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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

  • ml at sdcc: hi guys here's a preview of the new live action movie and some new merch. also season 2 will be out really soon! :-)
  • ml at seoul comic con: whaddup nerds. here's 20 new clips of season 2. go wild
[translation] Ceci 2017 September Issue - Individual Interview: NCT DREAM

Mark: Recently I keep wondering, it is more difficult than expected to keep to ones’ words. Sometimes I will unconsciously say something, I end up having to take responsibility for what I said. I want to become someone who can be responsible for my words. I observe the charms of characters who have different characteristics from me. For example The Winter Soldier in “Captain America”, is someone cold with a scarred past. Gary from Spongebob is lazy and doesn’t care about the surroundings, so I like them very much. Because I am unable to archive that. I’m the heodang (perfect yet clumsy?) of NCT DREAM. But Haechan says I have a slight resemblance to Doraemon, like I’m a main character who is able to take out some magical tools from my little pocket. I take good care of the members but sometimes I come off as a klutz.

Renjun: When people mention NCT DREAM, the words “young” and “cute” naturally comes out. There is no need to become mature immediately. I think it’s important to naturally witness our growth. Compared to Korean, it’s more comfortable to speak in Chinese, so I tend to fail badly when I try to joke around with the members. However, that does not mean I don’t have any sense of humor. I think I’m very funny. Some of the elder brothers have set good examples I want to follow. I want to become someone who is objective, clean and honest, so that people will find me cool. My favorite place in Seoul is Moomin Cafe. I love Moomin a lot, it’s white and pretty. I wish to buy over Moomin Cafe next time.

Haechan: When I was younger I didn’t really listen to my parents. My parents told me I will get suntanned don’t go outdoors to play, but I just had to go against them by playing soccer at the field. Maybe that is why I feel connected to Crayon Shin-chan, and it’s the only manhwa I have been reading consistently since I was young. As I work with various people, I hope to become someone who is trustworthy at work, no matter on stage or on usual days. I hope people who know me would be able to believe in me, needless to say for our members. I love bringing smiles to people. I call myself a mood maker right. I also like the Joker from “The Dark Knight”, compared to the main character I think the real Dark Knight is the Joker. I wish to cosplay as The Joker for Halloween.

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Let That Liquor Ride

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Let That Liquor Ride
[DPRLive at a bar]

yeah wait hold up
let that liquor ride
baby love the way you chillin

Christian sighed rolling his eyes as Dabin stared at you from across the floor. You were waiting by the bar with your friends after Live’s set finished. You’d been nursing the same drink all night, occasionally you’d catch Dabin staring at you and you couldn’t help but to smile and look away shyly.

Christian had fallen victim to your little game of cat and mouse and had grown tired of it. “Please ask her out already. Mate you’re drivin’ me insane over this”

“I will…” Dabin mumbled downing back the rest of his liquor. “I will…I’ll ask her out…” he stood up, squaring his shoulders before immediately losing his nerves and sitting back down. “After one more drink” he reached out as the waitress walked by and grabbed another glass of alcohol.

“You’re pathetic. Come on. What are you waiting for? She’s been to every single one of your shows this month. You know she’s into you.”

“It’s not that simple Hyung… She's…”

“Pretty hot and out of your league?”

“Yeah…” he frowned losing what little nerve he had.

“Invite her and her friend up here. Maybe she’ll ask you out.”

“I can’t just ask her up here. What does that look like? Hey, do you wanna come to the VIP area with me? That just makes it look like I’m trying to make a move on her.”

“You are trying to make a move!” Christian groaned raking his hand through his hair. “You are literally trying to ask her out. And if I have to sit here and watch you ogle her for another night I’m gonna ask her out myself. And trust me Mate, it won’t be for your benefit”

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Sweet Boy, Jealous Boy | Yongguk (t)

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Genre: Light Smut
Warnings: dry humping.
Length: 1.3k

request found here

His hand was warm and soft in your own, giving an occasional squeeze as he took in the nighttime atmosphere. You were wrapped up in one of his jackets, much too big for your frame as Yongguk liked to wear oversized things. You were walking to cool streets of Seoul, window shopping for the most part.

“_____, I have to pee.” He said suddenly, stopping in front of a random men’s clothing store.

You giggled, hitting his arm playfully, “Then go pee!”

