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It’s 1895 and Jenny’s time as Mayor is up—a new Mayor will be chosen!

The Election is free and is open to all players. It will begin Monday 26th June. Players will have two delicious weeks to choose an Election career and bolster support for their chosen candidate through a variety of actions. At the end of the first week of Election, we will announce which candidate is ahead. The final day of Election will be Monday 10th July.

This year, as part of the Fallen London Reworks, there will be new ways players can amplify their vote through social activities. Some methods will allow players to work cooperatively together to support their candidates, while others are more competitive in nature.

Join the revelry through the “An Invitation to a Ball” storylet, available throughout London. The three candidates up for the 1895 Election are:

- Feducci

- The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner

- The Implacable Detective

The elected Mayor will reign for one year, after which another election will be held. The winning candidate will have a Mayoral influence in your Opportunity Deck until next year’s election, so consider who you support carefully. After the festival, there will be an opportunity to suggest candidates you’d like to see take up a Mayoral campaign for 1896.

No Election is complete without fliers, political cartoons, and other such materials. We invite you all to create and share your own!

This year we are also trying something new with the 1895 candidate posters, which we will be thrilled to announce next Monday when the festival opens.

 We cannot wait to see who you will choose, delicious friends…

Ever Since New York Pt 6

FIRST of all, I am so happy I got to finally write this chapter. I’ve been dying from angst myself waiting to write them together like this.
SECOND of all, this is the first time I have written any kind of smut whatsover in my life so please keep that in mind as your reading, haha. I tried! Maybe I just need some more practice right? ;)

Let me know what you think!

A03 for the rest of the chapters if you want to catch up. 

:) x


“Fuck, Betty, I’m so sorry. I don’t know wha-, what the hell came over me?”

Jughead is desperate to get his words out. He doesn’t want to fuck this up now, not before he had even accomplished what he set out and came all this way to do.

“Listen, I’ll go if you wan-”

Betty cuts him off by raising her hand, as if to say stop talking. Her hand then fell to her mouth, lips so red and swollen from just being devoured less than a minute ago. Her cheeks are stained pink, she can still feel the heat in her face and she’s not certain she could string a sentence together right now. Jughead is watching her desperately, his brow furrowed and eyes pleading.

“Say something, please Betty.”

She took a deep breath, her hand still resting on her mouth. She thinks subconsciously she is leaving it there to prevent herself from diving right back onto Jugheads lips. She takes another breath, and lets it out in a sigh. She closed her eyes before she spoke.

“Why is it, Jug, that you end up with someone who is the complete opposite of me, and yet I end up with a carbon copy of you?” She opened her eyes to look at him, his are searching her face. He looks broken, his lips are smudged with the remnants of Betty’s lipstick and she can’t help but watch his mouth.

“What?” Jughead is racking his brain, wondering how she got there. He wasn’t really sure he wanted to tell her why. But the way she was looking at him, eyes so big and glassy, he would have burned down the world if she asked him too. Fuck. How did she still have this affect on him. He clenched his eyes shut in frustration, he was about to turn down a road he couldn’t come back from.

“Jughead, please.” Her voice broke and that was all it took. He was done. He placed his elbow to rest on the table, head in his hand, and tilted his head to her. He let out a laugh, almost like a huff of defeat. He looked her dead in the eye.

“Because, Betty, I couldn’t fucking bare to look at another another blonde in my bed. I tried once, you know. Long after you were gone, I thought i could try, why not?” Jughead could hardly bare to look at Betty with her watching him the way she was, like every word hurt. But he had to get it out, he couldn’t stop now. His fingers were gripping into his face so hard.
“But as soon as we got back to my place, she became a real person. When she spoke and she laughed, it was nothing like you and it felt so wrong, Betty. So fucking wrong. So I threw her out and vowed never to try that again.” He let out a sigh and leaned back in the chair, waiting for Betty to speak.

“So, strictly brunettes after that, hey?” Jughead wasn’t sure he could read the look on her face, but he could understand that tone. He ran his hands down his face.

