coop housing


Can’t keep em cooped up into the house on day like this.

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This modpack contains visual mods for:

coops / barns / house / greenhouse / silo / stable / well
10 files total.

Slightly overgrown, greener and not as bright!

New buildings will be done eventually.
Download HERE.

Always remember to back up your files before changing them.
Let me know of any problems. I’ve only tested these on my new save, so I haven’t seen everything in-game yet. 

Introverted Alphas/Extroverted Omegas Headcanons

-An extroverted Omega that loves going to parties and being social, but always low-key getting annoyed when their introverted Alpha never wants to go anywhere with them but is also too possessive and stubborn to let them go alone and it always ends up in some kind of argument in which the very ‘convincing’ Omega usually gets their way somehow

-A quiet and introverted Alpha being dragged out to drink with friends by their loud and extroverted Omega, quickly regretting going along with it once their very affectionate mate gets drunk and starts clinging to people and even though the Alpha despises drawing attention to themselves they don’t hesitate to pry the Omega off of whoever they are currently stuck to and take them home where they proceed to try and scold them for their behaviour while also enjoying what a cuddly drunk they are

-A very social Omega being grumpy about being cooped up in the house when they are in pre-heat because their Alpha says its too dangerous to go out. Despite their mate’s sour attitude, the Alpha enjoys the time spent at home without the Omega pestering them to go somewhere

-An introverted Alpha in high school that has a very loud and insistent Omega flirting with them constantly and almost always in front of a large group of people and eventually the Alpha asks the Omega out on a date just to avoid the attention, not realizing how smug the Omega is afterwards because that had been their plan the whole time

-An unusual relationship in which the Omega does all the talking for their quiet and shy Alpha when in large groups of friends and everyone thinks it’s kind of odd but nobody points it out because the Alpha is obviously content to let the Omega do it

-An Alpha that is very introverted and private and likes to keep personal things to themselves and as they are walking down the hall one day they overhear their much more talkative and outspoken mate on the phone with another Omega like, “Yeah my heat just ended a couple days ago and I’m just now able to properly walk around again…yeah my Alpha loves being all rough with me and it’s fantastic but I’ve been sore as hell…yeah no he’s huge…oh my god really? Maybe I’ll ask him if we can try that next time…” and the Alpha is just dumbstruck as they stand out in the hall with a bright red face before slowly walking away to avoid hearing anything else…they constantly wonder after that just how many of their mate’s friends know all the details of their sex life

-An extroverted Omega that adores family gatherings and pulling their much less enthusiastic Alpha around by the hand to greet everyone and exchange small talk and the Alpha honestly just wants to go home but their Omega is just so happy so the Alpha just sticks close by and let’s their mate have fun because Alphas are most content when their Omega is happy

-An extroverted Omega being grateful that their introverted Alpha always goes wherever they want so they show their appreciation by simply spending the day at home, just the two of them, and the Alpha loves it and demands cuddles and kisses all day, requests that the Omega happily grants every time

-An Alpha that loves their very outgoing Omega but hates to watch them go around and give all their attention to other people. The Omega noticing all the long looks and the subtle possessive scent and gladly making it up to the Alpha when they finally get home later, being sure to give their Alpha all the 'attention’ they need

Boyfriend Does My Makeup

request: Lol no worries. How about one where I’m a YouTube and we do the bf does my makeup challenge 😜

a/n: my two favorite things: shawn and makeup <3

You laid on the couch, scrolling through your timeline on Twitter, bored out of your mind. It was snowing outside, so you and Shawn decided to coop yourselves inside his house for the day. “Oooh, babe!” You sat up when you saw a tweet from a fan, asking if you and Shawn could film a video together.

“What?” Shawn asked, looking up from the snack he was making in the kitchen.

“Do you wanna film something? Perhaps a fun video?” You asked, already having an idea on what to do.

“Why? What do you wanna do?” He asked, cautious.

“Nope, you gotta answer me before I tell you!” You laughed, getting up from the couch. You tied your hair back and leaned on the counter across from Shawn, smiling innocently.

The singer bit his lip and debated for a moment, before sighing. “Fine, yeah, what do you wanna film?” He asked, following you into your bedroom, bringing his food.

You set your camera up and the tripod on the floor, so you two could sit on the carpetted flooring. “Ever heard of the Boyfriend Does My Makeup challenge?” You laughed, clapping your hands together.

“What?!” Shawn squawked, eyes bugging out. “No, babe, I’m gonna ruin all of your makeup!” He shook his head, going to leave, but you stopped him. “Babe, move, c’mon, you paid a lot for this stuff, I don’t wanna mess it up.”

