coordinated clothing

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your outfit feeling a little flat? you’re wearing perfectly coordinated clothes, even your socks look slick and everything should be spot on, but it’s not?

well now, do i have the perfect accessory for you to add a hint of excitement!

it’s a sword.

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I like your hc about Yuuri only wearing shirts and Victor only wearing pants to bed bc 1)they could match every single time (or clash terribly) and 2) together they make a pajama set and i find that weirdly endearing (also, would you be up to sharing more thoughts about sleep talking Victor? Please?)

The full headcanon for the only pants/only shirts thing is basically “Viktor and Yuuri go to the store and jointly decide which pajamas they are going to buy” which means that between the two of them they own only five pajama sets and also they’re all in Viktor’s size because he’s the larger one. This also means that Yuuri sometimes walks into the bedroom wearing a red-black plaid pajama top and Viktor looks down at his own canary-cream (It’s not yellow and white, Yuuri) polkadot bottoms and just says, “No, this can’t happen.”

“But we’re just going to sleep–”

“What if there’s a fire, Yuuri? What will our neighbors think of us, if they see that we can’t even coordinate our sleep clothes? They’ll think we’re dysfunctional. On the brink of divorce.” 

“Oh?” Yuuri’s eye twitches. “Is that what they’ll think?”

“Or worse–that I have no fashion sense.”

Yuuri doesn’t know how to tell Viktor that their neighbors have seen Viktor wearing Lululemon yoga pants with a sweatshirt saying DADDY’S COLD and that any misconceptions they may have had about Viktor’s sense of fashion long ago imploded.

Eventually, Yuuri returns to the closet. He can’t find the canary-cream polkadot shirt. Instead, he tosses on an old practice shirt of Viktor’s so worn and old that it’s almost see-through. The fabric has stretched unevenly along the hem and almost hits his knees in places. He returns to the bedroom and crawls under the blankets. Viktor melts on the spot. By the time Yuuri falls asleep that night, he isn’t wearing anything.

On the subject of Viktor sleep talking, it goes like this:

Yuuri walks in the door on a very cold day in mid-January and Viktor has been sick so he’s been sleeping rather fitfully, tossing and turning and having weird dreams. Today his fever broke, and he’s in what seems to be a deep sleep for the first time in days. Yuuri is very quiet as he makes his way into the kitchen and puts the groceries away.

“Yuuri?” comes from the couch, pitifully, and Yuuri feels shame like he has never felt for the sin of waking his poor sick Vitya.

“Oh Vitya, I’m so sorry,” Yuuri coos, creeping closer to the couch. He’s forgotten about the box of kasha he’s clutching. “I didn’t mean to wake you up, love. Go back to sleep. I’m gonna make dinner.”

“I want soup,” Viktor mumbles. His face is still buried in the back of the couch.

“Okay, baby, I’ll make you some soup.” Yuuri abruptly realizes that he’s holding the box of kasha out in front of him like some sort of offering; he sets it down on the coffee table and kneels beside his languishing husband. “Yakov and Yura send their love.” When Yuuri told them that Viktor had taken sick over the weekend, Yakov grunted and let a look of concern cross over his features for exactly six seconds before clearing it and grunting, “Mustard plasters.”

“Excuse me?”

“Mustard. Mix it with flour and water, put it on his back–it clears the system.” Yakov waved vaguely in the direction of his own chest. “Is he coughing? Yes, mustard plasters.”

Yura just rolled his eyes. Yuuri knows enough about him to understand that this is Yura’s reaction to any and all emotions. When Yuuri gathered his things at the end of the day, he found in his bag a recipe for chicken soup featuring intense amounts of garlic, and also a list of five stores in the area where red caviar is available at a reasonable price. 

Russian remedies are just as odd as American ones.

“Yakov,” Viktor mumbles presently, and seems to nod. “He’s good?”

“Yeah,” Yuuri coos, tracing his fingers softly up and down Viktor’s back. “He told me to put mustard on your back. I think he was trying to help.”

“No,” Viktor mutters, burrowing his face closer to the couch. “No mustard.”

“Why don’t we try it, baby? You sound so miserable. It could help, he said it clears your lungs.”