“Basically. Jesus fuck, I know it’s a shitty excuse okay? But if you want the god damn honest truth then it made no fucking difference what they looked like. I never asked Clara to stay, she just never left. We’re not even together, I’ve told her. And yeah, she is the opposite of you. But it doesn’t count for shit. When she comes through the front door, Betty, I imagine it’s you. When I wake up next to her in the morning, there’s always a split second my sleep fogged fucked up brain thinks it’s you.” He reached out to her across the table, grasping for her hand and holding it tightly between his. She let out a sob but quickly bit her lip to not let out anymore, clenching her eyes shut.
“And when I’m ins-, when I’m inside her, or anyone for that fucking matter, there is only one face that I see. There’s only one face I ever fucking see Betty.” He’s crying now, letting the tears fall freely down his face. But he feels lighter already, a massive weight he has been carrying for years has been lifted from his shoulders. He got up from his chair and manoeuvred around the table, falling to his knees in front of her he took her face in his hands. His touch in gentle but she can feel the heat radiating from him.
“I’m colder now, Betty. I’m an asshole. Nobody has ever meant shit to me. Nobody except you. And I told you to leave because you deserved-, fuck, no you still deserve better than what I can give you.”

Betty is not bothering to stop her sobbing anymore, letting it all bubble to the surface. Jughead wipes her tears as they fall but he can’t keep up with them.

“But even so, Betty. I’ve got a mighty big void in my soul and it screams your name. I can’t live like that anymore. If I wanna live and love again, and if I ever want to get the hell out of that town, that piece of me that you took with you when you left? I gotta get that back, Betts.”
Jughead kisses the tears from her face and then brings her hands to his mouth and placed soft kisses over the scars that adorn the inside of her palm. She can feel his lips move against her skin as he speaks.
“I’m sorry, Betts. The last thing I wanted to do was make you cry, ever. I told you I’m an asshole.”

Betty pulled her hands free from his grasp, only to cup them around his face.
“Jughead Jones, you are not an asshole. Those girls don’t define you, that gang doesn’t define you. Riverdale doesn’t define you.”

Jughead let out a sigh, this god damn woman will be the death of him.
“It will if I don’t get out, Betty.”

She shrug her shoulders at him, she’s still cupping his face.
“So get out.”

He huffs in frustration and pulls his face from her hands. He rises away from her, and as Betty’s hands fall into her lap she realizes how much worse she feels when she isn’t touching him. She watched as he pace the room, his hand coming up to rub his face.

“I can’t, Betty. That place had got me in some kind of choke hold. It’s like -” He stopped pacing for a moment and faced Betty. “-It’s like I’m waiting for something.”

“Waiting for what, Jug?” Betty has a feeling she already knows the answer.

“For you, Betty. It’s like my brain is ready to leave but my heart? It’s fucking 16 years old and stuck there waiting for someone who’s never coming back to me. I can’t leave and go somewhere I can’t find you. I know places in Riverdale, I know them with you. And if I leave I lose that and I lose you and god, I’m sorry but apparently I’m pathetic and still not ready for that yet, Betts.”

He’s crying again, did he even stop? This was the most he had spoken in years. His voice didn’t even sound his own. He slumped back in the chair opposite Betty and let his head fall between his arms on the table. He was defeated, the room was so eerily silent he couldn’t even bring himself to look at Betty. But that could also be to do with how much his heart ached in his chest just to touch her again.

Betty wasn’t sure what to say. Her fingers literally pulsed to reach out and comfort Jughead, to run through his hair gently and tell him it’s okay. She fought against her nails wanting to dig into her palm, her trusty defence mechanism. She had understood every single word he had said, and she thought to herself that had made it worse. She wished she could tell him to leave, that she could lie and say it’s done, it’s all one sided and he needs to let go. She wanted to give him that closure he so desperately needed.

But no, she would be selfish instead. Betty cleared her throat, her voice still came strained.


No response.

“Jughead, please just listen to me okay?”

He managed to shrug and arm in her direction, as if to say I’m listening.

“When I first met Jack, I clung to him wholeheartedly. I hadn’t dated, I hadn’t even slept with anyone since you. 5 years, Jug. And then this boy with the jet black hair and plaid shirts showed up out of nowhere and some stupid part of me decided that was close enough. God, I’m so stupid.”

Jughead raised his head at that, wanting to tell her she is in no way stupid but she cut him off with her hand again, like earlier.

