omg okay so my sister has a daughter who’s dad is basically MIA, he refuses to acknowledge that my niece is his daughter even though it was legally proven. so he didn’t tell his family. my mom was at Walmart waiting in line and chatting with a woman she didn’t know, they hit it off and my mom asked her name so she could add her on Facebook, and her last name was the same as my nieces dad. that was like a light bulb to my mom and she asked this woman if she knew the dad. she did. in fact, he is her son. so my mom mentioned her granddaughter, who is also this stranger in the Walmart checkout lines granddaughter and this woman had NO IDEA. my mom called my sister from the checkout line and this woman, in tears, got to talk to the mother of the granddaughter she didn’t even know she had. she’s going to meet her for the first time ever this Saturday. I had to share because holy coooow, two strangers meet at Walmart and just so happen to find out that they are grandmothers to the same child, when does stuff like this ever even happen in real life

To Heaven, Hell, and Back (Isaac LaheyxReader)

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(A/N: Holy coooow this was something I wrote a while back and never really posted it not knowing how you guys would feel but here you go, just a quick Isaac thing.) 

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Warnings: probably poor grammar, punctuation, etc.

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Y/N’s POV:

9:00pm is what I read on my phone’s screen. I had just finished packing the last of my things before moving over to my mattress which was now on the floor. I had made a deal with my father that by the time I reached my last two years of High School I would have to move to America with him. My father and my mother divorced when I was just six years old and because my father felt like he wanted to keep being a part of my life he had made that deal with my mother.

Here I am, now sitting on my mattress as I decided that I would pack as soon as Sophomore year ended. My eyes traveled over to my left looking at a picture of myself and my best friend Isaac. I was at the beach down by the docks and had my feet in the water, Isaac had grabbed some popcorn from the nearby carnival and we sat and talked about our future. Isaac told me that he wanted to be free, it didn’t matter how big or how little it was, he just wanted people to know him for who he was and not the kid his father abused. That was the same night I told him about my deal with my father. Isaac had raised his phone and he took a picture of us, popcorn in my open mouth and himself with his lips on my cheek and he took the photo. That night was when Isaac promised to always be my best friend no matter the distance.

The flashback soon ended and I couldn’t help but smile as I had played with the bracelet on my wrist, the bracelet had Isaac’s name on it along with an infinity sign. Isaac has one just like it but with my name on it. I looked around my bedroom and let out a gentle sigh as I kept trying to convince myself that moving would be a better option for me. The more my eyes looked around, the more my eyes would fill up with tears and my mind filled up with memories.

Just as I was about to lie down on my pillows I heard my phone vibrating on the floor. I turned to pick it up and there flashed “Cinnamon Roll” on the screen with the background of his face making me smile brightly, I answered the phone and pressed the phone to my ear

“Hello?” I had asked and rose an eyebrow wondering why just now Isaac was calling me since a couple hours ago he told me he was going to be out with his other friends Scott, Stiles, and Derek. I waited for a response and when I finally heard it, it only tore my heart to pieces

“Trust me, she’s leaving for America like, tomorrow I think, I never liked her anyway since this whole friendship between her and I was just a joke.” Isaac’s voice spoke through the phone and I found myself choking a bit as I continued to listen, not bothering to hang up, as if my hand was stuck to the phone and couldn’t just pull away. My free hand rested under my chin and my teeth gnawed on the flesh of my fore finger as I kept getting more and more nervous but more and more anxious as to what Isaac wanted to say

“Well good, at least you can focus better with her out of the picture! Look at the bright side. If she is no longer here, you’re free to sleep with any girl you want!” said a voice I couldn’t make out since the entire conversation was muffled. My eyebrows furrowed as I tried making out who’s voice it was, Stiles? Derek’s voice had more serious tone to it while Scott’s voice was deep

“Well, she’ll be gone in the morning” Isaac’s voice answered. Gathering my strength, I pulled my phone away from my ear and stared at the screen before hanging up the call and I gulped as my hands shook

“Was this friendship really all a joke?” “She’ll be gone in the morning.” Mixed thoughts in my head both Isaac’s words and my own questions ran through my head. I felt my phone vibrate again in my hand and again I saw Isaac’s name across my screen. Choosing to ignore the call I placed my phone back on the floor on top of a pillow to muffle the vibrations and I got up, moving around boxes and I chose to go on the couch in the living room, laying there and staring at the blank tv. The white walls were covered in polaroid photos of my mother and I, myself, my mother, my mother and her friends, young photos of myself, and a few photos of Isaac and I. I was letting my mind fade into black knowing I was falling asleep but unfortunately my mom turned the living room lights on and she looked at me

“Isaac’s on the phone you know, he’s been trying to call you” she said and I looked at my mom while shaking my head mentally telling her that I didn’t want to speak at the moment. My mother frowned slightly before she spoke into her phone

“Sorry Isaac, but I don’t think YN is feeling well right now” she said as her voice faded away. My eyes closed again along with the lights my mother turned off, all I could think of was if Isaac’s words four years ago were the truth

“I promise to be your best friend, To Heaven, Hell and Back”

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