“No mustard in the soup,” Viktor grumbles.

Yuuri’s hand stops on his back. “What?”

“Don’t let Yakov put mustard in the soup,” Viktor insists. He rolls over then, and Yuuri sees that his eyes are closed. The flush high on his cheeks says his fever may have returned. “Don’t let him, Yuuri.” He sounds distressed.

“Okay, shh, I won’t. It’s fine.” Yuuri leans down his kisses his head. “You’re fine, Vityusha.”

When he pulls back, Viktor’s eyes are open. Cloudy with sickness, but aware. he roughly murmurs, “Kitten? When did you get home?”

“A few minutes ago.” Yuuri brushes back Viktor’s hair.

“I was having the strangest dream,” Viktor mumbles, blinking hard and clearing sleep from his eyes, “About Yakov…and he was in our kitchen…”

It takes a lot of effort for Yuuri not to laugh. 

This isn’t the last time Yuuri hears Viktor talk in his sleep. Viktor’s subconsciousness has some interesting opinions on figure skating politics, and also Yuuri once convinces a sleeping Viktor to tell him where he plans to take them on their third wedding anniversary because He Doesn’t Like Surprises and he needs to know if he should pack a jacket, for God’s sake Vitya.

Sleep-Viktor also likes to lovingly coo into Yuuri’s ear in the middle of the night, “I love you, marry me.”

“We are married,” Yuuri tells him, patting his hip. 


“Yes, for about five years now. Remember? I wore white. You wore a blue rose in your lapel. Yakov was there.”

“Oh, yeah,” Viktor mumbles. “That was fun. We should do it again.”

“Go to sleep, Vitya.”


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Can you do a prompt where Victoria isn't actually mean but comes of as such like "Max looks so pretty" and max is like "what?" And Victoria is just flustered and caught off guard and says the "I SAID YOU LOOKED SHITTY GO FUCK YOUR SELFIE" (doesn't have to contain that but I think it would be cute to see that Victoria only acts like that because she is flustered and crushing hard on max XD)

How to Deal with Crushes

Contrary to Victoria’s surname, she does not in fact “chase” anyone or anything. If anything, people chase after the Chase’s and the same principle is applied to Victoria, just look at her Vortex Club lackeys. Of course they’d follow her, who wouldn’t? She’s popular, efficient, and everything they could only hope to be. Whatever else she didn’t have, she grabbed onto without unnecessary chasing.  If she wants something then she gets it, end of story.

So it’s safe to say that she is most definitely not crushing on Max Caulfield.

Nope, she’s not falling for her waif hipster bullshit and her awkward shy pretense. The girl was short too so Victoria always ends up literally looking down on her and her annoying doe-eyed expression that seem to bring out her freckles. Especially those damn freckles. She would bet that underneath those poorly coordinated bargain clothes that Max had matching freckles on her shoulders which is lame. She’s a walking fashion disaster and Victoria has to stop her hands from tearing away those hideous clothes not because she wants her naked or anything, those clothes are just that terrible.

And her pictures? Selfies! Not even the kind that’s thought through and planned. No, Max just takes ordinary selfies. The kind of selfies that you post on social media and not in art galleries. The kind of selfies that show what her face looks like in the morning where the lighting is just right to add depth to her annoying freckles. The kind of selfies that reveal to Victoria the undeniable truth that Max is kind of cute.

God, she is pining over her so hard.

But she can’t let anyone else know that. See it from her point of view. She’s spent so much into her heartless bitch reputation that she can’t just let go all because of some dumb hipster with a cute face and a good eye for photography. She almost forgot about that part. Max has terrifying skill with the camera even though she doesn’t even know it. Victoria’s photos look amateur even next to some of Max’s selfies. That’s also one more thing she won’t admit out loud.

Max’s talent infuriates her just as much as it turns her on. She makes it look so easy, so effortless. She’s just using her retro-cam and the quality of her photos are worth more than what the best studio can produce. Max is Victoria’s competition and she hasn’t met someone that could fit the rival role so well in terms of skill. She likes to entertain the thought that maybe Max could fit the girlfriend role while at it too. One time she commented on Victoria’s photos being Avedon-esque and Victoria practically swooned inside. Still swooning about that until now.