“No, Jug, let me get it out, please. Before I back down.” She took a deep breath before continuing, playing with a loose hem on her shorts so she doesn’t have to look him in the eye. He nods.

“It’s like my subconscious knew I was never going to let you go, so it decided to settle for the next best thing. And yes Jack, he is lovely and amazing and deserves the best. He loves me, Jug, he really does. But see, that makes no difference because he’s not you. Fuck, do you know how uplifting it feels to say that out loud?”

Jughead still doesn’t speak, partly because he’s dumbfounded at what she’s saying and also because he’s slightly terrified to cut her off. Betty blinked and looked to the roof, biting her lip. She’ll look anywhere but directly at him.

“I’m pathetic too, Jug. You don’t exist in my world here. Why do you think I go home often? Fuck my Dad. It’s the only place I can feel you. And I know I avoid you, but Pops? That bedroom in my Dads house? You’re stained into those walls Jughead. And taking Jack there this time, it felt so wrong. So, so wrong that I ended up making up some story and we slept in Pollys room. How fucked is that? -” She let out a light laugh at the thought “- ‘Sorry boyfriend, can’t sleep in here, too many memories. Not ones of childhood like you would think, just ones of a different dark haired boy sneaking in the window and sleeping in my bed and trying not to wake my parents while we, you know.’ Jesus Jug we were 16, how can this be so real. Teenage love doesn’t last, that’s what they say, so what the fuck is this?”

She’s looking at him now, waiting for an answer. He licks his lips.

“I don’t know much. But one thing I do know? Is that I’m never gonna love anyone else in the world like I love you, Betty Cooper.”

Her breath is stuck somewhere in her throat; there it was. Those words that had echoed around in her head in his voice for so long, they were out loud, in the open. Now it was her turn.

She stood from her chair and walked over to Jughead. She took his hands from his lap and put them on her waist as she lifted a leg over his lap so she could straddle him. His mouth was slightly ajar as he looked up at her with so much love in his eyes she could drown in it. She once again cupped her hands around his face and pulled his towards hers. She placed her lips ever so slightly on his, the polar opposite of their earlier kiss. She bumped her forehead against his, leaning into him. She could feel his breath on her face, it was erratic.

“Jughead Jones, that piece of you, the one that I took with me?” She placed another light kiss on his mouth. As she spoke he could feel her lips moving lightly against his, her hands playing with the hair at the base of his neck.
“Im sorry, but I can’t let you have it back. It’s mine.”

A primal sort of growl erupts from Jugheads throat as he pushed his mouth hard against hers. His hands are now pressed into the small of her back, his fingers grasping at the light cotton tank top. Betty is pulling at his hair, running her hands all the way through it like she had been dying to do all this time. She realizes he’s not wearing the beanie and made a metal note to ask later, as she couldn’t think of anything worse right now than not being attached to Jugheads lips. It was as though he could hear her thoughts, and at that moment he pulled away from Betty. She let out a little huff of disappointment, but she didn’t need to as he made straight for Betty’s neck. He traced one hand up the side of her body, over the rise in her chest, to her jaw. He wanted full access to the soft skin, so he grasped her chin in one hand and tilted it up until he had full range.

He peppered kisses along her jaw, down her neck and across her collar bone. He would stop every few and suckle at her soft skin, not enough to leave a mark, much to his disdain. All he wanted to do was mark her as his own. He left another trail of kisses as he made his way back to her mouth. Every time she let out a moan, he would press his free hand even more into her back, trying to make sure their bodies were as close as they possibly could be. He wanted to be molded to her. Betty was grinding in his lap, aching to consume him. It drove Jughead near mad. She could feel his eagerness against her, making her want him even more.

Jughead wrapped both his hands so tightly around Betty’s waist he figured he may mark her after all. He hoisted her up on to the table so quickly Betty barely had time to notice. Then he was there again, reaching forward to ravish her, laying her back against the hardwood. Jughead was grabbing at her face, Betty wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled at her top, asking permission to take it off. She reached down herself and yanked it off, making quick work of Jugheads t shirt while she was there.