“Shawn, relax. I got a lot of this from promos and stuff. Part of being a YouTuber, just like how you get discounts on music stuff.” You explained, patting the spot on the carpet next to you. “It’ll be fun!” You persuaded him, and Shawn sat down. “Yay!”

You snorted as Shawn grabbed your setting powder and brush, and began to sweep it across your cheek. “Well this isn’t right.” Shawn said, furrowing his brows. “Nothing’s happening? You sure this is makeup, love?” He looked at you, and you nodded.

“One hundred percent.”

“Alright,” Shawn seemed unconvinced, but finished dusting your clean face with poweder. He looked at the camera for a moment before looking back down at the collection of makeup supplies. He picked up the pink mascara tube and unscrewed the lid. “This is mascara.” He informed the camera. “Not yet,” He said, mostly to himself as he screwed it back together and set it to the side.

Watching in enjoyment, you dusted some of the powder from your leggings and grabbed your phone, looking through Snapchats in the meantime. “Ooh!” You jumped when your boyfriend found your favorite eyeshadow palette.

“This is from that face company, right? And it smells like peaches?” He asked, referring to the Sweet Peach palette, something you cherished dearly.

“Yeah, you got it, hun.” You laughed, plucking the eyeshadow brush from the cup of brushes. You watched Shawn as he covered the brush in one of the neutral shades, and swept the color onto your lid. You smirked when you felt his pinkie on the side of your face, as to keep his hand steady.

“Umm,” Shawn looked at your eyes and the palette a few times, before deciding to close the lid. “I want this to look good. We’re going out for lunch after this.”

You smacked your forehead, forgetting about that. “Oh yeah! With your mom and sister! Make me look good, Mendes.”

Shawn grabbed the mascara and looked at you. “You always look good.” He said sincerely, before coating your lashes in the mascara. He got a clump of mascara from the end of the wand on your nose, to which you laughed and his eyes widened. “Sorry,” He began to wipe it off, but he only smudged it more. He closed the mascara, and looked at the camera. “I’m doing a good job, guys. The under- the- these look really good.” He gestured to the area under your brows, and you smiled, rolling your eyes.

He found the lipstick he got your for Christmas, and grabbed it. “I got you this!” He smiled, and untwisted the cap. “It’s from that one company you like that’s only online, right? And they’re super nice?” He asked, and you nodded.

“Yeah, ColourPop!” You laughed, but stopped when he went to apply the lipstick.

After he was done, you grabbed your mirror and examined yourself, fixing the small amount of lipstick he got on your chin. “Ya did good, baby. I’m proud of you.” You smiled, ending the video after saying goodbye.

“Thanks, it was fun.”

“Maybe someday I’ll get to do your makeup!” You joked, laughing when you saw Shawn’s face. “C’mon, let’s go meet your mom and sister.”

a/n: i’m really feelin like i should write the other piece, the girlfriend does the makeup :-) let me know if i should do that!!! also feedback is great and fun and all 

Sidekick!Adrien AU

I take it from the number of notes the initial post is getting that y’ALL ASKED FOR IT.

  • First of all, let’s age them up to 17-20.
  • In this AU, Adrien never goes to public school. He remains cooped up in the house, a sad little sunflower with no friends. ):
  • So what does he do? He starts finding ways to sneak out of his high security mansion
  • including but not limited to: hACKING THE SECURITY FEEDS.
  • Then Ladybug appears and Adrien’s whole world turns upside-down
  • He doesn’t know who this girl is but he loves her
  • and when he sees her struggling to take out a bad guy on her own, he decides he wants to help.
  • He does it from a distance at first—hacking into computer systems to make it easier for her to get into places where people need help
  • (he becomes known as Chat Noir because when he hacks into security feeds he replaces the video with a loop of a snickering black cat)
  • but in the meantime he’s taking like three kinds of martial arts and building up his body so he won’t be completely useless
  • and also buying some expensive toys like a high tech silver staff (“for my martial arts, father!”) and a motorcycle (“just fixing it up as a side project haha”)
  • far be it from Gabriel to deny his son a few rich boy pleasures
  • but of course Adrien starts taking it out to help his Lady
  • “You are a stupidly handsome yet very breakable human being please go home”
  • Adrien keeps doing it anyway
  • until they’re conducting night patrols on the back of his motorcycle
  • and flirting like it’s nobody’s business
  • Adrien tends to be targeted by the akuma a lot because his father wants him back in the house, enough of this superhero nonsense! Maybe if he gets knocked around enough he’ll change his mind
  • He doesn’t.
  • Insert gratuitous Ladrien makeouts
  • and one conflicted civilian Marinette who is desperate to keep her identity secret even though making out with Adrien during daylight hours would be pretty nice
If You Were There, Beware Part II

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Michael Gray x Reader

Part I

Life in the country is all that Y/N knew. While Henry left for Birmingham for those three days, Y/N tended to the farm. Little Jack played with the chickens while Y/N mucked out the pens and did the daily chores. After having Henry as a constant, it was very strange to not have him home. The empty bed was strange and the house seemed a lot quieter. She did not like it one bit.

