoint. @bounding-heart did a post about why James is so good in this role and that is never more obvious than in this scene. But he also shows love and a sadness and a pain that flows under a Malfoy cover. He rarely shouts, which I like. He exudes menace and intimidation without doing so but he has softness hiding there. When he pinned Scorpius to the desk in this scene, he released him and then shook and twitched in his left hand, the hand he had used to pin Scorpius down. He was physically expressing regret with the movement, as though it physically pained him to be violent with his child. It very much felt as though violence had become a part of who he was in this version of the world, that it was now second nature but that deep down it wasn’t welcome there, a darkness that grips to him like a parasite. So, so good from Mr. Howard.

Elizabeth Hill is an excellent actress. She plays a firm, sporty Hooch with a cool Northen accent in Part One, and a bitchy, snotty Petunia, but in Part Two as Umbridge, she is genuinely unnerving. Her Umbridge relishes in the way she speaks. She’s posh, or at least pretends to be, and she milks it for all it’s worth, letting every word slither off her tongue in the most regal way possible in her desire to feel and to be seen as royal. Her laugh doesn’t induce laughter from the audience like Helena Lynberry did - it is really sinister. Her movements when talking to Scorpius were almost flirtatious, but in a really sickening way that made my skin crawl. Superb debut in the role.

David Annen as Snape - I was really looking forward to seeing David in this role and he didn’t disappoint. He is much more like book Snape than Paul was. He doesn’t raise his voice and he appears bitter and reserved. I never liked the dynamic between Snape and Hermione in the last cast - I get that they were working together but they were too touchy-feely for my liking. That’s gone with David. His “whatever you are” to Hermione was deliciously sarcastic and snotty The “How very pleasant for me” line dripped with sarcasm and the “I exist to serve” line was wonderfully but subtly aggrieved. When he threatened Scorpius with punishment, he deliberately and obviously moved his robe to reveal the pocket in which he kept his wand, making the threat very real. It was a cool detail. When Snape is taken by the Dementors, heave the most horrific scream once they had enveloped him in their cloaks. It really did sound like someone who was losing their life in a horrific manner.

Theo came out of his shell in this performance. Yesterday in Part One he showed signs of being good but he was visibly terrified (his first professional job is one of the biggest roles in a show that has won nine Oliviers - even John said that was terrifying for them) and as a result he was very stiff (I felt bad for Jamie G in the blanket scene in Part One because I felt Theo was giving him very little to work from). But the audience was great yesterday and I think that has put some of the cast (Theo was not the only one who was clearly nervous) at ease a bit more. I think Theo is going to be very good and I look forward to watching him evolve in the role. Also, for all you Scorbus shippers - if you shipped them with Anto and Sam, you’re going to go nuts for Theo and Samuel. They obviously already have a very close relationship as actors and the chemistry between them is fantastic.

Samuel, when he came out of the lake and saw his Dad, put his arms out for a moment as if he wanted to hug him but then lost his courage. It was sweet. James just pointed him in the direction he wanted him, with military-level authority. I really liked it. Alex often used to grab Scorpius by the scruff and march him off stage; I like this less aggressive approach from James because I think it contrasts the differences between Draco in the Voldemort timeline and in the present much more.

One of the Hogwarts kids slipped in some of the water left on the stage but luckily they didn’t go down and carried on.

Jamie finally started to show some Harry-temper in the scene where he visits Albus in the Slytherin dormitory although he only got half-way there.  I reserved judgement on Jamie in Part One yesterday. I agree with @torestoreamends that it’s very important not to compare Jamie G to Jamie P because I think we always knew that Jamie P’s Harry would always be incomparable and I’m OK with that, because I always knew that watching Jamie Parker was a privilege. In fact, it’s very important not to compare any of the new cast with the old cast - it’s not fair on them. Of course we love the old cast, but the new cast have to be given a chance to be different and make the role their own (within the context of the character, of course). But Jamie G certainly lacked something yesterday, for example, he did not sound nearly as desperate as a parent should when searching for their missing child in a forest. I think Jamie G was another cast member who was very nervous but he did much better in Part Two today. I think he needs time and I hope that with time he will push the role and feel his way further into it. This scene wasn’t as heated as it should have been and as a consequence, the argument with Ginny where she asks how heated it got, didn’t work as well.

