Jello Everyone! Markiplier is doing a charity live-stream to raise money for clean water around the globe! Come watch and have a fun time while raising awareness for places that don’t have clean water available. If you can, donate, or at the least share the live-stream like I am. stay coolio and Have an amazing day!

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Name: Victoria

Nickname: Datchi, Vicky, whatever anyone wants to call me-

Zodiac Sign: aries

Height: 5′7

Orientation: Panromantic Autochorissexual

Ethnicity: Latina

Favourite Fruit: Bananas

Favourite Season: Autumn

Favourite Book Series: Leviathan series

Favourite Flower: ipheion flowers

Favourite Colour: black

Favourite Animal: dragons

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: GIMME THE HOT COCOA

Average Hours of sleep: 5-8

Cat or Dog: puppers

Favourite Fictional Character: too many I love Zelos, Chihiro, and Ozrock

Number of Blankets: 2

Dream Trip: send me to Canada, Europe, and Japan

Blog Created: sometime in 2012

Number of Followers: 271

Tags: @undertaleotaku, @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9, @penguinsandsoccer, uhh whoever else wants to

Introducing my first ever fanzine!!

So @galactibun and I are co-hosting a hamilton fan zine centered around ~THE LADIIIES~

If you are and artist or writer and want a feature in the zine you can email me :
SUBJECT: ham fanzine

What you can contribute (illustrations, comics, writings ect)

Your name + pronouns

Your Tumblr username + your art tag

Three direct links to your favorite/best example pieces

Your skype user name

There is a sideblog I have for it but it is still under construction @hamilton-zine

I will be posting a video on my YouTube with all the information you could need about he zine and what to expect!!

We are looking for 36-60 pieces or more for the zine and will be releasing all of the final info in said video coming this afternoon about it ✨