Beer stories part 2 Brewery Ommegang:

Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown NY, is one of the most iconic brewery structures in the US. Surrounded by farm land, its curved white washed walls, and stately entry make it is easy to imagine yourself transported to a farmhouse brewery in the Belgian countryside. This feeling carries over to the interior as well. Ommegang still has an open tank fermenting room to allow nature’s goodness influence some of their special beers, and they’ve recently completed a stunning renovation of their tasting room, taking it from a closet full of taps and awards to spacious bar with gorgeous open beamed ceilings and a gift/bottle shop.

Back in 1982 married owners Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield began a Belgian beer import business, then 1991 they published Michael Jackson’s now legendary “Great Beers of Belgium”. In 1997 they established a partnership with Duvel including the ability to use Duvel’s patented yeast to begin brewing beer in Cooperstown. Duvel has been salvaging and reactivating their brewing yeast since 1871. Over time it has evolved to a strain completely unique to their brand. Though this practice is not uncommon amongst older European brewers, it is not typical for a European brewer to hand off their yeast to a US brewery. Feinberg and Littlefield’s contribution to bringing Belgian beers to the U.S is so great that they’re the only US brewery in the Belgian Brewers Guild!

Unlike a lot of craft brewers these days, Brewery Ommegang has a pretty small stable of beers:

  • Witte (wheat),
  • Abbey (dubbel),
  • Hennepin (Saison/farmhouse),
  • 3 Philosophers (my favorite: a quad with cherry kreik blended in)
All of which have won more top awards than you can shake a stick at.

Recently they’ve begun putting out a small handful of limited edition/seasonal beers, bringing Belgian Pale Ale (BPA) into the mix in 2010.

Ommegang’s beers are all bottle fermented. This means you’ll find all that gorgeous stuff in the bottom of their bottles that means that beermagic is happening all the way up until you drink it!

Make no mistake; Brewery Ommegang is my Favorite brewery. I’m pretty sure that the swimming pools in Valhalla are filled with their beers.

Here’s a fun party trick. Impress your friends and relations: pick up a bottle of 3 Philosophers, bake or buy yourself some squishy chocolate brownies or some dark Belgian chocolate, and watch everyone’s eyes light up in delight while they ask you where you found such a magical elixir. You’re welcome! ; )

  *Photo from the Brewery Ommegang site, since it’s much prettier than any I’ve taken out there!
Maxfield Parrish at the Fenimore

Maxfield Parrish at the Fenimore

Maxfield Parrish- Daybreak

I saw this year’s schedule for the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown and was excited to see that on it there was  an exhibit of work from the great Maxfield Parrish. Titled Maxfield Parrish: The Art of Light and Illusion, this show opens May 23 and features 45 pieces– paintings, prints and sketches– as well as some of the props for which he was well known for using.…

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A Cooperstown Engagement That Was All Smiles and Sunshine: Lisa and Jason!!! {Upstate NY Photographer}

Lisa and Jason are getting married soon!!!! Their wedding is a few months, but we had time to celebrate their togetherness on one of the nicest days of the year!!  We spent a little time walking through one of the beautiful secret gardens of Cooperstown. (Well, secret to me anyway because I had not been there).  We then headed over to the quaint little Main Street and strolled through all this…

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Tom Wishon Golf Technology Driving Irons set the precedent for Performance

Just when  you thought the long iron was dead Tom Wishon Golf Technology has come out with a revolutionary driving iron design. Based on his 2014 hot list design for the 771 CSI family of irons, the new 590DIH driving irons emerge. With an elongated sole plate and extreme mass low, the design promises higher launch comparable to typical hybrid heads.

The body is cast from 1020 carbon steel, with a Hi COR face for maximum distance. If they react anything similar to the 771CSI heads they will set ball on fire. The beauty of the design with the carbon steel body will soften the feel at impact and provides incredible control of the shot, although we haven’t tried this head yet, we are very familiar with the 771 CSI and cant wait to give these a ride!