More Samuel gushing - in the dormitory scene when Albus is sleeping and he wakes him up, he did it in the most brilliant way that beats Anthony and James. He first whispered Albus’s name. He then said “Pssst!” When this didn’t work, he tiptoed over to Albus’s bed and in a really high-pitched but soft voice said “Albus?”. Finally, he shouted it right into Theo’s ear and Theo reacted brilliantly. I always felt Sam underplayed the comedy of this moment slightly but Theo didn’t disappoint. He sat bolt upright with a yell and then turned and started whacking Scorpius with his pillow. It was fantastic.

Annabel as Delphi - finally, finally, I have seen Annabel’s Delphi and she is supremely unnerving. John said he thought she was smashing it. Her Part One Delphi is quite awkward and bumbling and Tonks-like, which I liked. Her Part Two Delphi is almost unhinged once she is revealed and it’s scary. Some stand-out moments for me were what appeared to be genuine, yet mocking pity for the shock and horror on Albus’s face after she kills Craig. It was pity, yet it was patronising. “Aw. Did you not understand?” Brilliant. Then, when explaining how the kids fitted in to the prophecy she kissed Albus. It was “Albus” *kisses his cheek* “is the unseen child who will kill his father”. It was the most possessive, horrifying action; that Albus is this most invaluable object to her that will make her dreams come true. Somehow it reminds me of the way in which Umbridge loves her kittens:  a repulsive obsession.

Emma as Ginny did much better in Part Two - she was another I was reserving judgement on yesterday. Yesterday I really felt that she lacked Ginny’s ovaries - her “So was mine” just didn’t feel strong enough. She definitely improved on that today, although I don’t feel the same warmth from her that I’d like to feel. Like Jamie G, I think she needs some time, perhaps. But I’m optimistic.

Jamie G in the Dumbledore scene was good. I’m so much more optimistic about him than I was yesterday. He can genuinely act and his break down in Albus’s bedroom was even better. He’s not Harry yet, but there is potential there. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow into the character. Harry and Ginny kissed twice when getting Albus’s message, just like in the script. (It used to be that they only kissed even though the script called for two.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m just too hard to please, because all the main cast (Albus, Scorpius, Draco, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry) got a standing ovation at the curtain call. I was slightly gutted for the rest that they didn’t but audiences do vary and I’m sure that there are shows when they will. The past two nights had a very good audience and the stage door reception was lovely. I think the cast that came out definitely felt the love and I’m glad because I think it will give them fuel.

Speaking of stage door, April Hughes, who plays Myrtle (and is outstanding - didn’t think anyone would beat Annabel but she smashed it and even Annabel said so) was absolutely adorable. I sang her praises to her and she seemed really touched and happy and asked if she could give me a hug, so we had a hug. She’s a sweetheart! As is Sarah Miele who plays a now-Scottish Polly Chapman with purple hair (we asked her about this and she said it was just something she was told they were going to go for with the character this time). James Phoon (Craig) is adorable. I can’t remember how we got onto the subject but we were talking about the Friday Forty and I said that all my CC friends had won it at least once and I never had. He said that he played the Friday Forty every week ever since the play opened and he never won it either (he’s such a FAN!!). I told him “Now you’re in it! Even better!” and then asked if that meant that I’ll be in the play next year too. He gave a dramatic gasp and said “Oh, my God! That’s it!” and then grasped my arm and said “I’ll root for you for next year.” I told him to show me the ropes when I get cast. What an absolute doll he is. Again, the cast that came out all seemed so touched by the reception and I’m really pleased they’ve been given that confidence.

