DIY Tee Shirt to Cut Out Shoulder Hoodie Video Tutorial from coolirpa here. I normally don’t post DIY videos but this 6 minute tutorial is really good. For over 30 pages of DIY tee shirts go here.


Have you seen my new tutorial? If not, watch it now! If you have any daughters, or little sisters, or friends that like to design clothes, THIS would be an awesome christmas gift for them. SO inexpensive. I wish I had this when i was a little girl xD


My friend coolirpa and I did a little collab for her halloween thrifted transformation series! It was super fun sewing with April and everything went so quickly! Super glad we live near each other so we could finish this at night LOLLLLLL.


Watch more on->


I love it! ;)


Coolirpa’s Thrifted Transformation Jacket


Halloween is next Friday & I know some of you guys LOVE sailor moon & might be good at sewing soooo I’m sharing it with you guys

Greeeeat!! Great to end the night knowing she finally followed me back! :D

Love love love her videos :)

Ladies, i know there are millions of fashion gurus on YT but i find this mademoiselle deffo helpful and cute! Betcha will, too! Follow her if you’re glued to DIYs :D

here: coolirpa

#NewClothes A few weeks ago I watched #Coolirpa’s #DIY video on YouTube & I had been dying to this project.

Yesterday my mom bought me this #Marvel T-Shirt. We bought it at Wal Mart in the Boys section. We bought it in size 2xl for $7.50. We turned this T-Shirt into a #Peplum shirt. The cutting part was the easiest part and the sewing was a bit hard. My mom did all of the sewing and she even went the extra mile and sewed sleeves on it! It now looks Amazing and Professional. doesn’t look like my mom made it for me, it looks like a regular T-Shirt at Wal Mart that would be priced at $15.00. I love you Mom. Xoxo

P.S. This is definitely my favorite shirt. I just love it ! ! !

so i am in loooove with a Youtube  user named coolirpa and seeing how she can recreate almost anything out of old clothes and fabric finally inspired me to learn how to use my good ol’ sewing machine.

I attempted to follow her instructions on the t-shirt hoodie and it was more or less, a success for the first time i’ve ever used a sewing machine! The only difference is, because my shirt wasn’t big enough, it became a crop top hoodie instead as seen in the picture on top.

I really recommend to suscribe to her channel on youtube if you like getting into the who DIY recreation stuff! :)


These are my MUST-HAVE DIY TOOLS I use all the time! If you’re beginning DIY, definitely check this out! :D


Think you only have one bikini top? Think again. Youtuber Coolirpa shows you how to wear your bikini top in 10 different ways! Enjoy!