Update on my Patreon page

So far, I’d only been offering raffle entries to monthly sketch, grey-scale and coloured character busts so far, but now I’m also offering other coolio rewards for being awesome!

Pledge $3 or more per month:
+ Your name is entered into a monthly raffle to receive a bust greyscale portrait of any character!
+ Access to monthly art request stream

Pledge $5 or more per month
+ Your name is entered into a monthly raffle to receive a bust coloured portrait of any character!
+ Access to monthly art request stream
+ PSD file for the colour character character bust

Starting August, I’m also gonna be hosting a monthly request art stream starting where patrons get to sit in and ask me to draw whatever they want! It’s just a little something extra for peeps who wanna support me n stuff [thumbs up] 

Thanks so much, any support is appreciated T^T

anonymous asked:

YES IM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE TOGETHER! Also, I'm curious does this mean you're bi? Cause you were dating a guy...a while agoish? If you are that's super cool my best friend is bi so it's always best to find more ^^ if not then that's still coolio and I'm glad you two are together!

Welp, I’m pretty sure I’m asexual, but I’m…biromantic I guess? Like, I get crushes on guys and girls, and I’m in love with a girl. 

anonymous asked:

okie dokie Im nervous that I already sent this prompt but??? oh well so basically Mark doesn't want to get out of bed so Jack has to wake him up (y'know) sorry if u sent this prompt geez!!!

Nope, didn’t get a prompt like this before! Coolio! I love this, though. This blog needs more Mark tickles, Jack’s got to much attention. I have a like, beleventeen fics in the making, atm, but ill get on this soon!

(If anyone gets the beleventeen reference, HECK YEAH!)

Oh boy! I was tagged in a thing by @refurbishedrobots coolio. Thanks a bunch!  

zodiac sign: Gemini

myers briggs: ISTJ

four temperaments:  meancholic

celtic zodiac: hawthorn

soul type: thinker, helper, and performer. I tied for all three

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

alignment: neutral good

the animal in you: bat

life path number: 5

brain lateralization test: right brain 32%, left brain 64%

I’ll tag @officiallysousuke @the-multi-shipper @pllutonian @sapphirescalemate @literallyilliterateweebtrash @leeslinky You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, It was fun tho!! Also I don’t know how to do the link thing, so you’ll have to search up the quizzes yourselves, sorry 


Just a warning for this page, the instructions I believe are minimal but can be understood in order to make your page work. All you will be editing is the title, the content questions and answers and the background image. I will not be answering questions about this page if I feel that you should just read the instructions in the code. I have better things to do with my time.

CONTAINS: background image (must be at least 780x320), faq questions and answers, askbox


Why I'm happy I chose Team Instinct

•Everyone is very friendly over here
•Eggs and baby Pokemon what more need I say?
•Underdogs are coolio
•Jolteon and Pikachu approved
•Meme team
•Spark seems like the type to help people and he doesn’t seem to mind if his team wins or loses so long as you’re having fun it’s all good
•Spark running at 9am with eggs strapped to his body.
•Leader Spark in general