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Met by Accident - Warm My Heart

I have started this chapter though it will take a few days to get out.  I write until the anxiety takes me over and I try to move on to something to distract me.  I can’t say when this will be out, but I’ve started :)

This chapter is about the blizzard itself and the aftermath of it.  While it is wonderful for Viktor and Yuuri, it brings back horrible memories for Yuri.  Otabek is left with the job to support Yuri and keep him in the present while keeping him safe.  

It’s fluffy and angsty at the same time.  If my mind will cooperate, it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve written yet.

I can’t give you a tentative post date because I don’t know yet.


anonymous asked:

headcanon: cooper has the same Slick Ass Hair when he was like 3. also cooper is autistic no questions

yes good, yes. good. 

I ACTUALLY HAVE…some thoughts about Cooper’s hair:

  • over gels it because he can’t stand the sensation of loose hair around his ears
  • (thats where the undercut, in the undercut au came from, originally)

sad backstory stuff:

  • started gelling his hair a lot more around the time his mom died, from a need to look More Grown Up
  • in that year period after she died he was really bad at taking care of his hair (and the rest of himself) she used to cut it and his dad couldn’t take care of him in general anymore. 
  • between that and his severe depression his hair was generally overgrown
  • he didn’t have the spoons to get it cut and/or deal with strangers touching him
  • adult dale is fastidious about his hair. if it’s too long it makes his skin crawl. it’s distracting and makes him wants to claw at his temples. 
"Is Albert coming with you?" "Do birds fly?"

Likely meaning:
“I’ve been using our most talented forensic expert as my personal assistant for the past quarter of a century and I’m a man of habit, Denise”

Possible meaning:
“We’ve got the first real lead on Cooper’s case, whaddya think? Short of physically chaining him to his desk, he’s tagging along”

Riverdale Cast going home after finishing the first season:

Producer: okay… It’s been an amazing season, everyone! The series is a success and as the tradition calls, each of you can take something from your character home! So, what will it be?

Camila: I’m taking Veronica’s dresses.

KJ: Archie’s football shirt.

Casey: maybe Kev’s pullovers…

Madeleine: Cherryl’s white dress, for sure!

Cole: Jughead’s beanie, no doubt. What about you, Lili?

Lili: Juggie’s S t-shirt.

Producer: But that’s not Betty’s…

Lili: Well, they’re dating. His shirts are automatically hers.






Cole:… She’s gotta a really good point.