Victoria is sitting on one of the benches on campus. It’s not like she deliberately chose this particular bench because she spotted the familiar flash and whir of a certain hipster’s camera nearby. It’s Max. Of course it has to be Max, who else? Victoria would never sit on this godawful excuses for furniture if she had a choice. The view helps her forget that her car has better cushioning.

Max is in her element again, with her back at Victoria, taking a photo of whatever. It’s sunset and with it there’s a poignant sense of romanticism painted across the campus. The sun’s rays sift through the trees and fall onto Max just right to give her this ethereal shine. Victoria captures her in the moment without even thinking. It’s only after the click of the shutter does she realize that she’s already looking through the viewfinder. She pulls back and stares at the photo she doesn’t remember taking and then back at the subject in front of her. While the photo was gorgeous like all her work naturally, it could only hope to capture the actual beauty before her.

“She’s so pretty.” Victoria almost sighs dreamily out of earshot.

Or what she thought was out of earshot since Max’s head spins so fast at the catch of her words. She shoots her a confused look. “What?”

And oh, god. Max looks way better with her face showing and she’s wearing that stupid doe-eyed look again and fuck, fuck. Victoria’s brain goes into panic mode. She doesn’t know what to say and it does not help that Max’s face is so distracting. The lighting shifted along with her movement and glistens along her frame and fuck, she looks lame in her clothes but she also looks radiant like what the fuck? And Victoria is still staring and oh, god what should she say?

“I SAID YOU LOOK SHITTY!” She yells at her with too much force to sell the intended spite. Nice one, Victoria. Smooth save. That will definitely tell Max that she is interested in her. Why don’t she go ahead and add some more flirty undertones. “GO FUCK YOUR SELFIE.” There it is. The words come out of her mouth as if on auto. Despite her face sporting a domineering look, Victoria very much wants to hide her embarrassment. It’s a good thing that she can hide her blush underneath her usual layers of anger.

Max looks more confused than offended and Victoria just wishes for her to go away so she could make a dash for her car and scream there. “Okay…?” She asks more than says, as if testing the waters. Victoria can’t help but snarl back just out of reflex and it’s enough to tell Max that the water is boiling and there’s a high chance that it will turn into a bloodbath. She sighs and it almost sounds like she was expecting something different.

Victoria already has plans on berating herself for again ruining another moment with Max and will do so as soon as she walks away but Max has other plans. There’s that bright flash again only this time it’s aimed at her. The whir of the camera isn’t lost to the buzzing in her brain. “Did you just…?” She can’t quite bring herself to finish her sentence, she can’t trust herself anymore.

Max is still in her element, not at all put-off by Victoria’s gaping, it must be the camera. There’s something empowering about holding a camera that makes Max bolder than her usual shy self, not that Victoria would notice that. Max just takes the photo as it develops with her nimble fingers. Victoria could tell the exact moment that it finishes when Max’s face erupts into a smile so wide she doubts it could fit the frame of a photo. “This one’s a keeper.” She shows it to her and Victoria feels her breath catch in her throat.

At first glance, Victoria’s posture in the shot looks intimidating but that’s not the main point. The focus is her face. She thought she was making just another one of her mean looks but evidence speaks otherwise. Her eyes are smoldering as the swathes over her and it almost makes her look warm. Warm and inviting. She can’t tell if it’s from the photo or the feeling in her chest but there’s a warmth that wasn’t there before. “This is…”

Pretty, I guess.” Max casually shrugs and Victoria’s head snaps up at the word. Just when she thinks that a smile looks cute on Max, she’s annoyingly adorable with a smirk too. “Pretty awesome.” She’s teasing. The hipster actually heard her and she’s flaunting it and Victoria should be mad at anyone who dares talk back to her but all she can think of is how Max is obviously flirting with her and she’s so happy that even her scowl looks friendly enough.

This is her chance! She can feel it with her heart beating so fast. Victoria has never run in her life aside for fitness but her heart is hammering wildly like it does when she jogs. Except she’s not running right now but it’s something similar. This is a chase and Max is her target and she can swear that she’s so close. She swears she almost feels it with her fingertips like how hers is brushing over the photo. The mood is set and the setting is just right. She’s going to do this and she’s going to get this right. She can’t mess this up now.

