FOSTER THE PEOPLE “Lotus Eater & Blitzkrieg Pop” Cooperstown, NY 6/10/17



The embroidered accents on this ca. 1821 wedding reception dress retain stunning color nearly 200 years later. The embroidery moves across the bottom of the dress in swags, and I imagine would be pretty fantasic to see moving on the dance floor.  The dress itself probably would have been a fine sheer white which has colored to a gray with age. 

Deail photos of Mrs. James Monroe Jr’s Wedding Reception Dress, ca 1821, silk, N0221.1962. Museum purchase, The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY.  


Jesse Lacey of Brand New by Stevie Leigh
Via Flickr:
Brewery Ommegang. Cooperstown, NY. 5/24/14.

Cooperstown, NY

We are in Upstate NY in a serene, beautiful CG complete with walking trails, a pool and paddle boats for their pond. Mark drove out for the day with the dogs to visit the “National Baseball Hall of Fame” with us. Yay! We’ve missed them so much. Cooperstown is an iconic baseball town. Home to the Hall of Fame, the Main St. is lined with baseball related everything ..dozens of unique small businesses line both sides …it is so charming. Baseball enthusiasts come from all over the country to this Hall of Fame, most sporting their teams attire while ambling down the street, in the shops and filling the HOF all day every day. The museum is open 7 days a week from 9a-9pm! We followed the chronological order of baseball , from its very beginning in the 1890’s to modern day. There were so many exhibits; team & stadium stats, priceless relics from famous heroes, historic clips, etc. Such a great atmosphere and the perfect finale to our baseball themed road trip!