He leaned close to give you a soft peck on the forehead before running off into the store. You stood outside, watching cars and people pass by. Your hands were in your pocket, playing with a heat pack inside.

“Excuse me?” A man with a honeyed voice appeared in your vision. You perked up slightly, offering him a kind smile. “I couldn’t help noticing you…you’re very pretty.”

You blinked a few times, processing his words. “I…Thank you…”

“Are you…single?” He asked, looking hopeful.

You bit your lip and shook your head. “No, I’m sorry.”

His face dropped slightly but he quickly smiled again. “No need to apologize. I-“

“_____, I’m ready”

Yongguk interrupted, placing a hand on the small of your back. He has a slight smile on his face as he greeted the other man.

“Oh, it was nice talking to you.” You said, giving a small wave that he returned.

“Ready to head home?” Yongguk asked, taking your hand in his once again.

You walked quietly together, sharing a few words and stories. Yongguk was a quiet man, he loved to listen to you talk. But sometimes you just enjoyed each other’s presences as you enjoyed the crisp city nights. Your hands swung between you two and your breath fogged up the air around you as you exhaled.

When you reached home, you were tuckered out and ready to get in some nice cuddle time with your boyfriend. He opened the apartment, his keys making a soft tinkling noise in the otherwise quiet hallway.

The door opened, allowing the both of you into your warm home. The door shut with a soft click before Yongguk flicked the lock into place, securing the house for the night. Whistling softly, he plopped down onto the couch to turn the TV on. You noticed the way his shoulders were tense, a clear sign that the man was aggravated.

“Gukkie…what’s wrong?” You asked softly, sitting beside him on the couch.

He sighed, letting his shoulders sag. “I’ll be honest…I was jealous.”

Your eyebrows arched, your attention immediately piqued. “Jealous? Of what?”

“…Of that guy you were talking to. I know you rejected him. I have no reason to be jealous…but I was. I’m sorry.” He hung his head, looking incredibly vulnerable.

You smiled, pushing his back flat against the back of the couch, he looked up at you clearly shocked. You tossed your leg over his, successfully straddling him. His eyes were wide as he looked up at you. His hands were hovering in the air, unsure where to put them.

“You don’t need to be sorry.” You whispered. “I think it’s cute you got jealous like that.”

“Cute?” Yongguk scoffed, finally resting his hands on your hips.

Your weight felt nice on him and your body heat calmed him. He caressed your sides through your sweater. A small smile coming to his lips when you leaned down for a kiss. Your lips met softly at first until you leaned into it more, pressing your lips together more firmly.

The kiss gradually grew in intensity, a heat starting in your body. Having him below you and sharing such a passionate kiss with his hands touching your body, you could barely control yourself. Before you even realized it, you ground down onto Yongguk. His reaction was immediately, a soft groan into the kiss.

The sudden sound, one you had never heard from him before, surprised you. You wanted to hear more of the sounds he could make. You experimentally ground down on him again, resulting in another soft sound from him along with a tight squeeze to your waist.

“______…” He mumbled against your lips.

You hummed softly, breaking away from his lips to attack his neck. You found a spot that made him groan out loud, his head falling back against the couch. The sound causing your body to shiver and your panties to dampen. You ground down on him again, whimpering when you felt him hardening in his jeans.

“S-Sorry…” He whispered, realizing you felt him. He attempted to pick you up to take you off his lap but you refused to budge.

“It’s okay…” You whispered, kissing him softly on the lips.

Your body was so hot, your panties sticking to your core by now. They were becoming uncomfortable but the feeling when you ground down on him was enough to make you forget the uncomfortable stickiness. You ground down again, this time setting a slow rhythm. Yongguk’s groan this time was breathy and he was grinding back against you.

His grip grew tighter on you, his nails slightly digging in. You didn’t mind because he was holding you firmer against him, allowing him to grind his cock against you through your clothes much better. The friction was amazing.

Yongguk growled, wrapping his arm around you to pull you against him, his lips finding yours again. His hips set a faster pace, making you cry out against his lips. His other hand cupped your ass, squeezing a cheek in his hand. His body trembled slightly before he stopped completely.

“Shit _____.” He forced you to sit still, flat on his lap. You could feel his cock straining against his jeans as you sat on him. “We…we should stop.”