On Sunday 21st, I met Sonia Friedman. I found her at the back of the stalls and approached her, told her how much I loved and related to the play and congratulated her on all her success. I asked if I could show her something and she said “Of course” so I showed her my poster and she said she loved it because she was a dog person. I thanked her and didn’t see her after that until I passed by her yesterday when she was talking to Jack Thorne at the end of Part One about the pacing of the new cast (they had been a bit slow on a couple of bits). I don’t think she saw me as they were deep in conversation. Anyway, tonight, she came out of stage door briefly to watch the reception that the new cast received. No one realised she was there as she just lingered in the doorway and watched for a few moments - she didn’t go to greet fans. She had her hair different to usual and was wearing sunglasses so I actually didn’t recognise her even though I saw her right in front of me but she recognised me (we were standing right in front of the stage door at the barrier). She went back in to speak to someone but then came out again and came and stood next to me and said quietly “So, what did you think?” I then realised it was her and apologised, telling her I didn’t recognise her with the sunglasses and she said something along the lines of “I like to go incognito sometimes”. @torestoreamends , @mrsellacott and I had a nice chat with her and she thanked us for the support of the new cast.

I was hoping John Tiffany might come out of stage door but he didn’t (because I didn’t ask him to this time =P - I’ll tell that story in another post). My train got delayed on my way to the show this evening and I got in really late (I think @torestoreamends was panicking that I wouldn’t get in on time, she gave me big hug when she saw me and told me she’d been anxiously waiting in the aisle of the stalls to see me come in). Anyway, John was at the back of the stalls (he didn’t sit near the front like he did on May 21st - maybe he didn’t want to be inundated by fans again - more on that in another post) but anyway, I’d spoken to him on Sunday and as I walked past this evening, he looked up from his phone screen and so I gave him a big grin and he smiled back. Then in the interval, I had a brief freak-out with @torestoreamends at the Girls’ Bathroom (obviously) about how good Part Two was and then she let me go to the loo and went back to Stalls. :P On my way back, John stepped out of the Mens’ right in front of me and went back to the Stalls so I was following right behind him, seriously worrying that he was going to think I was stalking him. He noticed me and I immediately apologised and said “I’m really sorry, I swear I’m not following you, you just stepped out of the Mens’ room right in front of me.” He laughed and patted my arm and said “Don’t worry.” We got back to Stalls, right by the tech box where @torestoreamends appeared out of nowhere and we had a lovely chat with him for a few minutes. John is such a lovely, warm person, he’s so happy to talk to fans about the show. I told him that I thought it was great that the first show of the new cast had gone so smoothly and that I thought it was funny that there had been no technical hitches, given that there were so many on the 21st with a cast of fourteen months’ experience. He grinned and said “Because I kicked arse, that’s why”. So yeah. Sounds as though the tech team got a spanking for the screw-ups on the 21st.

And that’s all I’ll say about the new cast! I look forward to watching them develop and I hope everyone going to see them keeps an open mind and shows them the Potterhead love. I really think in particular that Scorbus is going to be sensational - even more so than it has been and we’ve all got lots to look forward to. I thought the ultimate test would be whether they could make me cry and they did. Happy Cast Change, peeps! x

What's on your mind?
  • Reiji: Therefore, the geometry of the coordination complex is independent of the electronic configuration of the metal center. Thus [MLn]m+ has the same coordination geometry as...
  • Shu's thoughts: I was wrong. It is possible to get more tired than I'm now.
  • Laito's thoughts: And I thought Reiji would make a good wingman.
  • Kanato's thoughts: If I kill Reiji then this torture will be over. But then who will cook?
  • Ayato's thoughts: Oh great, another chemistry story. Is there invented potion which can poison them to death?
  • Subaru's thoughts: Don't hit him. Don't hit him. Don't hit him. Don't hit him. Don't hit him. Don't hit him.
  • Yui's thoughts: Reiji-san sounds so passionate when he is talking about chemistry theories.....I wish I could be invisible.
  • Kaya's thoughts: ~Dale a tu cuerpo alegria macarena, Que tu cuerpo pa' darle alegria cosabuena, Dal a tu cuerpo alegria macarena, Eeeeeeh Macarena~

Tetraamminecopper(II) sulfate monohydrate, [Cu(NH3)4]SO· H2O. One of the most famous coordination complexes, I obtained this by adding excess amounts of ammonia to a copper(II) sulfate solution:

CuSO4(aq) + 4 NH3(aq) → [Cu(NH3)4]SO4(aq)

At first, light blue copper(II) hydroxide precipitates, but as excess ammonia is added, it redissolves to give a solution of a beautiful royal blue color characteristic of the tetraamminecopper(II) ion. I concentrated this solution, as the ammonia I used was fairly dilute, then precipitated the product with 91% isopropanol. It took several tries to get these nice needles. I finally got them by carefully layering the isopropanol over a layer of the compound in aqueous solution and allowing the layers to slowly mix.

