cooling off gif

tried animating gotham’s firefly 🔥🐞 

I recently had to get back into rigging and animating for work and wanted to try some things out! (also bc I love Bridgit, give her a jetpack in s4 fox u cowards :o)


When we first did our first play together, the night before we opened, I thought we were gonna punch each other up. I thought there was gonna be a big fight. We never got to that– we had to go somewhere, and the car broke down. We had to walk, so we cooled off. And then sometimes onstage when we do plays we’d improvise insults to each other and sometimes we’d get very personal and then start to talk about what was going on each other’s relationships and things like that. But we’ve gone past that, and now we work easier together without that kind of layers to it. Fortunately.