You frowned, playing with the hair at the base of his neck. “Why?”

“I don’t want to go too far.” He whispered, smiling gently up at you.

“Well…what if I want it?” You were a virgin, something Yongguk respected. He would never go further unless you asked him. And you did want it.

Except, Yongguk shook his head.

“No, not yet. I want it to be special, not starting off by us dry humping on my couch.” You giggled, slapping his chest playfully at his crude words. “But,” He continued. “I can go a little further…”

Before you could question what he meant, he was grinding up against you again. You whined immediately, the pleasure spiking through you. His cock was causing your panties to rub against your clit. He was moving so fluidly, holding you tightly, it was all euphoric.

You buried your face in his chest, clinging to him desperately, needing the grounding. He clenched his hand in the back of your shirt tightly. He was panting by this point, the whole situation driving him closer to the edge. But what he desperately needed was to get you off.

He circled your hips around his covered cock. He was throbbing in his jeans now, holding back the orgasm that was building in him. Your body was trembling, your thighs tightening against his hips. It was a clear sign that you were growing close. Your cries of pleasure drove him on. More than anything, he wanted to watch you cum. He knew you would look like a goddess while cumming.

And he was right.

Your back arched and your arms tightened around Yongguk, clinging to his biceps. You trembled above him, moaning desperately into his chest. He held you tightly as he continued to grind his hips into you, riding you through the high. Your walls clenched erratically around nothing, your juices soaking your panties completely, leaving them sticking to you even more than before.

Finally, you slumped against Yongguk, spent. His own body relaxed and he gently caressed your back. When the shakes in your body finally subsided, Yongguk gently lifted you off his lap. You laid there catching your breath when he stood up.

“Where are you going?” You asked softly.

“…To uh…take care of this.” He mumbled, gesturing to his hard cock in his pants.

“I can – “

“No baby, maybe next time.”

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Soulmates AU; Taehyung

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Summary; Whatever your s/o writes on their skin, will end up on yours and visa versa.

i wanna scream hes so cute

told ya it was gonna be messy 


-when you were 4 you were given you first painting set

-along with a whittley read-along friend

-after for months of having that toy you decided that whittley was creeping you the hell out

-you also thought it was haunted

-but the painting set started something off that would stay with you for a long time

-you had a love for painting

-there was something you could do forever

-you accidentally got paint on your arm

-and halfway across the world in south  korea

-a small Kin Taehyung was eating cereal

-when a small red blob turned up on his arm out of nowhere

-he s C R E A M

-he cry

-his parents didn’t know what it was until it disappeared after you finished painting and were putting your pots and paints away and you washed your arm 

-he discovered the knack of having a soulmate at the age of 4

-what a kid

-but you didn’t know until you got into primary school

-where you were writing in class

-just minding your own business

-and guess who else is in class?

-Kim taehyung

-he was just so bored….

-……………..that he doodled on your arm one day with a little hello on the side 

-he remembered the times that red blue and yellow paint would just turn up out of nowhere

-and maybe it was the same person so he tried to contact you

-the doodle……. 

-and it turned up on your arm

-you screamed in class

-you scared

-you didn’t cry 

-you came home and found out you couldn’t wipe that shit off

-it was ballpoint pen too!!!!!!!!!!!!

-it wasn’t sHA R P IE  MUM      LIS T E      N

-she then realised what has happened 

-she told you it’s your soulmate trying to talk to you 

-you’re like wait hHATW WHAT 

-she just sat there and laughed at you because you didn’t know what the fuck was going on but ok you went with it

-so on your left arm you wrote the word hello

-you waited a while to hear a response

-MEANWHILE in south k

-he looked down to see his arm had a little message

-”oh…they responded?? i’ll write back”

-and boom

-”they’re not going to oH MY GODH THEY REPLIED WHAT

-”hiiiii i’m taehyung! what’s your name?”

-you blinked

-this kid must be younger than you with a writing style like that

-you replied with your name and he asked how old you were

-you responded with your name and you were like oh my god this is an actualy person wh  AT TT TT TT  TTT

-it turned out that you two started to talk a little more 

-that little more turned into a lot more

-that lot more turned into a wHOLE LOT MORE


-you were actually into being his friend

-even though you found out he lived in sk


-your parents decided to move back just after you finished high school

-yeah cool going mum and dad

-and they asked you to join a college there

-so you did

-you enrolled on the god damn fucking plane what the fuck

-and they accepted you because you had pretty good grades and your art was good!

