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Same anon but what about syw characters as sodas? Maybe Dr.Cooper, Coop Beer, Coop-er Cola? Maybe Pe-Price (Pepsi but also Caprice), Sunkit (like Sunkist but more moody), and maitho dew? Maybe idk just a fun idea

I’m sorry I read coop-beer and now it’s the only thing I care about


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair


Suffered some bumps on the old noggin’, hey, Phil?


what do we want? drugs! when do we want them? now! ( requested by anonymous )

Solarpunk Business Model: Co-ops

Growing up in southwestern Minnesota, I was exposed early on to farmers’ co-ops, and I’m shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you! – that the Solarpunk movement hasn’t embraced this already.

Co-ops are awesome. Basically, everybody who has a hand in production also gets a share in the profit.

In farming communities, this means everyone gets money from the corn they grow, while the Coop sells that corn to the big businesses that need it.

In Duluth, we have this grocery store called the Whole Foods Co-op that is owned by people in the community who shop there, and they actively do business with regional farmers.

So how would this look in a Solarpunk setting? Imagine a bike shop owned by the very people you see at the shop who are making and repairing the bikes. Or a fashion boutique where people can become members by contributing something (food? fabric? currency?) and the designer heavily marks down the prices for them. Or a bar where the bartenders and the regulars each have a stake in the place doing well.

We need more co-ops in our Solarpunk, people.