Cloud Chamber

In this image you can see a ‘thoriated-tungsten welding rod’ emitting alpha radiation inside a ’

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r’. A cloud chamber is a simple particle detector which creates a cold atmosphere of super-saturated alcohol vapour. As a particle is emitted from the rod, it collides with the vapour, causing it to condence back into water droplets, forming these tiny white trails. To find out how to make a cloud chamber, check out the source video:

Alcohol rocket

Here you can see the ignition of ethanol vapour in a bottle. The wave of combustion travels up the length of the rocket, the rapidly expanding gas increases the pressure, and the resulting propulsion sends it flying! Find out how to make a rocket in this video:

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How to set bubbles on fire | At-Bristol Science Centre

Bubbles can float, pop, and… burst into flames!? Ross & Heather of the Live Science Team investigate the secret behind turning water into bubbles and how to set a bubble on fire!

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