The Signs as Breathtaking, Natural Phenomena

Aries: A Blue Volcano (in Ethiopia). The glow comes from the combustion of sulfuric gases that are pushed through the cracks of the volcano at high temperatures.

Taurus: Wave Rock (located in Australia). That’s right, this is a 46 inch wave cemented entirely in rock! This geological phenomenon is known as flared slope and it usually occurs when erosion is concentrated in lower areas of the rock. Surf’s up! This rock is strong, deep, and carefully made- reminiscent of a Taurus.

Gemini: Nacreous Clouds. These are clouds that give a very futuristic, holographic look to the sky. These incredible clouds are extremely rare, because normally, the stratosphere is quite dry and clouds cannot form. But in extreme polar winters, there’s just enough moisture for these strange clouds to take form about 12 miles above Earth. Intriguing, Gorgeous, and new- just like all of you Gems!

Cancer: Glowing Ocean (Vaadhoo Island). These patches of ocean literally reflect the starry night sky. It’s gorgeous. According to marine biologists, the glowing is caused by a massive red tide of bioluminescent phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum.The microorganisms emit light in response to stress, such as when a wave crashes into the shore. The result is a wickedly cool glowing ocean. Romantic and dreamy, like the Cancer zodiac’s nature.

Leo: “Fire Rainbow”, or circumhorizontal arc. This appears when the sun is high in the sky (higher than 58° above the horizon), and its light passes through diaphanous, high-altitude cirrus clouds made up of hexagonal plate crystals. Sunlight entering the crystals’ vertical side faces and leaving through their bottom faces is refracted (as through a prism) and separated into an array of visible colors. Beautiful and bold, just like you Leo!

Virgo: Lake Hillier (located in Australia). This lake is flamingo pink for no definite reason. It’s just… a pink lake. The cause of this phenomenon’s color is assumed to be the reaction between its natural salts, sodium bicarbonate and red halophilic bacteria. It’s kind of cute, actually. It looks so simple in it’s entirety, it makes me wish more lakes were pink for no reason. It’s cuteness, humbleness, and simplicity definitely reminded me of all the Virgos.

Libra: Desert roses. These beauties are made in the desert from formations of the minerals gypsum  and barite with sand inclusions. The ‘petals’ are crystals flattened,  fanning open along characteristic gypsum cleavage planes. This phenomenon has a stunning beauty, it could almost be a real rose! All you Libras are adorable little flowers too, don’t worry.

Scorpio: The Black Sun (Denmark) During spring in Denmark, flocks of more than a million European starlings gather into a single group to form incredibly large and intricate shapes in the sky. The amazing scenes are only possible because of the flock’s amazing communication and coordination. They’re complex, focused, dark, and beautiful- much like the Scorpio persona.

Sagittarius: Auroras. An aurora is a natural light display in the sky predominantly seen in the high latitude regions. Aurorae are caused by cosmic wind, solar rays, and magnetospheric plasma interacting with the upper atmosphere. Lots of light, lots of beauty, and lots of pow- kind of like when Sagittarius walks into the room. ;)

Capricorn: Frozen methane bubbles. Methane bubbles form in water when dead organic matter falls to the bottom, much to the delight of bacteria. When methane gets trapped in frozen water, viola! Just don’t light a match to these- since it’s methane gas, that could get very bad very quickly. That’s kind of why I associated these with Capricorn folk- they’re elegant looking and cool, but also cold (ha- literally and in character). They’re also prone to combust. Jk about that last part. Humans don’t combust. What I meant by that was that Capricorn can be very dangerous, despite their calm and collected ways.

