coolness of volunteering

Why? Does he look more like a “Totalitarian Regime” to you?

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by any chance was the book you were describing After the First Death by Robert Cormier?

Someone else suggested it and I looked it up on wikipedia. It looks pretty right. Thanks for reaching out!

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prosciutto headcanons? either nsfw or sfw


  • Prosciutto is great with kids, he pretty much babysits La Squadra and used to volunteer at the orphanage in his hometown. Being the cool volunteer who’d sneak a snickers or two to the kiddos. He never really admits it to his gang but he misses the kids down there
  • Prosciutto spends alot of time actually thinking of motivational speeches for the squad, he sits there and seethes if he detects the negative feels usually from Pesci and he makes a mental note to include it when the opportunity arises to praise them
  • To train his swagger walk he basically wears stilettos and puts it all in his hips and trains in his free time, also will not admit it
  • Aspires to be the mom friend, fails miserably because he is very blunt with his criticism of his friends


  • Prosciutto is 1000% has a praise kink, he’s so used to reassuring Pesci when he fucks the up though really harshly so when his partner tells him how much they love him the magnum dong has risen
  • Did I say magnum dong? Prosciutto has a small dick, maybe like 5inches. 
  • but like praise the tiny dong bc his nuts are huge, he’s also slightly insecure about it and praising the dong is probably one of the few things that he can get flustered over praise him
  • He also enjoys being choked, mishandled a good boy with good kinks
  • Has attempted to use hair gel as lube
  • Also enjoys using nipple clamps, like having the nips being tugged on only makes his erection grow stronger
  • He has made the grateful dead watch him jerk off, those multiple eyes are there for a reason and that’s to ensure that all eyes are on him

- Mod Milk

all this youtube …stuff… going on really …hurts. i don’t really care about PP, never really watched much of his stuff so i dont have any emotional connection or any reason to feel sorry for him. he’s proven that he cant own up to his mistakes and improve himself, instead choosing to dig himself deeper into his hole. what actually is distressing is seeing people i thought were cool volunteering to sink with him. i may not know them personally but that shit hurts when its people i’ve been watching for a long time

but with JT it cuts pretty deep. i’d re-watch his older vids over and over on nights i couldnt sleep, or whenever i felt sad. his newer stuff (from the past year or more) has felt …stale??? just not really that funny any more and his fucking ridiculous and offensive behaviour on top of that is ..disappointing at the least. im just so tired 

one time in elementary school i plagiarized a line from a book i was reading and copied it into my own story because i thought it was cool, then volunteered to have the whole thing read to the class. when my teacher got to that line in the story, she laughed a little and i panicked and asked what was wrong and she said, “nothing, nothing! it’s a great thing, actually! i can really see your personality in this sentence. you’re already developing your own style!” anyways that was when i first realized that everything about me is fake 

Today we walked - AGAIN <3 - the beautiful and lovely dogs (unfortunately we couldn’t take pics of them - humans and their silly rules…) from São Paulo public shelter. They don’t have a family to call theirs and they only go for walks on Sundays and it’s really rewarding giving them love and helping them to stay healthy. We had a blast.

A huge thank you to Su and Cynthia. Without you this amazing morning wouldn’t be possible! <3

Hoje nós voltamos ao Centro de Controle de Zoonoses (infelizmente não pudemos tirar fotos dos animais - humanos e suas regras bobas), no qual passeamos com cachorros que vivem no abrigo público municipal. Eles não tem uma família para chamar de sua e caminham apenas aos Domingos e é muito gratificante ajudamos eles a se manter saudáveis e encher eles de afeto e carinho.

Um enorme obrigada à Su e à Cynthia. Sem vocês essa adorável manhã não teria sido possível! <3

So for the NJ meetup fayelights gallbladdr and I planned we finally have official info about it.
It’s going to be on April 19th, 1:00 to 3:30pm, at Freedom Park in Medford New Jersey. (Rain date will be decided later)
We thought it would be cool to participate in the can town project so we’ll be asking y'all to bring some canned goods for that and then everything will be donated afterwords. We will also be providing tacos for everyone but I thought it would be cool for some people to volunteer to bring some food so it’s like a real hard core picnic! People can also bring blankets to sit on because shut up. A photoshoot and art raffle will also be happening because shut up.
Billie ( fayelights ) will be posting some general rules and guidelines soon that will insure that we don’t get kicked out
Thank you and I hope you can make it!