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a prompt; jughead and betty are dating but given his new southside status, betty doubts that he'll ask her to prom, and he doesn't. but he realises midway that he forgot and then gets all ready in a tux, only to see archie and betty be crowned prom king& queen. can we have some sort of a jealous jug and reassuring betty plz? and oblivious archie whose just really happy he won


“It’s fine Ronnie, you really don’t have to do that, I promise I’ll be fine without one.” Betty Cooper spoke softly, tripping over her own feet as Veronica dragged her through the florist, her eyes determined as the raven haired teen held up a swatch of fabric.

“I don’t care what you think B, the corsage is one of the most important pieces of the entire Prom ensemble, leave it to me, I’ll find the perfect one, it’ll match your dress, stop questioning me, this is what I was born to do.” Veronica gave a dramatic flourish and tugged Betty through the next aisle.

The blonde smiled gently at her best friend
“I really appreciate this V but won’t it be a little weird for me to show up with a corsage when I don’t even.. I don’t even have a date.” She swallowed thickly, the hurt evident in her voice.

Veronica turned around quickly, her arms wrapping around the defeated girl next door.
“Listen to me Betty Cooper, you’re beautiful and strong and kind and jug because you’re stupid gang banger of a boyfriend forgot about prom doesn’t mean I’m going to let him ruin this for you. I mean come on, you’re pretty much a shoe in for prom queen.” She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed at the stray tear sliding down Betty’s cheek.

Betty sniffled, wiping her nose and groaning
“I don’t understand that, I don’t want to be prom queen. You would be so much better at it than me, or even Cheryl.” She picked up a yellow daisy and brought it to her nose, inhaling the sweet smell. “I love daisies” the teary eyed blonde sighed dreamily.

Veronica pulled the bouquet from its stand
“You’re going to be prom queen because you deserve it, you’ve saved Riverdale more times than I can count and there’s not a single person more selfless than you. Don’t worry I’m sure my boyfriend will be standing right beside you, remind me to Thankyou again for beating out Valerie Brown, no way I’m letting her slow dance with Archie.” Veronica growled.

Betty giggled
“I haven’t won yet.”

With a lazy wave of her perfectly manicured hand, Veronica brought the daisies to the counter
“Make these into the most beautiful corsage you have ever seen, wrap the rest up.” She slid her black card across the counter. “Facial time!” Veronica pulled the giggling blonde through the store as Betty rolled her eyes lovingly.
Jughead rubbed his eyes, instantly annoyed at the invasion of his sleep. He hardly got any as it is, he wasn’t in the mood for some old man Serpent coming over and asking for another favor.
Ripping open the door he raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Arch? What are you doing here?”

Archie Andrews was standing on the front porch of F.Ps old trailer, his hand stuffed in his pockets as he looked at Jughead sadly, it had been atleast two weeks since he’d seen his best friend.

“Hey Jug, I was on my way to the shop and figured I’d come check up on you. Sucks about you and Betty, I’m real sorry man.” The redhead reached out and clapped a hand to Jugheads shoulder.

Jughead shifted uncomfortably in his leather jacket
“What about me and Betty?” He asked confused, his chest tightening in worry.

Archie nodded in understanding
“Yeah I get it, break ups are pretty hard to talk about, it’s best to just ask like they didn’t happen.”

Jugheads eyes went wide and he gripped the door frame
“We didn’t break up? Who said we broke up? Betty did?!” His eyes searched Archie’s face desperately as the quarterback seemed taken aback

“No, I just.. I assumed since you’re not taking her to prom and she’s going on her own… wait a second you’re still together? You didn’t ask your girlfriend to her senior prom? Dude what’s the matter with you?!” Archie’s eyes were angry now as he crossed his arms over his chest, disappointment evident.

Jughead wasn’t paying attention anymore, he felt sick to his stomach.

He had forgotten.

