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You should send me cute destiel fics yes good


Dean is counting the extra freckles he got from Hell and Cas explains how they got there

Castiel kisses Dean in his dorm room on a Thursday. Only, Dean isn’t interested in boys. (ugh literal tooth rotting fluff just the cUTEST THING EVER)



Ok those are the cutest ones I can think of from the top of my head i hope you like them!!!!!

also if you’re ever looking for recs i have a page and this blog  which is very organized hehehe 

The Coolest Girl
a hopeless fangirl

This was a cover I did a year ago of The Coolest Girl from AVPS.

I didn’t want to post it until now, because it is a little rough and I was so nervous in the studio that I kept messing up the piano and notes. But now I thought it would be stupid not to put it up, since this is the song that got me through a very hard time of bullying. I see it as an inspiration of courage everyday and I guess it is my way of saying thank you to Team StarKid for making me strong and helping me be the coolest girl I can be.

This is entire post is ridiculously cheesy, but y'know.

Well, another year has come and gone. And it’s been a great one, thanks to so many people on here. Whether we’ve become close friends, or you’re just a helpless victim of my excellent stalking skills, thank you guys so much for making 2011 an awesome year. Basically, you guys light up my life like a motherfuckin’ lamp, and I hope I grow closer to all of you in 2012. I’m really sorry if I forgot to mention you. Thanks again you guys!

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I need to make this post because the hate I'm seeing is breaking my heart and some love needs to be spread.

This post is for the so-called Tumblr “clique”:

I’m SO, SO sorry for everything that’s happening to you guys. This is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Sam leaving broke my heart (though I completely understand why) and if more of you leave it will keep on breaking.

You guys don’t even know me but you mean so much to me. I’m going through a rough time right now. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in August, and I’m still battling it. During this time, I found Tumblr. I found people who loved Glee and Starkid as much as me, and I found you guys.

You say you’re not quality, but in my opinion you are. There hasn’t been a day where you’ve failed to make me smile. The days when I’m horribly sick, the days when I’m in the hospital, the days when I’m anxiously waiting for news, and the days when I get bad news. Every day, seeing you guys on my dashboard has made me happy and made that day brighter. It would honestly be so much harder to get through this if it weren’t for you guys.

And I PROMISE you that I’m not the only one whose life has been made better by you. I’ve seen tons of anons whose lives have been saved by you guys just showing them a little bit of love.

So I know you don’t feel like it when you get hate, but you DO matter, to a lot of people on here. Please. PLEASE. Remember that.

I understand if it gets bad enough that you want to delete, I promise I do. So please don’t feel like I’m “making” you keep your blog. It’s yours and you have every right to do what you want with it. Just remember those of us that will love you guys no matter what.

P.S. This message goes for every person that I follow. I just quickly tagged some people.


Coolest Girl is how i feel right now. also it’s a darren criss song unless he forgets the words to his OWN song


This is my theme song <3