He had stopped kissing her for moment, but only to take in her bare chest. (Betty must remember later to thank herself for not wearing a bra). He lowered a hand to one of her breasts, running his fingers so lightly over a nipple she could only just feel it. He pinched it between his fingers then, and Betty let out a moan at the surprise feeling. Before she knew it, he had his tongue darting out over the peak and he lightly blew over it. The sensation drove Betty crazy. She arched her back up to him, she wanted to feel him at her centre.

Betty shook her hips into him, trying to hint that she didn’t want anymore layers between them. Jughead understood. He undid his belt in record speed, pushing his black jeans down his legs and ripping them from his ankles. He looked down at Betty then, laying on the table. He was certain she had never looked this beautiful, ever. She was glowing, full of lust. Lust for him. He smiled at her, she just shook her hips at him again. He laughed;

“Betty Cooper, you will be the death of me.” He winked at her then, smirking as he placed his hands on the waistband of her shorts.
“You sure this is okay?”

She appreciated the fact that he was being a gentleman, and thinking of the consequences that Betty pushed to the back of her mind. God damnit she needed him, and soon.
“Please, Juggie. I need you.”

That was enough for him. He pulled her shorts off slowly, taking the time to pull them to her feet and discard them on the floor. She was just in her panties now. She wiggled her brow at him, and invitation to remove the only remaining fabric from her body. He paused just for a moment, and Betty decided she would just take them off herself. It would be a damn shot quicker. But just as she moved her hands to do so, Jugheads shot out and held them down. He shakes his head at her, tutting his tongue. He lowers his head to the waistband of her panties, and takes it between his teeth.

Betty swore she was about to implode from that action alone.

She was naked now, lying on her dining table. About to be consumed by the boy she had loved since she was 16, who had loved her just as fierce. Betty fought back the tears, she couldn’t cry right now. God forbid she ruin the mood.

But Jughead is having similar thoughts, taking a mental snapshot of Betty as she is right now. Exposed. Vulnerable. His. He leans down to her and places kisses all over her face, concentrating on her mouth. He lingers there, wanting to feel her breath hitch as he strokes a finger along her opening.

“Jug, oh!”

He spreads her with his other fingers now, letting the main two work their magic. He gently strokes her up and down, rotating his thumb on her clit ever so lightly. He places more kisses along her jaw, feeling himself tighten beneath the cotton boxers he’s still wearing. Betty is letting out light moans, her eyes are closed and her back is arched ever so slightly. It’s not enough for Jughead.

He takes her by surprise as he enters her with a single finger, evident enough in the high pitched scream that falls from her lips.

“Fuck, Juggie. Yes! More, please.”

He’s a sucker for good manners, after all. He’s using two fingers now, curling them both slightly inward in order to hit that spot that’s just right. He works his fingers in and out, all the while still working on her clit with his thumb. He’s alternating between fast movements and slow, and he can’t quite tell which works Betty up the most. All he knows is he could never get enough of her moaning his name in pleasure, or of her digging her fingernails down his back.

“Oh my god, I’m close, Jugg- Oh!”

Jughead shows his movements down painfully, grabbing Betty’s chin with his free hand.

“What’s my name, Betty?” Her eyes are wide and bright as they look into his, they both know she loves this game.


“And who do you belong too?” He knows he’s holding her chin too hard, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She just licks her lips before answering quietly.


“Who?” He pulls his fingers nearly out of her, and she’s already missing them.

“You! Jughead, I’m yours. Please, I need you.” She’s pleading now, desperate to have some part of him inside her. She grabs at his face to hold it so she can look him in the eye.

“I love you, Jughead Jones.”

Jughead is overcome in that moment, those words pushing him over the edge. He had ached to hear them. He’s not sure how he managed to get his boxers off so quickly but somehow they are at his feet and he is entering Betty. Both of them let out matching moans, revelling in how it feels to be connected like this again. And as Jughead thrusts into her, he’s lost in how good she feels wrapped around him. Finally, it feels right again. And the face flashing behind his eyes matches the one he’s with and it feels like coming home.

With both of them being older and slightly more experienced than their teenage rendezvous’, and both slightly overwhelmed, it doesn’t take long for them both to reach their highs.

And as she lay there, him laying over on her on this table, she traced shapes over the light sheen of sweat on Jugheads back. Betty was overwhelmed with all the love she could now let herself feel for this boy. How did they end up here? After all this time.