“Pretty amateur, smallfield.” And great, we’re back to gradeschool flirting again. Victoria represses the urge to just hit herself for being so lame. Really? Is that the best she can give? And what’s with that stupid nickname? She panicked okay. She has boys wrapped around her finger but she can’t fucking compliment a hipster girl that she likes without burying it under seven layers of insult.

“Still pretty.” Max insists with a smaller but still cute smile. She then takes back the photo and places it securely in her bag. Victoria tries not to think too much about the fact that she might even see the photo on the wall of Max’s room. “I guess it was nice talking to you, Victoria.”

“Yeah and you’re such a delight yourself. Get out of my face.” Victoria almost praises herself because the first sentence is the closest thing she’s gotten to an actual compliment. Max is already walking away but Victoria waits until she’s out of sight. Too bad she isn’t out of mind. Max calling her pretty is up there on her best-memories list next to their Avedon-moment. Max is also coincidentally on her to-do list.

God, she’s so fucking smitten.

Bts Reaction to Their S/o Being Their Clothes Coordinator!

Seokjin would be thrilled to have you choosing his clothes since he would be able to make requests to you knowing that he can trust you not to get angry if he wants to change something that you like. He would also like being able to see you at work before and in between sets in concerts and photoshoots.

“Hey y/n, can I swap hats with Taehyung? The fans want to see his forehead with a beret and everyone knows I would rock a bandana and look flawless.”

Yoongi wouldn’t let you know but he would be grateful to have you backstage in performances because he doesn’t have to worry about leaving you alone at home. He would like that he wouldn’t even have to say if he didn’t like a part of an outfit, you would be able to tell without him having to voice it, he would feel really safe in your hands.

“I’m going to change your t-shirt okay Yoongi, its just not giving the vibe of the video… plus you don’t like it anyway do you?”

Hoseok would love that you are at work wth him everyday, he would show off to you as much as possible and probably get in trouble with you and his manager for being too distracted. He would dance around and try to pull you into any activity the boys were doing, much to your protests. He would surprisingly be a little shy when you first had to measure and choose outfits for him!

“Awh Hobi, are you blushing?! You’re adorable!”

Namjoon would be happy to know what was happening in your work and to be able to look after you if you weren’t being treated right by anyone, you were a brilliant worker and it was your passion so he would never let anyone step on that. He would also really enjoy the part where you measured him ;)

“Y/n, if anyone treats you unfairly because you’re dating me or just for any reason come tell me okay, I’ll sort it out for you.”

Jimin would be shy to have you around him at work because of the other boys teasing him, he would blush a bright red and be speechless but after he overcame his worry, he would show off that you were his s/o instead. He would give you sweet pecks on the cheek after you give him his clothes as a thank you and show off so much that the boys would quit teasing him just to stop the pda.

“Thanks Jagi” *kisses your cheek* “Watch me only! If i know you are, I’ll dance even better!”

Taehyung would show you off to everyone, the boys, the managers the makeup team and even to the other clothes coordinators, saying how amazing his outfit is and it must take a lot of skill to design it, then tell them it was his talented significant other. He would always show pda without thinking about how others would react; he would be holding your hand as you talked to him about the clothes he was going to be given and would hug you close at random times, not realising that he was making other people feel awkward at all. No one would tell him though because they love to see him happy as long as he was still working ad you were too, they had to hold their tongues.

“This shirt is really nice right and these shoes match it so well. It matches the concept perfectly, don’t you think? Well my Jagi is talented so I’m not that surprised that the outfit is perfect…”

Jungkook would be a shy little bunny and blush every time he even locked eyes with you and the boys would make fun of him for this so he would suddenly, after weeks of being shy, go completely the opposite and start being exceptionally confident around you; he would be flirting with you while you measured him, making the other boys drop open their mouths in shock. When you were on the other side of the room, sorting clothes he would text you memes to see you laugh from where he was sitting so he could see your smile.

