“Let’s raise hell.”

The few times I’ve seen these two talk its because of moves like “J"agger. Sorry that was terrible. Anyways! Let’s talk about Nana!

Through all the Skype chats, Livestreams, and tiny chat parties I’ve been too where Nana has also been, there’ve been laughs typos and quirks aplenty. I probably couldn’t keep track if you paid me. She’s some kind of funny and even if I used the word hilarious that barely scrapes past here, and by that, I mean it doesn’t nearly do her justice. She really is one of a kind and she doesn’t seem about to sit back and let you forget it. If she has something to say, she’s probably gonna say it in her own way. Even with all that aside shes got a voice for opinions and she has really great taste in movies and music, plus don’t let anything knock your guard down, she’s got smarts. And that’s just from what I’ve seen so far. 

Crush might have his out there personality but he wouldn’t even be here without Nana and as much as he dislikes her, they make a pretty sweet team. They won’t let you forget who they are and the plans they have never seem to end.

So Nana, keep it real and awesome and Crush, party on. And Thanks. :DD))


He stops just to purr against the skin of your neck where his teeth had grazed and tongue had flicked moments before. “Yeah Mosnty?”

While you can try to formulate words in your head you know it will be impossible as finger tips continue to brush over and toy with the skin on your chest. All you get out it a pleasured mix of a purr and a whine and you can feel the corners of his mouth quirk up in a wicked grin beside your neck before he bites back down again and you swear the sound you let out woke the neighbors. 

I don’t know whether to apologize or just laugh like a maniac and say I’m not sorry at all. Either way I’m getting out of being tired as fuck but figured at one AM last night that reverse Monsrush would be really fun. And then I lost my mind. So.


Monster-girl Crush

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cool-kid-crush replied to your post: -Comes in silently through the back window of his house.-

-Waits behind the wall until his back is turned fully, before quietly making his way behind him. He taps the taller man’s shoulder to get him to turn around, sending a punch straight into his jaw doing so.-

/continues around the space occasionally humming or murmuring to himself/ /pauses and turns one way with the tap on his shoulder but the blow sends his head the other/ /blacks out/