“Jug, will you stay?”

He looked up at her, his hair sticking to his forehead with sweat. He couldn’t believe he was here. With the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen plastered on a boys face he placed a light kiss on the end of her nose.

“Anything for you.”


Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 9 - Favorite AU

The Core Four as Greek Deities (Archie as Apollo, Veronica as Aphrodite, Betty as Persephone & Jughead as Hades

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: Cheryl Blossom loves her parents despite how poorly they have treated her all her life. She's no doubt suffered years of emotional and verbal abuse, it's obvious in the way that reacts to her surroundings and how she puts other people down so she can feel in control. When Penelope accuses Cheryl of hating her father, she becomes distraught once again and tries defending herself. Cheryl publicly apologized to Jughead and went as far as to give him her spider broach which is her prized possession seeing how often she wears it. This girl tried to kill herself and was then abandoned by the same people who had come to her rescue, she feels completely alone. Cheryl feels like a nuisance to everyone and jUST WANTS SOMEONE TO LOVE HER DAMN IT. GIVE THIS GIRL A HUG ALREADY.
Ships Lost at Sea

A short little piece of fluff of a moment between Betty and Jughead shared on a couch. 

This ship inspires a need to write fluff like never before, it’s too cute and completely uncharted territory for me to be writing something so fluffy.

She wasn’t sure what they were. When Veronica had asked her why he had comforted her in such an intimate way she didn’t know what to say. She told her the truth he had been comforting her and she had found comfort in the most unlikely of places. That he was helping her through what had been one of the most difficult times of her life. She hadn’t even told her that they had kissed.

The pair  found themselves on the couch of the Blue and Gold offices well after school had finished and they had continued to work on the school paper, while the case of Jason Blossom had dried up for the time being. With his head resting on her lap Betty found herself reminiscing about the little touches they shared. The way he would reach for her hand as he walked her home and how in turn she would hold  on to his arm or placing her hand on his cheek. They were such simple gestures, on the surface so insignificant and inconsequential but to her they meant everything.

She absent mindedly moved her finger tips across his forehead, brushing away the hair that had settled there as he continued to read out his latest article to her as she listened attentively.

She didn’t want to put a label on it, what was occurring between them. She felt as though they were two ships lost at sea who had found each other. They both had their own problems, both trying to survive being a teenager with their own separate challenges. Her with a mum who was protective to the degree of being psychotic and him with a dad who just couldn’t get it right. It was this that brought them together in addition to their need to find Jason Blossom’s killer. Maybe that was why they both had latched onto this case as an interest, it was something else to focus on rather than the homes that they came from and the perceptions of who they should be that they were trying so desperately to distance themselves from.

The others didn’t get it, Archie’s dad was supportive and kind, Veronica’s mum cared for her daughter in a way that Betty envied, and Kevin had his dad supporting him through his coming out and the towns reaction, he would protect his son through it all. But her and Jughead they knew what it was like when your parents didn’t quite measure up the way you hoped they would, they understood what it felt like to be disappointed by your parents again and again and needing a soft place to land. Maybe that was what they were to each other a soft place to land.

“Betts, are you listening?” The change in his voice broke her away from her thoughts and she realised that he had now finished and was looking at her expectedly for her response.

“Sorry Juggie I just drifted off.” She explained. Turning her head away from him.

“Somewhere nice?” He asked intrigued as to where her thoughts had taken her.

“Not really. Just thinking.”

“I assume about my mind altering article on why our school mascot is a mongoose. Thanks again for the plum assignment.” He stated sarcasm tingeing his voice.

“It’s been a slow news week.” She explained. “But you have done wonders with it.”

“Good.” He smiled up at her, moving aside the printed article to rest on his chest and closed his eyes, as she continued to play with his hair.

He still couldn’t believe this was happening. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones sharing an intimate moment. He had been afraid that once their friends had found about them that she would have distanced herself, that maybe this was a phase she was going through and while it was behind closed doors it was fine but outside in the real world where everyone could see that he wouldn’t be enough.

When he had been dragged away from school in the Sherrif Keller’s car he was sure that that would be the final nail in the coffin. The gorgeous golden girl Betty Cooper would not want to be associated with a suspected murderer. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks and a criminal record. But there she had been, holding his hands, reassuring him that she knew who he was she knew the real him and there was such trust in her eyes that he had felt safer just knowing that she was on his side. That if she was there he could make it through.

