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Hey there! Kioni here, and first off, thank you for your kind words! Second off, I think there was a question in there? I can do my best to answer~

Our horns are primarily made out of Crayola Model Magic air dry modeling clay (though I wouldn’t really call it clay…). Model Magic is fairly light weight, easily manageable, and pretty cheap for what it’s used for.

First off, pick a horn design. If your horns are smaller (Like Tori’s Karkat or my Sollux), you can work with just Model Magic. However, if your horns are larger (such as Bri’s Feferi horns) you’ll need some sort of base (at least, that’s what I suggest. Otherwise, your horns will get hella heavy and hella uncomfortable to wear). What we did for Fef (and Vriska and Gamzee, but those aren’t up yet) is created an aluminum foil core, but I’ve heard of people doing a wire mesh, Styrofoam, or even paper.

If you’re working with small horns, get to making those out of Model Magic straight away! If you’re making larger ones, make your base to the general shape of your horns, then coat the base in Model Magic.

Pro Tip: Model Magic tends to CRACK when it dries, so make sure you smooth it pretty well while it’s still damp. I use a little water to keep it moist while I’m working on it if things start to dry too quickly

Once you’ve gotten your design down pat comes the hardest part. Waiting. Model Magic takes some serious time to dry all the way through. The larger the horns, the longer the dry time. When I made Jellybean’s Vriska horns, we let them sit for a couple of days, but they were STILL wet on the inside when I went to make them, and I ended up screwing up something fierce. Smaller horns can take a couple of days, while larger ones can take up to a week. Don’t leave horn making to the day before a con or meet-up if you’re using this method. 

Once they’re completely dry, the methods can vary a bit. Personally, I chose to take a fine grain sandpaper and smooth down the entire horn. Get rid of any bumps, and smooth over areas that may have cracked open during the drying process. Don’t worry if they cracked open either! We’ll fix that!

When you’re satisfied with the smoothness, next comes the sealing. Most of our group uses Modge Podge to coat over the entire horn. If you have cracks, fill them in with Modge Podge. If your cracks are really huge, you might need to get something like caulk to fill them in, but if you took your time with the Model Magic part, this shouldn’t be an issue. After the entire horn has been coated, let it dry!

By this point, you’re ready for painting. This process is up to you. Spray paint, acrylic, whatever you want to get whatever effect you think looks best. Then, to seal on your paint, another coat of sealer (the Modge Podge). 

Now, you’re horns are just about done! The only thing left is mounting. Depending on the look you’re going for, this can vary. For small horns, I use bobby pins, attached to the bottom of the horns and clipped into my wig/hair, though some people also use barrettes. For larger horns, you will probably need a headband. You can attempt to glue the horns directly to the headband, or attach them via wire or screws. This is sort of up to you, and varies depending on how you built your horns.

TL;DR. But I hope this was helpful~

I was going to try and make a semi-serious post out of this but all I can think about is how ridiculously tall David is.

Anyway, we finally got a group shot at Shuto with the exception of Jellybean, who was working her wonderful tail off all weekend to help make sure the con ran smoothly (if you went to Shuto you GO GIVE HER A BIG THANK-YOU OKAY?).


Also, I apologize for looking like I want to eat a baby or something… I had no intention of being on that side of the camera. -Tori

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We here at CKC are a group of college-based individuals who love what we do, and that is cosplay. The group was formed around the idea of having a drama-free photo or con experience, while still having a blast with people you love hanging out with.

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I’m told I should make this “introduction post” so…

Yo. I’m Tori, 18.75 years old and been cosplaying for a whopping two years. I like making props and costumes, but I’m best at wig styling.
Nursing major, professional photographer, I play collegiate rugby (flanker), and I change my hair a lot. I also seem to have developed a habit of replying to people with bad webcam pictures.

I am not sorry.