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Solicitous // Cheryl

Summary: With Cheryl grieving her brothers death you’re the only one there for her, no one stands by her side. Her parents adore you but they don’t know the truth of your relationship with Cheryl either. With the danger of a killer roaming Riverdale, Cheryl’s ever more jealous and protective.

Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Andrews!Reader, Archie Andrews (mentioned), Jughead Jones (mentioned), Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper,  Penelope Blossom (mentioned), and Cliff Blossom (mentioned)

Words: 978

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I do not own the Comics either.

Warnings: Possible swearing, mention of murder, crying/grieving, implied romantic same sex (female) relationship, and allusion to oral sex

Author: Caitsy

Requested: @gemini-indecisiveness

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When you reached adolescence you promised yourself you wouldn’t label yourself anymore. You had a lot of labels growing up in the footsteps of your brother Archie, you were the only female in the house following your mom’s abandonment. You were stamped with labels that you didn’t care for.

The sexual orientation label was the one you hated the most with the words placing you in the world where it deemed fit. That’s why when Veronica had asked if you were straight, you admired her bluntness, you had shrugged not caring.

The next day at lunch after the tryouts for cheerleading you had placed yourself between Betty and Veronica. Cheryl was busy planning new routines and you wanted more friends that weren’t total bitches.

“You’re gorgeous!” Veronica grinned, “How do you get your hair to shine like that?”

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  • Person: Are you watching that episode of Riverdale again? Haven't you seen it like many times already?
  • Me: Yeah, so what?
  • Person: Why do you even do this?
  • Me: What if I missed something important? A reaction, a glance... Everything is important.
  • Person: oh...
  • Me: *watches Bughead kiss scene from episode 6 again, squealing*
  • Person: Did you see anything different?
  • Me: Not this time... Maybe if I watch it again, I'm sure my OTP will surprise me.
  • Person: .... You have problems.
  • Me: I know.

Riverdale Fancasts (1/5)

Keke Palmer as Nancy Woods
Austin Butler as Charles ‘Chic’ Cooper
Megan West as Trula Twyst

Praise the Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a good day today, here in sunny England it is freezing cold and raining, which is a perfect excuse to stay in and do very little which would have been the plan if I didn’t have a maths exam deadline fast approaching so instead I’ve spent the day so far doing maths mock exams.

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on a side note, I’m gonna download some kind of video capture software for my PC and see if I can get something recorded and uploaded onto youtube.

What would you guys be more interested in? 

Blighttown - Getting it over and done with


Anor Londo - Get to S&O without throwing your controller out the window in rage


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OPEN STARTER. This was bad, terribly so. Farah could feel her chest tightening even as her front door closed. It seemed no matter how many close calls she had she simply would never learn her lesson. Stepping backwards, her heels clicking against the polished floorboards of her suburban home, Farah took a desperate hold of her staircase railing before slowly easing herself down into a sitting position. Letting out an exasperated sigh, Farah looked down and away from the exit to her home — someway, somehow her husband hadn’t noticed the state of her shirt. Inside out and with half the buttons pushed into the wrong holes. Rubbing a warm palm over the side of her face, Farah sat in silence until she could no longer hear her husbands car. He was a loving man, he worked hard to provide her with a comfortable lifestyle, yet here she was — dishevelled and hiding a half naked man in the closet under the stairs.

“You can come out now…” she sighed. “He’s gone,” this time had been too close for comfort. Farah could feel the sweat collecting atop of her brow, though her fingers had finally stopped shaking. Had the pair of adulterers made it to the second floor bedroom they might not have even heard Farah’s partner arrive home. Having the time and the opportunity to shove her lover out of sight felt like a once-off and should she choose to continue, fate certainly wouldn’t be as kind next time. “He forgot his briefcase,” she concluded, distress evident in her tone of voice.

“God,” clammy hands rubbed together as Farah tried to suppress the panic bolting through her. How quickly her life would have changed should they have been caught, she would’ve been out on her ass with no money and no where to live. This thought alone brought her attention to the shirtless male now standing before her. “This has to stop…” of course, like most stupid things it had started as something fun. But things were growing complicated, but he was younger and didn’t quite understand that — or perhaps he did and was simply choosing to ignore the drama that would unfold should they be discovered. “This has to stop.”


Blaine and I were pretty famous around the neighbourhood for our duelling Simon Le Bon impressions ~ Cooper Anderson


The prize is the above sticker of Solaire dressed as a ghost.

Rather fitting for Halloween I think!

50 bosses from Dark souls 1 and 2. Choose your favourite, each has a number next to it and on Halloween I will randomly generate a number between 1-50 to decide who wins!

To enter you can either comment on this post or Private message me, either is good!

Entrance is 50p per Boss, I won’t take payment until Halloween so don’t worry about it, you can still reserve your favourite even if you don’t have the money at the time!

The competition ends on Halloween at 7pm GMT and don’t worry if you don’t live in Britain, I can still mail it out to anywhere else you happen to be and there will NOT be any addition charge for postage :)

Good Luck and Praise the sun!


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