suicideandcheese asked:

All your poetry speaks to me. –Coop

There is actually no words to say what I’m feeling right now, getting this. I usually dread the red popup box when I see it because I hate interacting in general, but you. You. You inspired me to even make this Tumblr. I had no idea that this site even had a Poetry tag until I found you and you spoke with the most free and easy flow of words so thick that they wrapped around my heart and inspired me for everything. So, the fact that you’re saying this is just too much for me to take in right now so I’ll leave it with a final thank you and pretend I’m not shaking. Lastly, all of your poetry speaks to me, fucks me, leaves me totally empty and full so thank you, you’re a genius and my favorite poet, ever.

suicideandcheese asked:


Hi. I like your words and appreciate your messages. As you can tell, I’m very awkward, especially under these circumstances since I’m still not very familiar with the platform of this place. But I just wanted to thank you, I guess because I wasn’t sure what to say otherwise. So, thank you for your words, encouragement, and even contact.