Tom Wishon’s designs are always at the forefront of performance and this head design surely will continue the trend. We have tried both Taylormades and Pings version of the driving iron and they are not impressive. Ping is only available in an 18* 2 iron, although they describe it as the Rapture driving iron they also call it a hybrid. Its appearance is closer to a hybrid than to a true iron in design qualities. For custom golf club’s, Wishon designs always offer far more performance than OEM manufacturers, pair one of his clubs with a Golfpride Grip for top performance

Taylormades “Your Preferred Ultimate Driving iron” is more of a traditional iron design with the appearance of a slightly oversized MB blade design. However it is actually available in 2 design types and 3 lofts, 16*,18* and 20*. When we test drove the Taylormade it was slightly better than the Ping but still a tough club to hit with consistency and achieving the desired result of distance and low dispersion.

We are really looking forward to test driving the Wishon 590DIH driving iron, following the award winning design of the 771CSI head we are certain that Tom has once again, designed a head that commands performance and provides the qualities of feel and control we strive to find for our customers. For all your custom golf club and custom golf club fitting needs, Perfect Lies Golf In Rockland County NY and Otsego County NY,, 845-444-2873 in the Cooperstown area 607-431-8792. Whether you are in the Cooperstown, Oneonta, or Delhi areas, Perfect Lies Golf is your answer to custom golf club fitting and custom golf club building solution.

Visiting the Cooperstown area, book a fitting now for after your trip to the Baseball hall of Fame, Glimmerglass Opera, or Farmers Museum. Looking for something to do while your kids are in baseball camp, take a break for yourself and Experience the Difference, custom club fitting makes for your new custom made golf clubs with Perfect Lies Golf, join the ranks of other golfers who have found what true custom fitting is. The big box stores and local pro shops cant provide to you service as we can, our clubs are custom built to your exact specifications, unlike major OEM’s that are still mass produced from stock components and built from profiled specifications, not exact specifications. We fix the major OEm’s “Performance Golf Clubs” all the time.

For all your custom golf club needs, Perfect Lies Golf, your answer to performance at any level of golf you play.


Beer Review - Cooperstown Old Slugger Pale Ale

Game 6 of the World Series is tonight. Texas on the verge of its first title ever while avenging last year’s thumping, St. Looie looking for *ho-hum* ring number 11. But let’s go back and tie today’s review in with one of the NL finalists, the first-division-title-since-being-in-the AL East Milwaukee Brewers. The NLCS was an exciting series to lead into a surprisingly good World Series. Unfortunately, Old Slugger wasn’t made for this post-season.

Cooperstown Brewing, in a town famous for something that slips my mind right now, offers this imbibable creation. Their flagship brew, the pale ale is indeed beer. It’s also middling. Boring isn’t fair, but “meh” comes to mind. It’s perfectly average, better than bland but lower than Good. According to FotS (and resident Milwaukee Brewers/overall baseball expert Dan W.) this beer can best be compared to Brewers great Jim Gantner. Wisconsin born and bred and educated and employed, he had a career line of .274, 1696 hits, 47 HR’s, 568 RBI’s. All with the American League East Milwaukee Brewers. Nothing special but consistently decent, those numbers left him enshrined in the hearts of the Milwaukee faithful forever. What WASN’T immaculately average of him was that he was a Brewer during the fashionable years of the double-knit era. With correctly worn stirrups.

There was a point to all that. This beer is serviceable, unspectacular, but looks really good. Eh scent, so-so flavor front, blah flavor finish. Still drinkable, just about spot on for baseball. Just like Jim Gantner. But not like Adam Dunn. “Big Dunnkey” couldn’t be consistent if it meant saving his burro (what I did there, you see it).

BONUS: this awesome cap.


  • AVB 5.5%
  • Smell: 4
  • Look: 6
  • Taste: 4
  • Overall: 4.7

- John