“Dont get embarrassed about touching me when you measure, its not the first time we’ve been this close and we know it won’t be the last” *wink*


Ok, Yuri on Ice Pokemon AU I’ve been thinking about since episode 3, where everyone gets at least one ice type in their teams because ice skaters, and the action is more focused on Pokemon Contests than battles.


  • His family raises Swinubs because of their ability of occasionally finding hot springs while rooting for food
  • Yuuri’s family believes that the reason their hot springs still prospers while all the others in the region closed is due to Yuuri’s Snorunt
  • Yuuri rarely catches Pokemon in the traditional way, most of his team are Pokemon he befriended that decided willingly to go inside the Pokeball. He is a very caring trainer and a natural at dealing with Pokemon, but he is still very insecure in his own abilities
  • He is not the biggest fan of battling because he doesn’t want his Pokemon getting hurt, but he still engages in it because some of his Pokemon like it and he wants them to be happy. It’s his biggest shortcoming when it comes to Contests
  • Yuuri was inspired to become a pro Coordinator by watching Victor’s performances when he was young. He also took a liking to Furfrous and started raising and training one of his own (Vicchan) to be his main contester
  • He did terribly at his Grand Festival run because, shortly before it happened, Vicchan passed away due to illness 


  • A legendary Top Coordinator who started very young and won the Grand Festival in multiple regions. He also remains the undefeated Pokemon League Champion for five years and counting
  • Has a competition-retired Furfrou (Makkachin) that he now keeps as a pet
  • He mostly keeps League battles and Contests separate but some of his Pokemon double for both (like his Ninetales)
  • As a coordinator, Victor likes to surprise the audiences by using his Pokemon in unexpected ways instead of going for the obvious 
  • Has grown dispassionate with both battles and Contests and starts considering dropping out of the circuit all-together and go traveling with his Pokemon
  • He watches a video of Yuuri and his Pokemon doing one of Victor’s routines with his Ninetales and decides to retire from competing in Contests to coach Yuuri instead and make him and his Pokemon win the next Grand Festival
  • Victor gifts Yuuri with a Dawn Stone to evolve his Snorunt into a Froslass, which would become one of Yuuri’s main Pokemon in the upcoming competition


  • His entire team consists of cat Pokemon
  • Yurio enjoys battling more than Contests but he has a natural talent as a Coordinator. He was scouted by Yakov when he was young and has been training as a Coordinator under him, but he often skips on training to go challenge random people to battle
  • He met Victor through Yakov and quickly decided he would be his rival. Victor calls Yurio “little Litten”, much to Yurio’s annoyance
  • Victor is his goal, both as a Coordinator and a Trainer. He wishes to end his reign as the Pokemon Champion and is actively collecting Gym Badges during Contest off-season so he’ll be able to challenge him
  • During Contests, Yurio tends to focus on showing off his Pokemon’s strength and power and his routines tend to be very showy but also sometimes reckless
  • When Yurio was young he made Victor promise to choreograph a routine for one of his Pokemon for Yurio’s debut at the Grand Festival. When he finds out Victor decided to mentor Yuuri instead he challenges Yuuri
  • After being defeated by Yuuri, he decides to take Contests more seriously and makes it his goal to beat Yuuri at the Grand Festival

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hey!!! so, idk if u've talked about this before, but i was curious about how you picked what sorts of clothes to draw on your characters. can u talk a bit about everyone's fashion sense?? and what (if anything) inspires the way u draw clothes?

I usually.. just make up the clothes. But sometimes I base them on cartoon characters and stuff I see online!
Malek- his clothes are based on this one outfit I saw on a doc martens ad. like, imagine punking up a smart casual outfit, I guess? Like a sweater over a dress shirt turns into a printed sweater over a flannel for Malek. He also wears boots? I mentioned once he either dresses dadcore, or an emo lumberjack, LOL.
Poppy- Poppy’s outfits are usually, but not limitedly inspired from Sam’s in Danny Phantom. I just use a lot of variations in color but the basics are still there. Crop top, flannel skirt, stockings, and then shoes. You just gotta know how to mix and match.
Dallas- Dallas is a sweater and ripped jeans guy. He just pulls on a sweater or a hoodie and then pants and he’s good. During the summer it gets hot, extra hot for Dallas ‘cause he’s got that binder underneath, so he switches to band shirts and.. jorts. Maybe a snapback.
I guess I just keep their clothes color coordinated, think of what sort of jacket would go with what kind of shirt. Usually if one article of clothing is printed, everything else I’ll make plain, like Malek’s camo jacket would go with a simple shirt, so the patterns won’t clash. For whatever is written on their shirts.. they’re just random phrases that pop into my mind.