-y/n the art student

-an amazing title!!

-so you touch down in sk and head for your old apartment that you sister was living in

-it had like 3 bedrooms so it was chill

-she was just holding the keys for your fam 

-you couldn’t remember your old baby room

-but it looked nice now

-ok thats cool

-so after a while you got a message from taehyung

-the first one in like a month

-it turned up on your thigh and you smiled as he wrote it with a couple delays

-”anyone still here??”

-”yes im v jetlagged though”

-”wait where are you??”





-you were just about to reply when your mum called you out of your room 

-and you kind of forgot about the message 


-he…..then felt sad ; ^ ;

-cause he wants to hear from you and especially if you’re in seoul then he wants to meet you and just find you and hug you and maybe kiss you if you let him because he cares about you and loves you dearly wAAAAAAAAA

-you kind of feel bad about not replying too and it was a little too ate because he washed it off


-so on the first day of college 

-you stroll into your new art class and just sits down at the back with a nice desk and chair 

-and this dude comes in behind you

-he’s got this wide ass smile on 

-like hes so happy atm 

-he decides to sit down next to you because you look sweet and stuff

-“hi i’m taehyung what’s your name?”


-a smile soon emerges on your face because it may be a coincidence that he has the same name as your s/o wow

-”when did you start art anyways?”

-”a couple years ago…i’m not good at drawing faces…i’m more a natural artist…like trees and skylines and stuff”

-you nod but notice that his smile faded into a small glum

-and you ask him what’s wrong

-”my friend…who also has the same name as you….coincidentally…she hasn’t spoke to me in over 2 months….”

-”oh….well maybe there’s a reason for your friend not being able to reply….maybe they ran out of service?”

-”it’s a little bit….more complicated than that….”


-you two still talked but you were a little quiet

-you dropped your rubber and your pen tip accidentally ran over your ankle

-and guess what

-the same mark turned up on his leg

-oh my god

-oh my god

-miss y/n? miss y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead


-he still looked a little down

-so what your clever ass did 

-was that you saw he had his left hand in a fist while his right hand was open

-so you started to doodle in your left hand 

-little hearts with the word ILY in big letters

-you became anxious soon because what if that mark on his leg was merely coincidental 

-and it wasn’t actually him

-you sighed and waited for it to be break time so people could leave the class while you two waited behind for more work

-on the first day too wow you eager beavers

-you then tapped on his shoulder

-”ah taehyung? i think there’s something in your hand….”

-he looked to you and sighed

-and when he opened his left hand

-he got so excited!!!! 

-his brain;



-you hid your left hand under the table and you acted like it was a new thing

-”whoa..did you do that?”

-”no…this is what i mean by me and my friend talking in our special way”

-”that’s really cute…..because me and my friend do that too.”

-you brought your hand up and showed it to him


-the exact same shaped hearts

-the exact letter shape and detail 

-even the small sparkles were the same

-his face

-he went from 



-( ✧Д✧) OMG!!

-he was so hAPPY 

-you could’ve sworn that he had tears in his eyes

-”i’m sorry for not replying back to you…..”

-”i-i don’t care about that…i’m just so happy that i met you finally!”

-”same here taehyung.”

-oh y’all wanted a twist huh?

-so as well as jumping up and down he also picked you up and held you tightly in his arms

-but before the session was back on he turned to you and 

-”can i do something quickly??”

-”oh sure what is–”

-just before you could finish your sentence he quickly jumped up and kiss you on the forehead

-and you just stood there

-your brain;









-you hid your face into your jumper because you knew that your soulmate was so cute and nice and you loved him a lot wow im soft byeeeeeeee

“hey what did michelangelo say to the ceiling?”

“what did he say?”

“i gotchu covered”

“that was good….but what is red and smells like blue paint?”


“your nose”





Build A Boyfriend - Huang Zitao

The Sweet Tooth bakery was quiet and quaint, just the way you remember.From the berry tarts dancing on your tongue to the vanilla cream cupcakes that always had that perfect swirl of smooth buttercream frosting that never was displayed without a touch of color. The walls were a light sky blue accented red swirls in the shape of a cupcake displayed the store alongside a cozy corner of brown couches and in the other was a arrangement of tables and booths made to allow people to enjoy and relax as they pleased.

