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Coolirpa’s Thrifted Transformation Jacket


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Thrifted Transformations | Ep. 45 by coolirpa



Think you only have one bikini top? Think again. Youtuber Coolirpa shows you how to wear your bikini top in 10 different ways! Enjoy!

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Ladies, i know there are millions of fashion gurus on YT but i find this mademoiselle deffo helpful and cute! Betcha will, too! Follow her if you’re glued to DIYs :D

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Halloween is next Friday & I know some of you guys LOVE sailor moon & might be good at sewing soooo I’m sharing it with you guys

So a few weeks ago I decided to put my skills to a challenge. I saw a tutorial on youtube on how to make a back pack so I tried it and voila! I don’t know if I plan on using it as an actual back pack just yet, but I made it thick enough just in case..but yea, I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come and I only plan on improving further! =) I can only thank God for this skill. =) 

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1 sweater, 16 ways to wear it!