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Trimberly Prompt: How about one where like Trini meets Kim's parents for the first time since they've been dating and smfn comes up about the Power Rangers and one of Kim's parents makes a comment about the Pink and Yellow Rangers being close and like winks at the two of them coz they both know that Kim and Trini are Rangers. And then when they're leaving one of them says something like say hi to the other 3 or some shit like that and Trimberly are both like ????how tf did they know???

“How tf do they know?”

Rating: G i guess

Tags: Uh… mention of homophobia. Some language… that’s it i guess.

Read @ Ao3

Notes: I feel like I didn’t really do this prompt that much justice since the parents part is like less than half the story. But enjoy it, nonetheless… I hope asfgfdhgfjhgkjhlkj;lk sorry if you’re disappointed anon.

Yellow beanie. Pink rings. Yellow shoes. Pink skirts. Yellow shirt. Pink bracelet. Yellow necklace. Trini and Kim just had to wear something that identifies with their ranger color. Why? It represents who they are.

The boys wear their colors too. Of course, it was much easier to wear black, blue, and red and coordinate it with other clothing but pink and yellow are a bit more out there.

Of course, after the power rangers bitch slapped Rita outer space, they laid low for a little while, knowing everyone will be looking for a group of five, three boys and two girls. That didn’t stop them from wearing their colors, in fact, half the two was showing their support for the Rangers by wearing one of the colors, or all.

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One more sleep.

Authors Note: Hey everyone! It was requested I write about H and the missus painting Easter Eggs with the kiddos.  So here is my take on it. I hope you guys like the concept. 

Have fun this weekend with Easter celebrations and traditions, my lovelies!! 
All prompts/ Blurbs can be found HERE

The air is permanently getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping; spring is in full action and you love it.

The french doors are wide open on a cool evening, the fresh scent of the outdoors filling the house as your eyes stay focused on your two little girls spinning around playfully in the back yard, their silky coffee-colored curls bouncing in the breeze, their giggles radiating a pleasing sound to your ears. You smile to yourself, admiring the beautiful twins, their little hands holding each other as they dance around against the smooth grass.

You move your eyes from the twins’ as you step down into the living room, swiftly walking towards the vintage turntable resting perfectly in the corner. Your hand glides delicately over the modest pile of vinyl, compiled mainly of yours and Harry’s favourites.

“Ah, nice choice.” Harry smiles over at you as you walk back towards the doors’ your eyes once again meeting your girls’ in the back yard. You hum and nod, agreeing with him. “I think everything is set up if you want to call the girls’ in,” Harry announces, indicating that he has finally managed to get the dye ready and the eggs set to decorate.

You call your little ones, their smiles instantly widening as they hurry inside, “Careful little ones.” You chuckle as they beam gracefully, bouncing towards the kitchen. They have been eager to paint Easter eggs, in fact, they have been waiting all week, counting down the days Harry was back home so they could decorate the eggs.

“Ahh, you two are getting big.” Harry smiles, looking down at the girls’ and they just giggle, “Alright, Hannah, Hailey, let’s try not to make a mess.” He gently picks both of them up one by one, sitting them down on the counter, sweetly fixing up Hannahs bow as it has managed to come loose while playing with her sister.

“What colours do we want to use first?” You gesture towards the few colours Harry graciously prepared for the twins, making sure to incorporate their favourite colours.
Specifically, a soft pink for Hannah, and a lilac blue for Hailey.

“Orange and pink.” Hannah willingly motions towards the two colours, her sister grinning and pointing to the lilac blue.

You dab a sponge for Hannah while Harry does the same for Hailey, carefully placing the egg in her hand and showing her what to do.
Hannah grins as she does her best to split her egg with the two colours, her eyes focused intently on the egg, making sure to tactfully encircle the dye to the egg.