Aquarius: Danxia Landform (located in China). It is a unique type of petrographic geomorphology found in China. Danxia landform is formed from red-coloured sandstonesand conglomerates of largely Cretaceous age. The landforms look very much like karst topography that forms in areas underlain by limestones, but since the rocks that form danxia are sandstones and conglomerates, they have been called “pseudo-karst” landforms. Lots of vibrant, beautiful colors here! No pale pastel today! This phenomenon reminds me of Aquarius’ unique, artistic nature. This landform breathes the life into me. Simply breathtaking.

Pisces: A Brinicle. When the surface of the sea freezes—such as around the north and south poles—it does so in a way that forces pockets of especially cold and salty seawater to gather on the underside of the ice. This mixture of brine is denser than the seawater below it, and as a result it tends to slowly sink to the bottom. Now, because it’s so cold, the fresher water below the brine actually freezes around it as it falls, which results in a giant icicle under the surface. That’s what a Brinicle is. It’s like a pretty, still underwater tornado. :) This reminds me of Pisces because it has that slow motion, under the sea vibe. It’s relaxing, perplexing, but also has this really languid dreamy feeling to it. It’s fit for all of you adorable fish!

What studying Maths at uni is like:

1. Very different to A-level. There is more emphasis on proof, theorems and definitions so expect to be learning these lots. Even in modules like Probability and Statistics, not just Pure. 

2. What is called Further Pure at A-level is not actually much like Pure maths at all. So if you’ve got a module with Pure in the title, don’t expect it to be second order ODEs, polar coordinates and complex numbers. It’s very much here’s a definition, here’s a theorem, here’s how to prove it (from my little experience of it). 

3. Very algebra heavy. There are lots of questions that take a lot of rearranging and it gets very messy at times. Don’t be afraid of messy algebra, attack it.

4. Things start to become multidimensional. Like, most integration becomes stuff like surface and volume integrals. In my course I started multiple integrals in first year an then began applying them in second year. Even Statistics uses vectors more than scalars as you progress through the years. 

5. There is a lot more focus on how you write maths. It’s like a language in itself. You can get a correct answer and still lose marks because you’ve used = instead of ~ or not connected your working with implication symbols. It gets easier as time passes. 

6. You’ll have a variety of lectures (lecturer talks at you), problems classes (you work on problems with help from postgrad students and the lecture), examples classes (lecturer works through practise questions on whiteboard/projector) and tutorials (small group working through pre-completed questions with a tutor). From my experience, examples classes are more useful than lectures and problems classes are best when you’ve done the questions beforehand so you can get help on what you’re stuck on right away.

7. You probably won’t enjoy all of it. Most people enjoy either Applied, Pure or Probability/Statistics. Myself, I hated Pure. Some people love it. You can drop what branch you don’t like after first year. 

8. It is stressful. The modules contain A LOT more content than A-level modules. It is difficult. Especially after first year when all of the stuff you’re learning is new. But it is manageable. 

9. It is tiring. Having to concentrate in lectures for (about 22 hours in first year, 20 in second year, 12 in third year…) a week is hard. And then going back to halls/house and doing more work makes it harder. 9ams are difficult to get up for even though at school you probably did it every day with no problem. 

10. It is satisfying. The best thing about it is being able to solve a problem you never dreamed you could do. That is rewarding. It makes it worth it. 

If anyone wants to chat about maths at uni, feel free to send me a message. I’ve only done a BSc but have a few friends doing an MMath so I know a fair bit about it. 

jensen torcon meet & greet tidbits

Fan: So is Dean still in there? I thought I saw a glimpse of him sometimes but I’m not sure. Sometimes he just seems like a douchebag. I’m so confused – is it just me?

Everyone else in the room: (shaking their heads)

Jensen said that’s pretty much how we’re supposed to feel, that we should be wondering how much of Dean is still there. He reiterated that it’s not a possession kind of thing, it’s more like when Sam was soulless, all Dean’s memories are still there. So of course he calls Sam “Sammy” just like Dean would, for example. In other words, he gave absolutely nothing away, but at least I’ve been validated for my confusion.

