cooper callinan

Grave Conveniency

Tricky not to fall into a hole
and have the earth host a farewell.
After all, a funeral is always for them.

Nuisance just to get them to listen.
To science or a tin can, I say.
I’m not that special.

But where will we come to visit you?
The ocean, if you dump them there, and
in memory, if you choose to hold me there.

The Words Don't Look Like They Mean It

An article claims penmanship will be a lost art.
The kids aren’t required our lessons in cursive.
A father says his son can’t sign his passport,
just prints his name in caps lock Helvetica.
The future is inkless and we can’t believe it.

I feel embarrassed for younger generations.
Especially the girls to be girlfriends to boys
without any grasp of the love letter signed
in one’s own intense and vulnerable hand,
as stylish as forever, as original as once.