It’s been a few years since you’d been there and nostalgia would hit like a brick to the face. The sweet aroma of your absolutely favorite dessert wafted through the air to your nose making you deeply inhale and exhale with a smile. It smelled like home.

You remember coming here years back with your friends enjoying an ice cream to cool you from the scorching Seoul heat. Except this feeling was reserved for someone else, somebody special, somebody you used to know and love. From the tall stature and eccentric clothing choices and warm intimidating brown irises that captured your own eyes, putting you into a trance, that’s the feeling you so desperately missed. The warm cuddles in the morning and late night whispers were cherished in your mind.

The feeling was gone and you were back in the shop smiling sadly at memories that used to be reality. You had remembered the nervous hands wrung together as your eyes darted from those brown hypnotizing irises to the flowers in the vase across the room. You remembered the worry in those eyes and the gentle coax to talk. The words you carried held a weight and pushed heavily on both parties’ hearts, but with a nod and a watery smile see-you-laters were exchanged and you had to release the very person that was specifically made for you, and you only.

A deep breath in and out you took careful steps to the counter, not taking notice to the couple in the corner or the little ding of the door signaling someone had either left or arrived. You didn’t care, all you wanted was a taste of your desired dessert for just a glance if the happiness you once cherished in your heart.

You couldn’t help but wonder if you’d ever see him again. How had he been? Is he happy? Did he…move on?

You were shaken out of your thoughts as it was now your turn to order and you reached for a small wrapped dessert at the same time a hand much larger than your own reached for the exact same thing.

“Um excuse me I had this first.’ You defiantly exclaimed head up.

The stranger turned to you with sunglasses and messy blonde hair and an evident scowl resting on his smooth face.
“You must be mistaken. I have it in my hand so therefore it is mine.” His voice was deep and oddly familiar. You however, shook it off not letting your stubborn side lose.

With confidence you reached up with a bracelet clad wrist and gripped his wrist that adorned two bands and a single circular pendant of yin and yang. The retort was at the top of your tongue but it was like cotton filled your mouth. Words wouldn’t form and your breathing was cut off like water in the faucet.

You knew it felt familiar, but why? ‘Was it the voice? Definitely not the hair. Maybe the stature? No many men were tall. What about the hands?’ You thought as you continued to search your brain for familiarity from this man and that when it clicked. The rope bands looping around his wrist and adorning a single yin and yang pendant in the middle was what it was.

You remember distinctly. You had bought this bracelet for the one person as a gift for your anniversary. You had demanded he show his wrist and you slipped it on and squealed with delight at the fit. Ignoring his protest you bought the bracelet and slipped it back into his wrist with a smile. The carving was exactly the same on this stranger’s bracelet, but how? It was one of a kind and only one person had it-.

“Um can you let go please? I’d like to purchase something. Look you can have it if it bothers you but can you please stop that? Hello are you even listening-?”

“Tao.” You whispered still in shock that he was here.

He was taller than you remembered and had he been working out? His hair was also a new blonde that looked oh so soft to touch.

The man, Tao, stared in shock before taking off his sunglasses to see you clearly before a shock filled smile aforned his lips matching yours. He didn’t say a word just pulled you into a long over do embrace that was original to your boyfriend who was made just for you.

The universe had a funny way of working, but it worked in your favor to bring two pieces that belonged together back into one again in the city you had once met.


“It’s been 10 years since we first met, and now we’re getting married. We didn’t want to have just a normal wedding; we wanted to show people how we love each other and what we think about each other. So, we opened up an exhibit filled with the pictures of our relationship. This exhibit is both the debut of our amateur photography and our wedding ceremony.”

“처음 만난 지 10년이 넘어 결혼하게 되었어요. 그냥 일반 결혼식이 아니라 우리가 어떤 사랑을 했고, 어떤 생각을 하고 있는지 들려주고 싶었어요. 그래서 지난 연애의 기록을 담은 사진 전시회를 열었어요. 이 전시회는 저희가 작가로 데뷔하는 아마추어 사진전이면서 동시에 저희 결혼식이기도 합니다.”