Here, I decided to post one new thing to this blog.

VANELLOPE. She’s cute in every way and I love her. I wanted to try drawing her…but for this specific one, I left it as a sketch, and I left very few things untouched on the sketch which is why most of it probably looks lazy (ex. hands). I loved her color scheme so this drawing was mostly for me to try some digital painting! I’m pretty excited about it, and I hope you all like it.

[EDIT] added candy to her hair, and her hair bow. cleaned up some minor details.


Due to the large amount of anons I’ve gotten on my other blog requesting that I post more art, I decided I’ll just go ahead and post these.

M form of a warmup, I see what I can sketch in 5 minutes. So these sort of brush tests, pressure tests, getting used to my program again. So I just slapped a watermark on these and….here ya go!