Both Emma & myself were pretty excited to be attending our very first Cooly Rocks with Street Candy, so we were psyching ourselves up for this one for a while! Cooly Rocks On, as most of you know, is one of the most iconic kustom kulture festivals and kustom car and bike events on this end of the country, and every year it just gets bigger and more spectacular. Running for almost half of July every year, the festival includes the expected car rallys, runs, and competitions, and a huge number of events such as swing dances, dance competitions, fashion shows, gigs, and pretty much all the 50s flavoured excitement you can cram into two weeks!

We had booked to go down the last weekend of Cooly, hoping to get some photoshoots in with gorgeous pinup ladies, do a bit of shopping, and generally soak up the vibe. Avenging Angel Industries had kindly offered us a share in her market stall; we hadn’t planned on having a stall this year, but thought, why not! Hanging out with Nicole and her lovely Gasolinas would brighten anyone’s day! With the current Vintage craze in the media so much at the moment, we’d expected massive crowds, but our expectations were blown away by the sheer number of people who turned up. Even with inclement weather threatening, it really seemed as though half of Brisbane & the coast had borrowed their dad’s old FJ and trundled off to Cooly for the weekend.

By the time we got to Cooly at 8:30 on Saturday, the roads were bumper to bumper with immaculate hot rods all geared up for Shannon’s Show and Shine, and parking was disappearing quickly! I grabbed a park at Kirra beach, as close as I could, then sat down for a coffee while I waited for the street parade to show up. Sadly the parade seemed a little depleted, perhaps the threatening storm had kept some of the floats in the shed. The remaining floats were packed with rock'n’ roll clubs from all over the country, jiving away to fantastic 50s hits. I got a few shots off, however I wasn’t in the best spot for great photos of the parade, and juggling the camera and the baby is always interesting!

Once the parade was over I ambled across the boardwalk to Coolangatta Beach, and had a quick look through the markets before settling in with Nicole at her vintage hair booth. And just in time too, the rain quickly set in, and it continued to rain on and off throughout the day. Not exactly great photography weather, so there went that idea! The rain also seemed to dampen the crowd’s spirits a bit. Everyone just packed into the local pubs though, warding off the chill with a few drinks and some of the fantastic music on offer. I took the chance to photograph some of the incredible cars during a break in the rain, and have a chat to the lovely people who owned them. These were my favourite shots from the weekend…oh, and of course the shots of our favourite street-candy-coloured family who turned up again!!! Wow those kids have grown! I also ran into Miss Bella Von Doll, one of our beautiful Queensland entrants for Miss Pinup Australia, looking immaculately pinup as always! And check out her lovely man’s lovely hot rod! I was in photographer heaven, and fell a little in love…but don’t worry, Mr Von Doll, I wouldn’t trust myself not to ding it, so your pride and joy is safe….for now!

If anyone wants more of Cooly Rocks, pop on over to my gallery at Cooly Rocks On Gallery.

Also, apologies for the late blog post everyone! Both Emma & myself have been plagued by computer malfunction, I’m back online and Em’s working on the Dead of Winter post as we speak!