Κακές επιρροές

Βράδυ,Εθνική Οδός,φώτα, γκάζι πατημένο,από τα ανοιχτά παράθυρα να μπαίνει κρύος αέρας,τσιγάρο,καλή παρέα και δυνατό ροκ εν ρολ …Σαν να ‘ναι το τελευταίο μας βράδυ πάνω στη γη/

“A doctrine and religion of ‘love’ can be of the highest value within classes of people, even from the point of view of the rulers, for it suppresses feelings of rivalry, ressentiment, and envy in the underprivileged. It even deifies a life of slavery, subjection, poverty, sickness, and inferiority under the ideal of humility and obedience. This explains why the ruling classes, races, or individuals have at all times upheld the cult of selflessness and the gospel of the lowly.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §373 (edited excerpt).

RE is a progressional, boundless photo conversation between Thomas John and Tyrone Williams, created over the last months. They decided to create a magazine representing their cooperation and self-publish an edition of 50. If you are interested in getting one and supporting their project you can contact Thomas (especially for Germany and around) or Tyrone (especially for UK and around). They do of course ship worldwide. Bye the way, the typeface in use is Mériva Extra.

I really like anti-capitalist automation discourse because it eradicates all preconceived notions about “self-interest” that supposedly support the capitalist order. In other words, it is in MY SELF-INTEREST to work a three-hour day as opposed to a nine-hour day. Democratized automation in a for-need economy opens the floodgates for this sort of thing to take hold. There’s an argument, even among the supporters, that socialism is about paying mind to collective concerns and doing away with barebones self-interest dictating economic choices. But the collectivization/democratization of resources should be a means to the end of human wellbeing across the board. My needs being met and my working shifts lasting the length of a film is in MY SELF-INTEREST because that means expanded leisure time, time I could devote to my passions rather than pointlessly generating profit for a capitalist in a job society doesn’t even need in the first place. If I want to make a device that flings cheetos into my mouth with ease, then I should be able to pursue that in my leisure time – but it sets a shitty precedent for society when people are required to work a position like that for their daily bread, all so that capitalists can turn a profit (and not so that some tangible need can be fulfilled) (and think about all the excess jobs that go into that cheeto-flinger – advertising, PR for the corporation, etc., none of which are even necessary in the grand scheme of things). It is in MY SELF-INTEREST to structure society so that I have more leisure time/freedom and the people I care about receive the same.

Seriously, this is a case of “everybody wins” or “most people lose”, and we’re currently on the latter path. Don’t let all these revolutionary changes in technology and society go to waste – for the future of human freedom, democracy, and wellbeing, we need to overthrow capitalism.

DID is coming to while hanging up a shower curtain and realizing the entire bathroom you’ve struggled to clean for weeks is now spotless. It’s also listening to the same song on repeat for hours and having it play in your head after you try to change it because someone wasn’t done listening to it. 

DID is baking a cake you’re not hungry for and blessing each room for the alter who has a hard time fronting even though you’re not religious. DID is walking in and out of the kitchen for over an hour unable to settle on what to eat because the moment you chose someone is not happy with it and you know from past attempts they will physically stop you or throw out what you started to make.

DID is feeling crowded and isolated at once. It’s everchanging moods and energy levels. Wanting to go on a jog and never leave the house. Notes and notes and notes. Phone alarms you forget to set and open tabs you aren’t sure if you can close. 

When did this start to feel normal?


Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa was the first Mongolian cosmonaut, he flew aboard Soyuz-39 as part of the Interkosmos program along with commander Vladimir Dzhanibekov. Launched from Baikonur on March 22, 1981 they docked with Salyut 6 a day later. Their short stay aboard Salyut was spent conducting common scientific work with the resident crew. They landed safely on March 30, 1981. Gürragchaa went on to become chief of staff of air defence for the Mongolian Armed Forces.


Block puzzles! You can push them and pull them and make them fall down in a not so realistic way. Some blocks might be too big for one person to move, so you’ll need to have both characters cooperate to push or pull it.

I agree that this might not be the most original mechanic, but I still wanted to put it in for the cooperation aspect.