cooper pls

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: Cheryl Blossom loves her parents despite how poorly they have treated her all her life. She's no doubt suffered years of emotional and verbal abuse, it's obvious in the way that reacts to her surroundings and how she puts other people down so she can feel in control. When Penelope accuses Cheryl of hating her father, she becomes distraught once again and tries defending herself. Cheryl publicly apologized to Jughead and went as far as to give him her spider broach which is her prized possession seeing how often she wears it. This girl tried to kill herself and was then abandoned by the same people who had come to her rescue, she feels completely alone. Cheryl feels like a nuisance to everyone and jUST WANTS SOMEONE TO LOVE HER DAMN IT. GIVE THIS GIRL A HUG ALREADY.
  • Archie: the stars look beautiful tonight..
  • Veronica: want to know who else is beautiful?
  • Archie, blushing: Who?
  • Veronica: Betty..
  • Archie: Anybody else..?
  • Veronica: yah..Betty in that black wig
  • Veronica: and Betty in her Vixens uniform
  • Veronica: and Betty with my lipstick on her lips
  • Veronica: oh and Betty when she's sitting across from me at Pop's
things that made me cry in ep. 8 of riverdale:

-betty grabbing jughead’s arm to kiss him
-‘you’re sweet to be here’ + betty acknowledging that this isn’t jug’s scene but hE SHOWED UP ANYWAYS BC HE’S GARBAGE FOR BETTY
-also that lil joke abt the bucket list he made was so cute my heart
-and the joke he made in the diner abt moose that betty laughed at ugh kms
-jughead being worried after archie reveals that his dad is a serpent and instantly looking at betty
-betty saying 'if we’re gonna be together’ bc she finally mentioned their status
-jughead saying 'this is betty cooper’ to his dad killed me I am as dead as jason
-FP kinda gave jughead the look tho like so you do have a little girlfriend mhmm this tea
-the lights that came on when they kissed bc they are the lights in each other’s lives uGH
-obviously the boyfriend moment
-obviously the sitting next to each other at pop’s
-obviously everything bughead abt this episode ever


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #42. Ryan Atwood & Marissa Cooper

“I’m sorry for all the craziness.” “I wouldn’t have done it any differently.” 

listen….,.,. mj being the jughead jones to peter’s betty cooper and not planning to make her feelings known but unwittingly growing closer to peter until it reaches a point where she just feels like she needs to let him know how she feels (although with a slower burn pls and thanks) and from that point holding onto her aloof broody sardonic nature around everybody but peter who knows her well enough to know she actually really gives a damn about the people close to her, and her just m e l t i n g whenever the sunshine boy blatantly tells her how much she means to him im…,,.,.., what A Concept