cooper christy

I watched the Republican Debate so you don’t have to
  • Ted Cruz forgets his lines right off the bat
  • Carly Fiorina mentions her breast cancer
  • people cheer for the idea of shutting out desperate refugees as christmastime
  • Ben Carson can’t stop coughing while other people talk
  • Chris Christie’s american flag pin is in the shape of the state of new jersey
  • “we need to penetrate these people” -Kasich talking about ISIS
  • Wolf Blitzer pits Cruz and Rubio against eachother 250 times
  • Trump gets actually boo’d when he talks about shutting down parts of the internet to stop ISIS (best moment of the debate imo)
  • Trump and Bush get in a catfight
  • Trump defends the idea of killing terrorists’ families
  • Hugh Hewitt forgets the word ‘neurosurgeon’
  • I got sad and stopped watching