A brand to help recycling in Brazil

Someone once said that if humanity ever runs out of hope, it should turn to Brazil for inspiration. The country has so much optimism, generosity, noise, and a real sense of future. What I love most is how everything is improvised (in Rio people print T shirts with the seat belt on them, just so that they can drive without!!).

Last month, I was in Sao Paulo for an amazing event organised by ABC Design (you might have seen my previous posts on it). I was there with Karl Heiselman, our CEO, and we got a glimpse of how much buzz and energy the place has at the moment.

One of the things we did while in Brazil turned out to be really special. ABC asked me to run a couple of workshops for designers. We decided to create, in just one day, a brand for a coop of workers that recycle rubbish in Sao Paulo called Cooper Yara. Their work is so crucial and yet they have no way of articulating or expressing what they do and no clear direction for how they want to grow. It was amazing to have the coop workers + designers thinking together. Great to create something useful, to help them build pride, grow and have more impact in the world.

During the workshops, designers (who had brought along a selection of rubbish from their homes) developed different routes for a brand for the cooperative. Here in London we’ll help turn the best route into a brand for Cooper Yara and in Brazil a group of designers offered to bring their brand to life: build their website, create actions that reflect their purpose in the world. Check back in soon to see the work develop.

I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to do that through our work, And to meet so many wonderful people. Thank you ABC, CooperYara and the designers, all of whom got super engaged in the journey.

(Marina Willer)