My question was about Dean’s story arc this season.

Me: Bob Singer has said that Dean’s journey is to rediscover his heroism. Is that compelling for you to play, and what does it really mean?

Jensen said that the journey for Dean for part of the season is for him to get back to being “normal” Dean.

Jensen: (laughing) Not that the Winchesters were ever normal…

Me: (air quotes)

He said that Dean getting back to hunting, essentially getting back to the “family business” (my words, not his), is Dean’s journey to rediscover his own heroism.

There’s a question as to what is the influence of the Mark of Cain, even if Dean eventually isn’t a demon anymore.

Dean’s saying ‘oh no man, that’s all me’ even when he just killed twenty zombies.

Me: (doing a bad Dean imitation) Like ‘Oh, I would’ve done that anyway!’

Jensen: (laughing at me and doing it correctly) Right! I would’ve done that anyway.

A few more tidbits – someone asked if he still did his own stunts. Jensen said that sometimes he’ll do something, like a recent scene where he was supposed to take a hit from a “supernatural being” and fly backwards and slide across the floor. He just did it and then Lou Bollo, the stunt coordinator, came over and said “Should I even ask?”

Meaning did Jensen want hip pads and butt pad and knee and elbow pads. And Jensen was just like nah

I can do it. By the fourth take, he was getting up a bit more slowly.

Lou: “Want them now?”

Jensen: “No, I don’t want to have to shoot this again. Did we get it? Okay, moving on!”

Because Jensen has some directing experience now and because he’s been fighting as Dean all this time, they let him do some of the stunt coordination. Jesse, who was Jensen’s stand in but left when his wife had a baby, comes back to help the fight coordinator team too. Jensen works out at his dojo occasionally, and told a funny story about the first time. Jesse put on gloves and gave him gloves.

Jesse: “I won’t hit you, but you hit me.”

Jensen: “Don’t you want to put on…”

Jesse: “Nah. You won’t hit me.”

And he couldn’t. Jesse is that fast. So Jesse and Jensen will work together to coordinate a complex fight sequence. Jensen will specify that they need something that’s not too tight, that needs to be bigger, or say that he wants to sort of spin around and end up on a mark, and Jesse will come up with a move that will do that and they’ll work it out. He also told a story about a guest actor who sort of got lost in the fight scene. It’s fine to get lost in an emotional scene, you want that, but not in a fight scene, because that’s when accidents happen. Fight scenes are like a dance with a partner, choreographed, and everyone has to do what they’re supposed to do. If you get lost in it, you’ll lose count and make a mistake. So the whole time he was working with this guy he was sort of holding his fists up protectively thinking he was about to get hit and going “ohshitohshitohshit”. It was hysterical. Luckily, Jesse came in and did part of the scene on the other guy’s coverage, and then Jensen did his coverage with the guy’s stand in, like dance partners. Otherwise, Jensen would have been punched right in the ear. Ouch!

The long version of this was pretty funny, but what was really excellent about this question was that Jensen felt compelled to jump up from his chair and act much of it out – taking punches, flying backwards, being spun around. Fun to watch. Ahem.

The last question was about lessons Jensen has learned over the time he’s been on Supernatural. He said he’s changed a lot, gone from a young man to a man, but as far as the show, he’s learned to be grateful for “what we have with the show.”  It’s a rarity, he said, to be on a show for ten years and to be able to play the same character – a character he loves and enjoys playing. And a privilege to be able to play opposite someone who has become a best friend in real life.

Jensen said he had recently had a conversation with a successful actor  who’s had regular work but on several different shows, and he said to Jensen, “I’d give anything to have what you have.”

Jensen: I didn’t realize how rare and special this was until about Season 5. Before then we knew we had a good thing going here, but now really realize how special that is. And part of that is the relationship we have with you guys. It’s a privilege, and I’m grateful for that.


