so, in our heads it's going to work like this

sarah is going to be cast as blaine’s sister (older by one year), and alana is going to cast as blaine’s sister (younger by one year) and we’re all going to cry with happy because it’s so perfect and nothing could ever be better.

Screw Fridays, Alyssa inspired me and I didn’t want to wait
And 10 different people because I couldn’t fit them all last week and I want to hold myself to 10:

Lupincantsing - Ilovethisgirlsofuckingmuch. Her love for Joey Richter is rubbing off on me every day, and nobody deserves to meet him more than she does. Once I actually thought about how if I were to run into him accidentally / at a show / whatever, I wouldn’t ask for pictures or an autograph for myself, but one addressed to her, because she deserves it not only because of her devotion, but just for being her.

Goodolmoon - Fantastic gifs, fantastic person. Not only does she have an insane amount of creativity, she turns her ideas into the most amazing creations ever.

Criss-colfer - Legit Criss Colfer. She’s one of the most hilarious people on my dash, even if she is just a massive bully to me. Making fun of her is incredibly fun and even more addictive.

Deathbyboner - I cannot mention Colfer without immediately going to Murphy. She is one of the most fabulous people around. NGL, when that Darren livestream was going on, every time he went to call someone I was hoping it was going to be Murphy, because there would be absolutely nothing more entertaining in this world than her questions and his responses.

Pavarottilives - First off, I’d like to mention her smut, because it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things on here ( and she actually leaves it in my askbox when I’m asleep so I don’t miss out, let me love you down so much ). But not only that, her personality is just amazing, and I never want her to stop being her, because who she is is amazing.

Green-suspenders - One of my favorite parts about this website is getting to watch Marissa and her roommate flip out over things at the same time. Like, the spider incident had me laughing for a good 5 minutes because you two are just priceless. Oh, and listening to Glee Radio at the same time as her is an amazing experience.

Chatterboxrose - Same exact reasons as Marissa, except replace ‘Glee Radio’ with her amazing fics, which are enough reason to follow her on their own.

Tedthedragonfly - I hate this bitch. I don’t know why she’s on here, because nobody should follow her. The amount of positive feelings I have towards her are close to zero. No, scratch that, they are zero. Non-existent. ( No really though, she’s absolutely precious and adorable and hilarious all at the same time )

Acciovoldy - I liked Abby before it was cool Lol, seriously though, this girl is amazing, and her videos are so fantastic and so entertaining to watch. I look forward to her hitting milestones ridiculously much because her reactions and the videos she makes when she does are the one of the greatest things ever.

Coolestgirl- - I barely, barely, know Sarah. But from what I’ve seen, she’s the source of amazing graphics, hilarious videos, a lot of insanity, and HD scenes from Glee episodes, all of which make my dash a much more fun place to be. Also, we’re involved in a foursome, SACK. I love SACK.

And, special mention to one of my new favorite people:

Scrunchyblaine - I have no idea who they are or how or why or when they joined Tumblr, but I know that it was one of the greatest things to happen. Each and every one of her drawings are absolutely adorable, and she has wit that could rival that of Mr. Boston’s, I kid you not.

angryladies asked:

You should send me cute destiel fics yes good


Dean is counting the extra freckles he got from Hell and Cas explains how they got there

Castiel kisses Dean in his dorm room on a Thursday. Only, Dean isn’t interested in boys. (ugh literal tooth rotting fluff just the cUTEST THING EVER)



Ok those are the cutest ones I can think of from the top of my head i hope you like them!!!!!

also if you’re ever looking for recs i have a page and this blog  which is very organized hehehe