“Being from the UK and an ice dancer, I’ll always be a fan of Coomes and Buckland, but there’s just a little portion of me that completely loves the Canadian ice dancers, like all of them, don’t ask me to pick a favourite!”

fun latin word of the day

quantuluscumque, quantulacumque, quantulumcumque, adj. (quahn-too-lus-coom-kway) — however small, however unimportant

i know this word isn’t exactly uncommon but gee it’s one of my favorite words in latin ever

like talk about fantastic – it’s literally one of the longest words i’ve come across in literature and it’s the word for “however small” or “however insignificant” 

i’m amused. that is all. 

FCKXC I HOpe hes cooming back tomorrow not th 21 i dont remember whenbut he said. 5 days and i hink he left on the 15 but our last convo was me being anidiot :(

#ScienceCorner: Tallest known tropical tree discovered in Malaysia’s lost world

Image: Stephanie Law

Behold the giant. The world’s tallest known tropical tree has been discovered in a rainforest in Malaysia, measuring a whopping 89.5 metres. David Coomes of the University of Cambridge and his colleagues discovered the behemoth in one of Malaysia’s last remaining pristine wildernesses – the Maliau Basin Conservation Area, known as Sabah’s Lost World.

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reblog if u understand
  • ‘Ah, Dougal!’ (audience cheers) ‘Yee’l have had your tea?’
  • ‘Alright, Graeme, you can start.’
    ‘Ok…That was my word.’
  • 70-year-old men singing Taylor Swift
  • Barry’s spontaneous Tom Jones impressions
  • Kazoo and penny-whistle
  • ‘Towel…Yorkshire bird that hoots.’
  • Audience clapping along with the worst singers
  • (monotone) ‘and today we have the most wonderful, most intelligent teams of splendid, lovely people.’
  • Mah nehm’s Barry, an’ ah coom frum Yorkshire.
  • gnat’s crotchet
  • Mornington Crescent!