Mathematical pick-up lines
  • I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.
  • I wish I was your second derivative so I could investigate your concavities.
  • You and I would add up better than a Riemann sum.
  • Are you a 90° angle? ‘Cause you are looking right!
  • I’d like to plug my solution into your equation.
  • I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds. What? You don’t believe me? Well, then, let’s try it with your phone number.
  • I’m not being obtuse, but you’re acute girl.
  • I don’t know if you’re in my range, but I’d sure like to take you back to my domain.
  • Our love is like dividing by zero: you cannot define it.
  • If I’m sine and you’re cosine, wanna make like a tangent?
  • Meeting you is like making a switch to polar coordinates: complex and imaginary things are given a magnitude and a direction.
  • Being without you is like being a metric space in which a Cauchy sequence exists that does not converge.
  • My love for you is a monotonically increasing unbounded function.
  • I heard you’re good at algebra; could you replace my X without asking Y?
  • Your beauty cannot be spanned by a finite basis of vectors.
  • I hope you know set theory because I want to intersect and union you.
  • Honey, you’re sweeter than pi.

I’ve created a colorful set of solutions mostly from mineral samples in the geology lab. From left to right, we have: 

CoClwas obtained by stealing some from the chemistry stockroom. I initially tried to get a pink solution of MnCl2 by dissolving rhodochrosite (manganese carbonate) in hot HCl, but that didn’t work very well…

FeClwas created by crushing siderite (iron carbonate) and dissolving it in HCl. The reaction was relatively slow, but works at room temperature.

[CuCl4]2- was created by adding excess NaCl (which is the mineral halite) to a CuCl2 solution. Extra chloride forms a coordination complex with the copper (II) ion, resulting in a green solution.

CuClwas created by dissolving malachite (copper carbonate*) in HCl.

CuSOwas created by dissolving chalcanthite (copper sulfate) into water. It should be roughly the same color as the CuCl2 solution, but the sample here is just more dilute.

BaCl2 was created by dissolving witherite (barium carbonate) in HCl. The reaction was very fast, comparable to that of dissolving calcite (calcium carbonate).

*Malachite contains some hydroxide, so it is actually a copper carbonate hydroxide:  Cu2CO3(OH)2

Potassium tetrachloroplatinate(II) is the chemical compound with the formula K2PtCl4. This reddish orange salt is an important reagent for the preparation of other coordination complexes of platinum. It consists of potassium cations and the square planar dianion PtCl42−

The chloride ligands on [PtCl4]2− are displaced by many other ligands to afford derivatives. The anti-cancer drug Cisplatin can similarly be prepared:[1]

PtCl42− + 2 NH3 → cis-PtCl2(NH3)2 + 2 Cl−

Historically, an important reaction involves ammonia and [PtCl4]2−. This reaction affords a deep green precipitate with the formula PtCl2(NH3)2. This material, known as Magnus’ green salt, is a semiconducting coordination polymer consisting of chains of alternating [PtCl4]2− and [Pt(NH3)4]2+ centres.

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Who is the leader of the Clowns?

I think too much about this, so I decided to assemble my thoughts into a post. Lets go through the candidates.

Important Note: This is a sort of open post - if you read this and can think of another argument for or against any of the candidates, or think of another candidate you think should be on the list, let me know and I’ll add it with your username (if you want.) Lets see if we can’t collectively solve this mystery. 

Or maybe Ishida will tell us next week and this will be a wasted effort. I am so entirely fine with that being the case.

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US State Plane Coordinate System Map.

The State Plane Coordinate System (SPS or SPCS) is a set of 124 geographic zones or coordinate systems designed for specific regions of the United States. Each state contains one or more state plane zones, the boundaries of which usually follow county lines. There are 110 zones in the continental US, with 10 more in Alaska, 5 in Hawaii, and one for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. The system is widely used for geographic data by state and local governments. Its popularity is due to at least two factors. First, it uses a simple Cartesian coordinate system to specify locations rather than a more complex spherical coordinate system (the geographic coordinate system of latitude and longitude). By using the Cartesian coordinate system’s simple XY coordinates, “plane surveying” methods can be used, speeding up and simplifying calculations. Second, the system is highly accurate within each zone (error less than 1:10,000). Outside a specific state plane zone accuracy rapidly declines, thus the system is not useful for regional or national mapping.