He had completely forgotten to ask Betty, he hadn’t even realized, Jesus he was the shittiest boyfriend in the world. “I’ll see you later tonight..” he mumbled, leaving his trailer door swinging open and Archie standing on
the porch.

“Looking good B Coops.” A deep wolf whistle came from her right and Betty smiled as Reggie Mantle stood beside her, slinging around her shoulders.

Betty laughed shoving Reggie away
“Thanks Reg.” Her smile was still fairly sad no matter how hard she tried to hide it, Reggie caught on quickly

“Hey, the dorks been through a lot of shit, word around town is he’s been busy with the gang, he probably just forget. I doubt he meant anything by it.” The jock shrugged his shoulders as Betty looked up at him, her eyes softened and she went on her tippy toes, pressing a feather light kiss to Reggies cheek.

“Thank you Reggie.” She spoke earnestly, shoving him gently “now go spin Josie around on that dance floor, she’s looking ready to bust a move.”

Reggie grinned,
“That’s my girl.” He ran to the dance floor lifting up his girlfriend and spinning her around.

Betty smiled and glanced down at the light yellow, strapless dress flowing around her ankles, the silver heels she wore made her teeter a bit but they looked good, her long blonde hair pulled up in a curly updo leaving her neck bare, a small silver chain with a tiny crown resting low on her chest. Betty’s fingers curled around the crown, her heart aching at the absence of her boyfriend.

Veronica chose that moment to come over and excitedly whisper in her ear
“They’re crowing prom king and queen! Come on, let’s get to the front.” Once again the beautiful dark haired girl in the deep purple dress pulled Betty through the crowd, where she listened to then dub Archie Prom King.

Betty clapped and whistled, her heart swelling for her childhood best friend, Veronica was shouting “that’s my boyfriend Baby, that’s right prom king?!”

“And now for our prom queen of the Riverdale Senior Class… Betty Cooper.”

An eruption of cheers overtook the auditorium and before she knew it she was being shoved into Archie’s arms, a crown being placed on her head as the pair was pushed onto the dance floor, a slow song playing on the speakers, Archie’s hands finding her waist as hers draped around his neck.

“Deja Vu” the red headed boy smirked

Betty laughed,
“I always knew this would happen, I mean not this way obviously but ya know. Wouldn’t it be funny If Jughead were here, he always used to call us the prom king and queen.” She giggled

Archie’s eyes found something above her head and he laughed under his breath, his hands tightening
“Looks like he is here.” He nodded behind Betty and spun her around, her eyes catching on the dark haired boy as he stood next to Veronica, his hands shoved in his suit pockets, he looked angry.

“What’s he doing here? And why does he look so mad?” Betty looked up at Archie and raised a brow at his wicked smirk.

“He’s jealous, let give him something to talk about shall we?”

Betty’s eyes widened before settling in understanding as she smiled

“We shall.”

Archie swung Betty around and she giggled loudly, the crowd awwing

Suddenly she was being spun out of Archie’s arms and into a very familiar pair of hands.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?” Betty asked confused as the raven haired boy tugged her tighter to his chest, Swaying gently to the music as he buried his face in her neck, inhaling the vanilla perfume.

“What? I can’t dance with the prom queen?” He pulled back and smirked nervously.

Betty tried to tamper down her smile but felt the corners of her lips pulling up
“I’m in high demand.” She teased, resting her head on his chest as fingers toyed with her neck, pressing gently on the pulse point.

“Bets.. I’m so sorry, I forgot. I wasn’t thinking, I’ve been so busy with.. ya know. And I know that it’s no excuse to neglect you, you’re the most important person in the world to me, I don’t want to lose you, I just.. I feel like I’m drowning here. I’m trying to balance these two lives and I’m failing, I don’t care about anything else.. I just..”

Betty cut him off, pressing a kiss to his lips and smiling when she felt him let out a breath of relief

“I get it. I’m not mad, but don’t ever feel like you have to choose okay? I’m here for you. Through everything.” She pressed her palm to his cheek and he sighed, pressing against her.

