coopy and i

of temper tantrums and bad words

for prompt 1 at todaydreambelievers: “(AU or Canon Compliant) Kurt and/or Blaine as young children (preferably under 5).  For example, could possibly be a family story or the two of them meeting as young children.” Mainly Anderbro’s shenanigans, with Blaine being a little monster and Cooper being the worst brother in the world. This is also a fill for my klainebingo prompt ‘mechanic’. Also, warning for young children (5 years old) using the word ‘fuck’ quite liberally. Hope you enjoy :)

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Cooper Anderson cannot believe his luck.

First all of his awesome new car plans get totally dashed when his parents tell him that the only condition on having his own car is he has to pick Blaine up from kindergarten every day. Like, seriously, how is he supposed to give Jane Hayward rides home and then make out with her in the back seat if his stupid little brother is also in that backseat?

Secondly, because of this new responsibility, Cooper will literally never be able to hang out with his friends after school. Blaine’s kindergarten gets out exactly fifteen minutes after Cooper’s high school does, and he needs five of those minutes to collect what he needs from his locker and the other ten to make the drive to Blaine’s school. Plus there’s that little thing where he can’t be even a second late to pick Blaine up, ever, because if there isn’t somebody waiting for Blaine the second he exits the school doors he bursts into tears and won’t stop crying for at least an hour.

Third, Jane Hayward actually talked to him on his way out of their shared Calculus class, and she looked like she wanted to keep talking to him, except he had to book it out of there to make sure his little brother didn’t cry. Girls like Jane don’t like being blown off, and he’s pretty sure that this is going to be the last time she ever talks to him, so that’s great.

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