“Look at you two, your pros.” Harry delightfully beams, admiring his little girls’ while they decorate their eggs.

“Daddy, I am done.” Hailey holds her egg towards Harry as it is painted in her favourite colour, a few of her fingerprints evident on the outside.

“Ahh, beautiful, just beautiful. Should we put anything on it? Maybe a flower, or a smiley face, or your name?” Harry offers, reaching over for a paint brush. Hailey nods excitedly, her eyes lighting up instantly.

“Daddy, paint a bunny on it,” Hailey instructs cutely, Harry instantly biting his lip. He has never been very good with creating art on small objects, he is more of a big canvas type of guy.

“Maybe Mummy should do it, sweetie.”

Hailey shakes her head, “No, Daddy you can do it,” She smiles and Harry nods. His children’s wishes are his demands.

You chuckle as you watch Harry furrowing his eyebrows, his eyes glue to the egg, his teeth sinking into his lip as he does his best to start painting a bunny on the egg.

Your attention goes towards Hannah as she gently tugs at your hand, showing you her finished product,

“Wow, so pretty.” You cherish her commitment and split colours, she definitely has a genuine taste for colours and artistic designs. She is the one who tends to continuously colour in the lines, to coordinate her colours, and can be allowed to coordinate her clothes; Hailey on the other hand, unquestionably got her colour matching skills from her father- always wanting to mix and match distinctive colours and patterns. “Let’s paint another one, shall we?” You reach over and clasp another egg, handing Hannah the boiled egg before waiting for her to select the colours.

“Mummy, you pick this time.” She instructs and you nod, promptly picking a tiffany blue colour for her.

“Ah, shit.” Harry mutters, your eyes instantly diverting themselves to him, “Don’t repeat what Daddy said.” He quickly announces to the girls’ knowing very well and good that he needs to watch his language around them, particularly considering that they are essentially parrots and repeat everything.

“Daddy, can I see?” Hailey requests, curious to see the design Harry has managed to paint across her egg.

You smirk as he looks over at you, unsure of whether his daughter will be satisfied with his pitiful attempt. “I mean.. sure…. it has ears and eyes.” He nods, showing her the egg. She blinks at him a few times, furrowing her eyebrows just like her father before frowning.

“Daddy… where is the nose? And.. and… he only has one ear…” She questions, tilting her head to the side in an attempt and see if she is missing something.

“Yeah, uh, sorry sweets, Daddy isn’t good at this.” He sighs, “How about we do another one?” He grabs another egg, keeping his daughters mind occupied and no longer questioning his artistic abilities.

You can see the girls’ beginning to get sleepy, their eyes dropping, their hands tired from painting eggs as Hannah yawns.

“Alright little ones, I think it is bath time.” Harry smiles as he places the last egg down to dry on the side, his girls’ not objecting as you pick them up individually and press their little feet to the tiles.

“Daddy, does the Easter Bunny come tonight?” Hailey yawns, her hand pressing against Harry’s leg as she glances up at him.

“Yes.” He nods, “But, only if you go to bed without any fits.” He continues, picking her up and pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Alright, c'mon cuties, it is bath time.” He gestures towards the stairs, Hannah tugging on his shirt with her orange painted hand. He picks her up as well, carrying the two of them upstairs while you clean up the mess of the paint.

You feel familiar arms wrap around you from behind, his head resting on your shoulder as you take in a deep breath, admiring his touch.

“How is my beautiful wife, hm? Haven’t had much time with you since I got back.” He whispers, his scent radiating around you, giving you a sense of clarity.

“Good,” You chuckle, feeling a few soft kisses being pressed to your neck, “I missed you.” You sigh, “It was a very long two weeks.” You continue.

“I know, but I am back for two weeks before I gotta go back to New York.”

“Yeah, I know.” You nods, gently moving to face him, his arms holding you close. “Are the girls’ asleep?”

“No, they are upstairs on our bed watching Beauty and the Beast, they wanted to stay up a little longer.” He informs you with a grin, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. “Missed kissin’ yeh… gotta make up for it.” He chuckles, kissing you again, and again, and again.