“I love you Betty Cooper.”

She grinned back

“Jughead jones, I love you.”

He spun her out and pulled her back in, her laughter filling the auditorium, his lips danced against her ear

“You look beautiful by the way Prom Queen.”

Betty laughed
“Whats a queen without her king?”

Jughead eyes shifted to Archie who was kissing Veronica on the dance floor beside them

He felt Betty push tighter against Him

“I prefer the Serpent King to The Prom king.”

Another fever dream:

[in which monica lewinsky rescues melania trump from the white house]

Monica Lewinsky sits at a maple desk in the library of her flat in London; texts by Donna Haraway, Audre Lorde, and their contemporaries line the walls. It is well-past midnight. Monica unfolds a blueprint before her of classified routes into the White House; stolen from under the President’s nose during her own days in that terrible, terrible building, in that just-as-terrible city. The one she’d damned to hell more than two decades before. Yet. She knows what she has to do. With a sigh, she retrieves a trap phone, a Nokia 3310, from her Birkin. She dials an elaborate series of ampersands and numbers.

“Hello?” Melania––code name: bird––asks in a hushed voice. It is 8 PM in Washington, DC. A Wednesday. A time for dinners that refuse to end.

“Is the bird ready to fly the coop?” Monica asks, lighting a B&H Silver. The ashes tumble onto the map. 

“The bird is ready,” Melania responds in a whisper. 

In the background, Monica can hear the dull, grumbled gripe of Melania’s husband. Code name: cantaloupe interruptus. ‘Can’ for short.

They hang up. Monica takes the cigarette lighter to the phone, melting it into a plastic discus. She picks up her slender suitcase, exits the flat, and hails a cab to the airport.

From her own iPhone, she calls Eric, the neighborhood hustler kid.

“Can you have another one of those Nokias delivered to me at O’Hare’s international terminal within the hour? The battery in the one I bought from you won’t hold charge and, oh, I miss playing Snake so much.”

“Sure miss, sure thing.”

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+ Z’s bonus challenge

  • @callmefp – Rute’s young!FP is pure gold, and Rute is a lovely human being
  • @moneycrowned – so guilty of not yet writing with Mara’s OC but I stalk everything! ( also, we should totally do things ASAP )
  • @idylliicsI know your feelings about Betty but Sky writes a really great B. Coop. and I’m so into our threads!
Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult: Proof That Love Exists

All right, so, basically, Jennifer Lawrence is quickly turning the Oscars into The Hunger Gamesof gifs. First she’s falling; now, she’s giggling with Nicholas Hoult. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this moment in J Lawr history. For, this is a true Oscars moment: a quiet couple giggling together for the world to see. 

Though, Lawrence and Hoult have been dating for some time, they’ve kept a relatively low profile. Either they’ve got an A+ team keeping all the pictures of them together hidden away in a secret Lawrence/Hoult vault, or they’re just sneaky, sneaky people. We’re going to go with the latter in this situation, but there’s no sneaking around this happening. Just look at them all buttoned up and filled with glee. Even Bradley Cooper can’t get enough of their aura. Hey, B. Coops, neither can we. 

Ballsy:  So, another dismal outing.  Another yawnfest.  Pretty meh on the meh scale this one, so from me it’s a “meh”.  

My two bob’s worth 

  • I see she’s still wearing table linen - I’m waiting for her to go full gingham myself.

  • The showmance gods answered my prayers when I first saw the list of attendees - and put her next to B-Coops.  Had a giggle over that.  Reasons.

