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Mayor Bill de Blasio said NYC will sue if Donald Trump goes forward with Muslim registry

  • On Monday, de Blasio told the anti-hate rally audience at Cooper Union Hall that the city will sue Trump if the proposed Muslim registry database comes to fruition.
  • The “Muslim registry” is reportedly being talked about with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach
  • It would require Muslims to register their name in a database for tracking purposes.
  • De Blasio, appearing with numerous influential faith and community leaders in NYC, also stood up for various communities in his remarks.

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Founded in the 1920′s as a security force for the Ku Klux Klan, The Black Legion were a white supremacist organisation, prevalent in the Midwest of the United States. By the mid-1930′s, they had accumulated 20,000 to 30,000 members, mainly lower-class Southern Protestant whites. They perpetrated violence predominantly against African Americans, who they felt had stolen their jobs while completely disregarding that they lacked any useful skills for said jobs. They also targeted Catholics, Jews, labor unions, farm cooperatives and fraternal groups.

On 12 May, 1936, the organisation kidnapped Charles A. Poole, a Works Progress Administration organiser. Poole, a French Catholic, had married a Protestant. They shot him dead and it was this murder that eventually led to their downfall. It is believed that they killed up to fifty people in Detroit alone.


Got Glutes?

“Good Contact!”

I’d Say So!

Nice Arse, Stud!

In 1993, seven students from Cooper Union formed an artists’ collective called Art Club 2000 with the help of Colin de Land, who gave them an exhibition at his gallery, American Fine Arts. There, they showed “Commingle,” a series of staged photographs shot around New York City in which all the members of the collective wore clothing purchased at the Gap (and returned shortly thereafter because of the store’s lenient return policy).


Sun’s Out, Buns Out!

Adam Ashley-Cooper Chillaxes, But He Cannot Get His Mates To Smuggle For A Selfie In South Bend!

Smuggle On, Dudes!


Henri Cole on what it’s like to see his poetry illuminated by the artist Jenny Holzer:

Seeing my poems projected in this way, onto landscapes and buildings, I feel that the words leap out from a different zone, where they are observed as much as read. Language is more direct, open, unself-conscious, precise, and human. It doesn’t belong to me anymore but to the atmosphere, and this makes me happy.

Read more about Holzer’s nighttime poetry projections. 

Happy birthday to the prolific artist Palmer Hayden!!!

In 1912, the Cooper Union alum joined the army’s black Company, 24th Infantry regiment, and was stationed in the Philippines before pursuing a career in fine arts. He was self-taught , known for capturing scenes of New York’s urban life and the rural South, and was the recipient of the first Harmon Foundation gold medal award for Distinguished Achievement.

Ienzo in Kingdom Hearts Union X

Ienzo may be another familiar character that originated from the era of Fairy tales, and here’s why. It can give context as to why he’s mentioned as the boy who lost both parents. Zexion’s weapon of choice is a tome called The Lexicon. What if his weapon is a book of prophecies? Both booklets use the power of illusion after all. So now you’re wondering, what has this got to do with his role in Union X? My theory is that he’s the Luxu of the new Union. And like Luxu, he seldom cooperates with the other Union members aside from Ephemer (as he’s the new leader). But unlike Luxu who sticks to his role as the pacifist, Ienzo’s childlike curiousity of the Tome of Prophecies causes him to defy his role.

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