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Pretty Boy Floyd - Department Of Youth (Alice Cooper cover)(2011)

Goodness I made another oc.

This is Kaitlyn Cooper. She’s not the brightest in the land.

At home, she is quite troubled and has a lot of troubles. Though she’s the same age as Mugs. Though she takes her problems out on anyone that’s sweet and kind. She’s a bully.

Personality: Mean
Hair: Not natural blonde
Style: Cool kid wanna be.

She cannot work well and has the worst grades in school. She picks fights all the time and is injured all the time. She is very uncooperative and won’t do any work in group projects.

Though, if you get to know her, shes kind. She loves cute things and is normal girl.

(Little sister to Jenny. She never talks about her sister because of her father, who is abusive)

Ps. She never leaves the house without pants and a long sleeve shirt or sweater. She has bruises all over from her father because she misbehaves.

Response: YES WE NEEDED A BULLY HNNNNGH. Imma make a crew to go along with her :’3

Thanks for the submission!

Riverdale Cast going home after finishing the first season:

Producer: okay… It’s been an amazing season, everyone! The series is a success and as the tradition calls, each of you can take something from your character home! So, what will it be?

Camila: I’m taking Veronica’s dresses.

KJ: Archie’s football shirt.

Casey: maybe Kev’s pullovers…

Madeleine: Cherryl’s white dress, for sure!

Cole: Jughead’s beanie, no doubt. What about you, Lili?

Lili: Juggie’s S t-shirt.

Producer: But that’s not Betty’s…

Lili: Well, they’re dating. His shirts are automatically hers.






Cole:… She’s gotta a really good point.