He found himself reaching for her constantly needing to feel her skin, her presence near him. It calmed him knowing that she was close.

They hadn’t talked about their relationship, he didn’t want to jinx it, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. He knew their friends were calling them ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ and they hadn’t corrected them.

“Can I?” Her voice broke into his thoughts and he noticed that she was motioning to his beanie. He nodded and she removed it, delicately placing it on the armrest of the couch. Her fingers returned to move through his hair, fingertips brushing against his scalp as he moaned his approval. She continued to massage his scalp delighting in the sounds he was making, knowing that she could bring him some peace. They stayed that way for a while her fingers moving across his scalp, directed at the areas that produced the greatest response. He felt like he was dreaming, completely at rest, safe in her arms.

“Betts,” He whispered to her even though they were the only two in the room.

“Yeah.” She whispered back

“We are going to stick together aren’t we? Through this even after we find out who killed Jason, if we do?” He kept his eyes closed not sure he could look straight into her eyes while he asked her. This was the most directly they had spoken about what was going on between them.

“I would like that Juggie.” He opened his eyes to find her smiling down at him, he could lose himself in those eyes. They felt like home. He shifted his body to move up and capture her lips with his. Before resting his head again in her lap, his arm moving to around her shoulders and closing his eyes. Safe and content he felt as though his ship had finally come into port.

My newest Bughead piece, created exclusively for my sweet friend @raptorlily for her original fic, Make It Work, which you can (and should) read RIGHT NOW. It’s a wonderful story, incredibly well-written AND features more of a comics-based Bughead (my OTP of OTPs). Go. Read. Show her some support! 

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New Beginnings

This an AU that popped into my head one night and I just had to write something for it.

Jughead and Betty are two single parents in Riverdale who meet at the local park.

Usually it was just her and Juliet at the park. None of the other parents in her neighbourhood seemed to go out to the park, preferring to stay at home, or maybe they were all at the country club she thought with amusement. Kept in a comfortable lifestyle by their wealthy husbands. Betty didn’t have such luxury, not since He had left her, no word where he was going, no note, no nothing.  She has spent her savings on a private investigator to try and find him, at least make him take on his responsibilities where Juliet was concerned, but there was nothing found and Betty had had to adjust to life as a single parent, moving back in with her parents when she could no longer afford the mortgage.

She still struggled every day to find the balance, her heart ached when she had to leave her little girl during the day with her own mum, while she went to work, but she needed to work, it was a necessity. But days like today where she had a day off made up for them. When she could dedicate herself solely to her.

She was surprised when she saw a little boy, about Juliet’s age running into the park, a lone figure strolling carefully behind him, carrying a monkey backpack in his hand.

Juliet was near the boy within seconds, Betty admired her daughter’s social skills and confidence in herself. It was one of the things that made her proud as a mum, made her feel like she had done something right along the way.

The man approached the park bench where she was sitting, leaving a generous space between them. Betty stole a glance at him. He must have been around her age, handsome, but not in the classic meaning of the word. There were a set of beauty marks dotted along the side of his cheek, high cheekbones, and soon she found her eyesight lingering on his lips.

A laugh from Juliet caught her attention and she shifted her gaze back to the playground. She mentally scolded herself for being so obvious, but she hadn’t even been on a date since He left.

“Are you giving mum a day off?” She found herself breaking the silence between them.

“Not exactly,” he replied giving her a sad smile. Betty scolded herself for going and putting her foot in it. She had a habit of saying the wrong thing.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said sympathetically.

“What about you? Giving Dad the day off?” There was a slight teasing in his tone as he asked her and she offered him a small smile.

“Not exactly.” She replied with a quirk of her eyebrow. “It’s always my day.”

“Yeah I know that feeling.” He leant back further on the park bench, relaxing.

They continued to sit on opposite ends of the park bench watching as the two toddlers, chasing each other through the playground. The blonde girl with her hair in pigtails chased while laughing maniacally, as Betty put her hand over her face in mock embarrassment.