After some time in the kitchen, cleaning, but mainly kissing and getting lost with each other’s cheeky grins and glances, you both make it upstairs, quietly walking into the master bedroom to find Hannah asleep against Harrys pillow, Hailey still awake with her eyes glued to the television, giggling at Lumière and Babette.

You lean down and kiss Hannahs forehead before Harry carefully scoops her up and carries her out of the room. You climb up on the bed with Hailey, sitting against the headboard as she moves to sit in your lap, your fingers running through her partially dry hair.

“Mummy, why does Belle love Beast?”

“She just did.”

“But, why? He was a Beast.” She questions, her eyes still glued to the television.

“Well, it isn’t always what’s on the outside, my love.”

She turns around for a moment, her eyes meeting yours, “Was Daddy a Beast before turning into a Prince?” You chuckle to yourself, biting your lip as Harry walks in.

“Well, no.” You shake your head, “Daddy.. well, Daddy..” You trail off, unsure of how to accurately answer her question. “Daddy has always been a prince. He is a very gentle and kind man. Always has been.” You answer her question just as Harry walks in, crawling his way on the bed.

The movie comes to an end and you convince Hailey that if she doesn’t go to bed the Easter Bunny won’t arrive and leave chocolate for her. She kisses Harry and hugs him before she clings to you, her arms and legs wrapping around you as you carry her to her bedroom.

You lay her down in her bed, gently pulling her pretty duvet over her body, tucking her in so she stays nice and warm during the night. “Goodnight, sweet dreams, lovely.” You press a kiss to her cheek, a soft giggle escaping from her lips. “What’s funny my love?” You question, adjusting the nightlight by her bed.

“Lovely is funny. I like it” She beams, “Mummy, will Daddy be here for our Birthday?”

“Of course,” You nod.

“How many more days?”

“Five more sleeps.” You hold up five fingers, watching as she smiles cutely, “Five  more sleeps until you are five.” You inform her, kissing her again before standing up straight, watching her eyes slowly close, her hands clasping her teddy bear before you promptly step out of the room.

You enter the master bedroom, Harry sprawled out on the bed, his finger scrolling through something on his phone, probably one of the few social medias he reads through at times.

“Sweetheart, come join me.” He pets down the free space beside him, giving you his adoring smile.

You crawl on the bed, inching closer to him before relaxing down beside him, your head resting on his chest. “We have such a cute little family.” Harry begins, placing his phone down, “Really, our girls’ are so perfect.”

“Mhhm, they are wonderful,” You agree,

“I can’t believe they are five this week.”

“Yeah, time goes by quickly. Just yesterday they were babbling their first words, and taking their first steps.” Harry reminisces of the precious moments you both have with the girls’ their firsts that hold a special spot in your heart.

“Just yesterday Hannah was crying for you not to leave her at daycare.” You chuckle,

“That broke my heart. Remember when Hailey cried bloody murder when she met Santa?” Harry smiles, wrapping an arm around you, the two of you sighing.

There is nothing in the world you would trade for your life to be any other way. Lying in bed with your husband, your twins’ fast asleep after an evening of painting Easter Eggs and preparing for Easter tomorrow.


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"What's your relationship with Barry?"
  • Caitlin: Barry and I are just friends
  • Caitlin: Barry did undress me and then put me in pajamas that one time (still not sure if he saw my goods or not)
  • Caitlin: And totally was checking me out when I walked into the karaoke bar
  • Caitlin: The same karaoke bar where we sang a duet about meeting and falling in love with someone the world doesn't think you should be with
  • Caitlin: And when we were talking about getting over Ronnie and Iris and finding someone new we made really sexually charged eye contact
  • Caitlin: And when Everyman kissed me looking like Barry I kissed back
  • Caitlin: Let's not forget that when I "Frost-kissed" him he pursed his lips before I made contact
  • Caitlin: Or when I used my powers to save Barry from Savitar fully knowing that using my powers is bad for my sanity
  • Caitlin: And he talked me down from being a murderous metahuman because I couldn't stand the thought of killing him
  • Caitlin: Or that we purposefully coordinate our clothes to match
  • Caitlin: But yeah, totally friends