So I found this really awesome website
that I think all my kawaii lovers would love out there. It has the cutest stuff from pencil cases to stationary to many desktop/crafty items and even iphone cases. They sell a variety of characters, mainly Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma. So if you really like those characters (obviously you have to like Hello Kitty a lot if you’re on my blog lol) I suggest you go check out this website. Their stuff is soo cute. I haven’t bought anything yet from them (because I’m broke), but hopefully when I get some money to splurge on I can! (I’d say the website is more on the expensive side, so if you know a similar website with similar stuff and cheaper prices please inform me! lol) But this website is super cool and provides a unique way to express yourself through desktop accessories and school supplies (the designs are very unique I think or at least not as popular where I live (US) so it allows you to have something really different and cute). I just wanted to tell y'all about this, I think the website is super cute and awesome, go check it out! :) Giveaway! <3

About 3 days ago I entered’s giveaway to win one free pencil case from their website. I entered it thinking,“ Well, I haven’t done anything productive this summer ~ why not enter a contest that looks easy!”  So I did, and I won. I was sooo surprised. I’ve never won an online contest/giveaway at all. So I wanted a bigger but cutter pencil case ~ so I picked this one :
 picked one that wasn’t so childish, wouldn’t make noise when I pulled it out in class, or wouldn’t mess up if it got wet. 
A little information about it:

-Maximum capacity is approximately 25-35 pens.

-Product is approximately 7.5 inches (185 mm) long, 3.5 inches (85 mm) in height, and 2 inches (50 mm) in depth.