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Listen I know you miss the travelling, but it’s going to be all right. It’s like being a hen in a coop! Remember that house in Lichfield? Eh? The one the bailiff used to throw you out of? Throw you in the ditch? I’m going to buy that fucking house. Big as Tommy’s, with more land. If you feel cooped up, we’ll take a wagon and camp out by the ditch.

Waffle House AU

(Lord help me, I can’t believe I just typed those words)

@pangaeastarseed :D

(takes place in Season 4 where Murder Husbands are living together in a remote mountain cabin somewhere in middle America)

  • Will, tired of being cooped up in the house with Hannibal all the time, convinces him that they should get into town and make friendly with the locals by frequenting the local Waffle House. What he doesn’t tell Hannibal is that he mostly just misses hash browns, and Hannibal, for all his skill in the kitchen, just doesn’t have the right kind of griddle to get them crispy enough.
  • Hannibal is, understandably, resistant to the idea, but agrees to the principle that being “friendly diner regulars” is a much better cover identity than being “the weird reclusive couple on the end of the block with way too many exotic antlers in their living room.”
  • The first time they go, Will can’t get him to eat much more than toast, though he does at least try a bite of everything on both their plates.
  • Hannibal’s chief complaints:
  1. That’s not coffee.
  2. Those aren’t waffles.
  3. Those are definitely not eggs.
  4. Has the person who smoked this bacon even heard of hardwoods?
  5. How did someone even bend this fork this way, and why do they still keep it in rotation?
  6. How can you even taste those potatoes under all that ketchup, Will?
  7. What’s this sticky stuff on my sleeve and how did it get there?
  8. Grits, Will? Grits?
  • …and Will’s responses:
  1. No, and I could probably run my car on this if I tried.
  2. This is North Carolina, not Belgium.
  3. How could you tell, did you watch her when she poured them out of the carton right in front of us?
  4.  …
  5. Hannibal, what happens at a Waffle House at midnight stays at a Waffle House. The fork still works, doesn’t it?
  6. Why would I want to?
  7. *poorly stifled laughter*
  8. Less a food item in their own right than a receptacle for butter. Add a few more pats, you’ll like it, I promise.
  • They keep going, weekly, and then semiweekly, and then finally daily, and they do make some new friends. They learn a lot more about local high school sports scores than they ever thought possible.
  • Will is also pleased to discover that getting out of the house more often and actually talking to other people is fantastic for their relationship, if only because it gives them something to gossip about together later. (“Can you believe Joann is finally divorcing that asshole? Good for her.” “Maybe she’ll send us his forwarding address and we can pay him a visit for her sometime.” “Hannibal.”)
  • Hannibal does eventually develop a taste for the grits (and the biscuits and gravy, though he still claims that he’s just ordering it to try and figure out the recipe and make improvements. Will has yet to see any of these gravy experiments.).
  • Will just about has a stroke the day he hears Hannibal order himself scattered and covered hashbrowns.
Home from work again today.

While I’m (almost) not contagious anymore, my eyes still look awful and I really don’t want to be around people, especially children, looking like this. I’m happy to be home with my family, but I’m not thrilled about the losing money bit. Luckily I’m picking up some extra hours next week, so it’ll help offset things a little.

I’ve also put zero effort into anything health-related this week between Melody’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and being sick. I got a look at my weight at the doctor yesterday, but I was fully clothed and stupidly had my phone and keys in my pocket, so I have no idea how accurate it was. But I’m feeling so run-down and being cooped up in the house is making me restless and wanting to eat all the things, so I don’t really know what to think 🙃

try not to think too much about the fact that James and Sirius spent their last days the same: cooped up in their houses and frustrated with Dumbledore because there was nothing they could do to help; and they both died the same way too: in a fight, protecting Harry

Frost in the Park (closed)


Lucas had felt cooped up inside his house and decided to head towards the park to get some much needed fresh air. He also liked watching the people walk around and live their simple little lives. He kept the hood up on his head to help hide his strange markings from wary eyes. He relaxed onto a bench onto one side of a well traversed park trail. He allowed his mind to wander after a time sitting there.