“I think it’s cute,” he said as he watched his son hiding behind the slide, waiting for her to come and find him and upon doing so she let out a loud shriek which had both parents laughing.

“I’m Betty by the way.” She held out her hand casually across the bench and he took it eagerly.

“Jughead.” She looked at him quizzically as if he must be joking.

“Yeah, it’s a nickname but trust me it beats the alternative.” He said with a mischievous wink, which made a heat flush Betty’s cheeks.

“Which is?” She challenged, shifting a little closer on the park bench.

“You would have to get to know me better before I divulged something like that.” Betty was sure that he was flirting with her, she thought she could remember what flirting was like and that this was it.

“You live around here?” She hadn’t seen him before.

“Just moved here, from New York City. Pretty embarrassing but I moved in with my kid sister.” She shot him a sympathetic look.

“I had to move back in with my parents.” Her eyes glancing towards Juliet who was picking up stones and arranging them on a piece of play equipment, the boy soon began copying her.

“Thought there might be more people here.”

“People tend to keep themselves here.”

“Well good thing I ran into you then.” He leant towards her slightly and she felt the flush running up her neck, scolding herself for such a reaction, she was a grown woman for God’s sake.

“Yeah.” She breathed out meeting his eyes.

“Mummy.” Juliet was running over to her, break neck speed as usual, the smaller boy trying desperately to keep up with his new companion.

“Hey Honey,” She said as she leant over to capture her daughter’s hands in her own.

“Slide.” Her daughter exclaimed, before pointing over to the yellow slide in the middle of the playground. She pulled herself up, continuing to hold Juliet’s hand, as she turned to Jughead.

“We still need help going down the slide,” she explained. As she followed her daughter to the big yellow slide, holding her as she climbed up the structure to the top of the slide. She could see that Jughead was at the bottom, pointing up at her, his son, holding onto him as they both watched. Betty put Juliet on her lap as she sat on the slide, pushing herself off, making a ‘whee’ sound as Juliet laughed as they whooshed down the slide. As they landed at the bottom, Juliet clapped her hands in delight, as Betty set her down on the ground, as she stood up from the slide.

“See Jackson, that looks like fun doesn’t it?” The small boy looked at his dad, sceptical of what he was saying. He then looked up at the slide before looking at his dad again and shaking his head. “I’ll come with you.” He crouched down low to his level, taking his small hand in his own, stroking it gently with his thumb. The little boy shook his head again, and Jughead nodded, and put his arms out for a hug which Jackson quickly accepted, wrapping his arms around his dad’s neck.

Betty watched the exchange, feeling like she was intruding on a private family moment but also felt the ache for Juliet to have something like that, to be able to have her own dad to wrap his arms around her. She blinked back the tears that had started to form and smiled at Juliet, who she felt tugging on her arm ready to move onto something else.

“Would you like to go out for coffee?” She blurted out. It was like her mouth had a mind of it’s own sometimes. Apparently all she has to do is have a handsome stranger talk to her and her brain takes a vacation.

“Um, yeah, sure.” He was nervously shifting from foot to foot, and Betty was glad she wasn’t the only one who was nervous.

“There’s a diner near here, I’ll give you the address.” He looked nervous, “Juliet loves the milkshakes there,” she added, trying to make it sound more like a play date then, a real ‘date’ date.

“Do they do dinner?” He was adjusting the beanie on his head as he asked.

“Yeah?” Her eyes narrowing as she wondered what he was asking.

“Well how about we change coffee to dinner, tonight?” She could hear a hopefulness in his voice and she eagerly nodded her head, before replying casually.

“Yeah sure, I’ll just text my mum. Right after the swings,” she said quickly as she ran after Juliet who was already running for the swings on the other side of the park, with Jackson soon heading in the same direction.

Part 2

  • Veronica: Alright, from now on, we're going by code names. I want you all to call me by "Eagle 1".
  • Veronica: Archie, you'll be "Been There, Done That".
  • Veronica: When we refer to Betty, she'll be, "Currently Doing That".
  • Veronica: Cheryl, you're "It Happened Once In A Dream".
  • Veronica: Josie, you'll be "If I Had To Pick A Pussycat".
  • Veronica: And Jughead
  • Veronica:
  • Veronica: You'll be "Eagle 2".
  • Jughead: Oh thank God