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Hay if you’re starting testosterone any time soon or ever plan to, there’s an app called Voice Pitch Analyzer that’s meant to help you record your voice progress. It gives you this cool analytics graph so you can even see how fast it dropped.

I started at like 220 Hz and started using this app a little into my voice drop, I wish I’d used it earlier cause seeing the full graph woulda been pretty neat.

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I wanna see how these things relate, and then I’ll prob make a cool graph and write a 20 page essay cited in mla format

the question mark is to allow people who liked to answer vv


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Yoo Econ major here. The Macro anon has the basics right but gets lost in overall effects. So long as we are below full employment, raising the minimum wage is likely to have a positive long term effect on the economy bc those are the people most likely to immediately spend disposable income thus creating jobs and more growth. I would show you super cool graphs from my thesis if we were in the same room.

Yo wait is your thesis on the minimum wage?  That’s what the whole last half of my masters was about, could you send it to me off anon?

Mod R

I thought that video about the Trigonometric functions ( was pretty cool, so I created graphs of Squine, Cosquine, and Squan in GeoGebra.

Squine is Blue, Cosquine is Red, and Squan is Purple.

Note that squine(x)=squan(x) over the intervals [0, pi/4] and [7pi/4, pi], but this may not be obvious from the graph because the blue line of squine(x) is covering the purple line of squan(x) over those intervals.