  • And we get a video of her hiding what she is saying to BC (can’t be good then) and he tries to calm her and she then … the Nans are calling it a “cute, sweet, and adorable” high-five.  I see the magical rose-coloured glasses are firmly in place.  I’ve watched the full vid and numerous cropped versions and gifs.  It’s a “shut up and talk to the hand” gesture, just look at her attitude and body language - she is stiff, defiant, and aggressive, not smiley and friendly.  And right afterward she does a semi nose-in-air hair-flip!  Also, the way she pushes BC’s hand down after he tries to diffuse the gesture with his own hand is dismissive.  Oh, little miss was having a tanty.   Again, Watchie for the win:

  • My daily twitter search was full of quite a bit of nastiness.  I’ll spare you screencaps but I grabbed several full blocks of nasty tweets and a lot of individual ones.  Quite a few calling him a posh twit champagne socialist getting fancy invites and telling the rest of the populace what to do while showing how completely out of touch will reality he is.  And that’s paraphrasing it nicely.  But the majority of the comments were about his appearance, jokes about how he looked like the woman in the portrait behind him, how he looks pasty and his hair is odd.  There were only a few from nans bleating about him looking good.  And for some bizarre reason complimenting him on those horrid sunglasses that we all thought he was done with, but no - they’re back.  :S   I was quite surprised by the small percentage of nan cooing vs nasty tweets, but it is what it is.  Oh and one of SHC’s sock-puppets had the dress designer name up within about ½ hour of their appearance.  Gosh that google-fu!

  • The meeting with Andy after the match went a tad viral, mostly those comments about BC’s hair looking like the woman in the portrait, and  some nasty comments about Andy greeting BC and ignoring others, more important others.  And gosh wasn’t Weirdo putting on quite the OTT Cheshire cat grin, that kept going, and kept going, until she was ignored and just looked awkward as fuck.  And those teeth!  No wonder she has to constantly suck at them, does she have veneers on veneers?   Some are saying she didn’t have a right to be there, well Foxy Tim was there last year.  She didn’t have a right to greet Andy tho, stick to the background So-Fail - you’re only there as a tagalong. 

  • The Fail.  Ahhhh, and the comments.  As usual, JMD for the win “ Damn. Are they still pretending this is real? We’ve seen through it. Just give it up already. ”   Pretty much EVERY comment (not counting the obligatory housing refugees jabs) are negative about So-Fail, and a fair chunk of them are saying that BC used to be interesting/genuine, but now?  Not so much.  It’s pretty vicious.  And “Theatre Operator” now?  Since when?  She barely knows how to operate a hairbrush.  I guess being able to open the door and enter a theatre counts as “Theatre Operator” these days huh?

  • He’s wearing a blue hanky?  You don’t say!  ;)

In celebration of Jason Dohring’s 32nd birthday…

THE MANY FACES OF JASON DOHRING ON TV AND MOVIES:                     (well, some of them atleast)

Billy (Someone She Knows, 1994) | Roughneck #2 (Prehysteria 2, 1994) | Jason (Deep Impact, 1998) | Coop (Once and Again, 2000) | B. Moody (Ready To Run, 2000) | Jerry (Roswell, 2001) | Nerdy Guy (The Parkers, 2001) | James Oliphant (JAG, 2002) | Ian Bridgeman (Boston Public, 2002-03) | Robby (Black Cadillac, 2003) | Simon Hadlock (Judging Amy, 2004) | Dominic LaSalle (Cold Case, 2004) | Wes (The Division, 2004) | Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars, 2004) | Josef Konstan (Moonlight, 2007-08) | Roommate(?) (Struck, 2008) | Will Taylor (The Deep Below, 2007) | Charlie (Body Politic, 2009) | Greg (Party Down, 2009) | Danny Nagano (CSI, 2010) | Martin Walker (Lie To Me, 2010) | Elliott Knight (Searching for Sonny, 2011) | Mr Carpenter (Ringer, 2011-12) | Chronos / Ethan Snider (Supernatural, 2012) | Joe (Rules of Engagement, 2012) | Killian McCrane (The Tomorrow People, 2013) | Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars Movie, 2014)