Miles Davis - The Meaning of the Blues/Lament (alternate take)

Miles Ahead (Collumbia, 1957)

Personnel: Miles Davis – flugelhorn; Bernie Glow – lead trumpet; Ernie Royal – trumpet; Louis Mucci – trumpet; Taft Jordan – trumpet; John Carisi – trumpet; Frank Rehak – trombone; Jimmy Cleveland – trombone; Joe Bennett – trombone; Tom Mitchell – bass trombone; Willie Ruff – French horn; Tony Miranda – French horn; Bill Barber – tuba; Lee Konitz – alto sax; Danny Bank – bass clarinet; Romeo Penque – flute, clarinet; Sid Cooper – flute, clarinet; Paul Chambers – bass; Art Taylor – drums; Gil Evans – arranger and conductor


Get REaDy for Season 4: The Ten Days of Red’s Wonder World

July 24th to August 2nd.  We can all put our differences aside and celebrate Red’s team which we all love. For those hating Tom, there is a choice on day 10: Cooper or Tom, and surely all can find a way to love Ressler playing with Red. Keen2, keenlers and Lizzingtons, Tom lovers or Tom haters, we can all show our love and appreciation for the fantastic characters that populate Red’s world, from kinky Glen to brave Baz, including the great Kate Kaplan and our amazing Dembe.

Before being of any ship or any hate we all love Red and his awesome team.

Please reblog to get the week going across all ship lines.

July 24th - day 1: Kate Kaplan Appreciation Day
July 25th - day 2: Dembe Zuma Appreciation Day
July 26th - day 3: Glen Carter Appreciation Day
July 27th - day 4:  Baz Appreciation Day
July 28th - day 5: Mr. Brimley Appreciation Day
July 29th - day 6: Liz as member of Red’s team Appreciation Day
July 30th - day 7: Red’s team and the FBI’s Collaboration Day
July 31st - day 8: Samar working with Red Appreciation Day
August 1st- day 9: Ressler working with Red Appreciation Day
August 2nd -day 10: Cooper or Tom working with Red Appreciation Day

anonymous asked:

after seeing that scene between tom and sasha again, i feel like it wasn't the "let's start a relationship" kind of kiss but something to just support her words about not wanting him to die that day. So, i don't think it's necessary a build up for the renewal of anything between them... if that makes sense?

Anon, that totally makes sense. I think what really turned me off that kiss was:

1. I live in Australia so I saw an article about how the kiss was a ‘sizzling moment’ before I actually saw the episode. So I was expected it to be just as hot if not hotter than the pash between Rachel and Tom in S01E08. That article Eric mentioned ‘it was time for Tom to move on…’ which just irked me. Dude, the first woman you were ready pounce on after your dead wife was shot in the shoulder and disappeared. How can that not upset you? (I think Rachel is alive because Tom, Alisha, Cruz all survived serious gunshot and shrapnel injuries, massive blood loss with minimal medical care when IRL they’d need complicated surgery about two months of recovery and months of rehab.)

2. I’m rather annoyed at how Sasha was advertised. Actually I’m really annoyed at how all the female characters on the show are advertised in their introductions bar Rachel. I could rant about this but I’ll stay focused on Sasha and say the TLS people have been plugging her as Tom’s love interest instead of saying ‘Hey, we got this BAMF female character who is going to be awesome and help the Nathan James. Yes she and Tom know one another because hey the US Navy is a small world (not but we have artistic licence)’ an then letting us all make our own interpretation on them as a couple or not… So all the wind up of them brought this expectation (for me) that Tom and Sasha were going to be hot in the pants for one another from the get go when they weren’t.

Seriously, they are exes from well over a decade ago. That’s a long time to hold a torch or even have the same chemistry from then because people change. What necessarily attracted them to each other doesn’t mean that spark is still there. It doesn’t seem to be for me, but then maybe I’m expecting way too much as Rachel and Tom had such great sexual chemistry where as Sasha and Tom kind of fizzle in barely a fizzle.

So I agree with your excellent point. That the kiss was more about sentiment in her words than about passion. As we all have to remember she’s still grieving the loss of her husband. Someone I assumed she loved very dearly. I feel any sexual/romantic relationship between Sasha and Tom at this point wouldn’t be less about passion, deep affection and more about two people wanting a physical connection to keep them grounded which would explain the lack of sexual chemistry.

I should also mention that I’m not against people shipping Tom and Sasha… I’d love to read fanfiction to see their interpretation of them because I’m obviously missing something the writers and actors aren’t showing me.

On one last note, TLS writers suck at romance writing but are brilliant with  Bromances.

Thanks for letting me vent :-)