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When you make a great book/movie/tv series reference but you’re the only one that can get it

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charlotte&cooper | i’m yours, you’re mine (by pradadevil15)


Black actors in Wicked leading roles

Elphaba: Alexia Khadime (West End), Brandi Chavonne Massey (Broadway u/s), Dan'yelle Williamson (Chicago u/s), Lilli Cooper (2nd national tour u/s, Melbourne & Broadway s/b), Saycon Sengbloh (Broadway s/b)

Fiyero: Clifton Oliver (Broadway u/s), Derrick Williams (1st national tour, Broadway & Los Angeles), Taye Diggs (Broadway)

Madame Morrible: Celisse Henderson (1st national tour u/s), Dioni Michelle Collins (Chicago, Los Angeles & Broadway u/s), Myra Lucretia Taylor (1st national tour)

Wizard: Ben Vereen (Broadway), Jay Laga'aia (Australian tour)

Dr Dillamond: K Todd Freeman (1st national tour, Chicago & Broadway)

I think that Sherlock/Sheldon and John/Leonard are a lot alike somehow. I mean, Sherlock and Sheldon are clearly both geniuses but yet so different… For example, Sherlock can read your whole lifestory just by observing your clothes, but Sheldon can’t even tell if you’re happy, sad, or angry. And Sheldon, who’s a brilliant physicist, knows everything about the functioning of the universe, but Sherlock doesn’t even know that the Earth goes around the Sun… Anyway, I would give anything to see a crossover between TBBT and Sherlock!!    

Samuel Truehart Of The 5th United States Colored Troops- His Wife Ran Away From A Slave Owner To Marry Him

He was born to Peter and Maria Truehart of Jefferson, Indiana in 1843. According to family oral history, Peter Truehart, a Cooper (barrelmaker) and a Freeman, bought his wife out of slavery.

According to the muster roles of the 5th United States Colored Cavalry (USCC), Samuel Truehart was a slave in Frankfort, Kentucky before volunteering to serve the Union cause. It is believed that he married Mary Elliot, also of Frankfort, just prior to enlisting in the service in the late summer of 1864. At the time, Mary, a slave born in Baltimore, was a cook at a boarding house in Frankfort. Supposedly, she ran away from her owner to marry Samuel.

He enrolled in the Union army on September 11, 1864 at age twenty-one and was mustered into Company E of the 5th Regiment Cavalry of the United Stated Colored Troops on September 12, 1864 at Camp Nelson, Kentucky. Based on the date of his enlistment, it is assumed that he participated in both Burbridge’ s (9/64-10/64) and Stoneman’s (12/64) raids on Saltville. According to his compiled service record, Samuel Truehart was hospitalized at the Convalescent Camp, U.S.A. Hospital at Camp Nelson for an unknown reason from October 14, 1864 until he returned to active duty in December 1864. Truehart was mustered out on March 16, l866 in Helena, Arkansas.

Together Sam and Mary raised their four children to adulthood., Samuel died in Atchison on August 12, 1897

I love you. I’m in love with you. I will love you forever. No matter what, this doesn’t- I’m yours, okay? I’m yours. I understand why you can’t ID that man, I get it. You don’t wanna go through that, I understand, I do. But he can’t go free, that man, he cannot go free. You have to be able to sleep at night, you have to be able to breathe, to be you. He can’t go free. So, I don’t want you to worry, you’ll be protected. I will get a gun, make it look like a mugging. That man is not going free. It doesn’t matter what happens to me, that man is not going free.
—  Cooper Freedman [Private Practice - 4.09]
Private Practice - 4x15

I must be the only one who liked the episode *eek* LOL

Naomi/Sam kiss? I called it since Bitzy’s wedding! *yay*

I don’t like that they cheated but AS are deadful.

Also I didn’t mind an Addie-less episode.

Why are CC suddenly in therapy? Whatever, they got over their issues and marriage talk is back *yay*

Violet, could you be more selfish & shallow? Why did they even allow her to publish that book?

The cases were both good.

The fake disturbed girl was WAY too good at faking!

The downs & the baby *bawl*
That was sad.

So it’s on hiatus?


I’m glad Cooper confessed the kiss. And Charlotte was able to forgive him :love:

Her whole speech was *bawl*

Also the wedding is back on <3