Shamy Advent Calendar 2016 Day 7

WARNING: VERY VERY DIRTY SMUTTIES BELOW! I feel like I just had a “fuck it” attitude and just went with it!

Also, I feel like this may have been a little rushed because instead of writing this, I was trying to find spoilers so… it’s rushed and I’m sorry!

I hope you guys enjoy, regardless!

December 7th, 2016
Rating: M; VERY M. For smut.
Theme: Naughty

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North Carolina's Governor-Elect: It's 'Time to Repeal' Anti-LGBT Law
After weeks of a hotly contested recount that delayed results of the 2016 election, newly elected Democrat Roy Cooper thinks it's time for a fresh start.

Fan made poster by me of the TV show Snatch which has 10 episodes and will air on Crackle in early 2017.  Starring Rupert Grint, Luke Pasqualino, Lucien Laviscount etc.


Drive-By Lawsuits [CC]

This piece on 60 minutes as hosted by Anderson Cooper was pretty troubling to me; the piece appeared to be centered around how “drive-by lawsuits” abused the laws we have in place. Some who are sued complain that they are sued for such small details. The details matter, the details can cause pain, injury, or complete exclusion of your guests with disabilities, just because you’re not informed and aware on who or how, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

The focus should’ve been on that; on how inaccessibility can impact members of the disability community and how many businesses remain inaccessible to this day. Business owners are concerned, but for many, it’s the only way that changes would be made. It’s been 26 years since ADA was signed into law, that’s enough grace period, that’s enough time to get these buildings up to code.

People with disabilities have been asking for equality, fighting for equality for so long and it is exhausting (so much so, it’d be easy to understand why many don’t self-advocate, I know that there are times when I have the strength to stand up to injustices made and when I don’t). If a “shakedown” by “drive-by lawsuits” is needed to get things done, I say, so be it. If one finds that abusive, then advocate for more government involvement instead of justice and equality relying on claims, but either way, they will be held accountable. It’s time business owners take responsibility and accountability for their actions or rather, lack thereof.

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Troll Headcanons that won’t leave me alone

Troll culture/society/history and whatnot headcanons/thoughts (excuse the bad English it’s very late)

I can’t stop thinking about troll cultural stuff. I like the idea how there are different types of trolls, and it would be cool if each had, not a role per say, but a skill that contributes to their type.

  • like guru’s are the second most important trolls in troll culture. Trolls will go to them for advice and guidance depending on the guru’s speciality. For example Creek (the creep) seems like he would be a guru, given how much the other trolls seem to respect him. Because that he’s always going on about positivity, I’m like to believe that he’s the guru of “happiness” and trolls go to him to channel out there “toxic” feelings.
  • Cybil is also a guru, and we already know trolls go to her for life coaching.
  • Gurus are trolls that are born with a type of sixth sense that allows them to see and feel auras. A Gurus or guru descendant normally have duel coloured hair with a few exceptions (Cybil).
  • Guru’s have to go on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with their elder guru’s before earning their titles, so Poppy hadn’t met Creek until she was fourteen.

  • Giraffe trolls like Cooper, are rare and act as the royal bodyguards (very strong and best senses), which is why he hangs around Poppy. They’re best friends of course but its also his job.
  • Just to add to the previous one, Cooper is the last giraffe troll. That is until they return to the troll tree which seems to be the only place giraffe trolls can “sprout”

  • Before the bergens discovered trolls, the trolls had the Troll Guard, whose job was to look out for and protect the rest of the trolls from danger. They were a lot stronger and sturdier than other trolls (not as strong as Cooper). They also have better senses and control over their hair than others. They were very loyal and very brave. Very few descendents are still alive thanks to trollstis.
  • Branch is a descendant of some of the Troll Guard. He is really proud of his linage and even after turning grey Branch can’t help but keep an eye out for his fellow trolls.
  • Traditionally Troll Guards are given a branch of wood by the parents/carers/guardians when they turn fourteen that they will carve into a warning horn. When Branch turned fourteen he had no one looking after him so King Peppy had gone ahead and given Branch a branch that he had saved from the trolls tree. So, Branch has a very beautiful blue (wait was the tree blue? I’m tired) wooden horn sitting in his room that he uses whenever he can to signal for danger.

  •  The royals are not as strong as Guards and Giraffes but they are a close second.
  • They are also a sixth sense like gurus but they can only feel auras.
  • Royals have a natural affinity with most animals and plants except predators.

  • Half of troll relationships are poly and it isn’t unusual to other trolls to try to seduce couples. But they all still respect if a couple wants to remain just that.

I’m completely for the sentient Troll tree headcanon.

  • I like to think that it will release smells and toxins to scare off approaching predators
  • I think that the tree made the tunnels that the trolls left through but of course it took a while to make. Like it could have just dug them out itself or it spread it’s roots further and just collapsed them after it reached far enough.
  • Gurus, troll guards and royalty can ‘talk’ to the tree. Gurus because they are all spiritual and such and would monitor the Tree’s health. The troll guards could let the tree know if anything is approaching that could harm the trolls and/or Tree. The royals because, well they’re royalty.
  • Continuing on the previous, there are other troll trees around the world some with troll tribes some without but all the trees are connected in some deep magical/spiritual bond. The gurus and royals can send messages to other tribes through the trees.  
  • Trolling pods are their parent/s colour and when their parent/s touches them they glow that particular colour.
  • Glitter troll pods are glittery (precious stars <3)