Pitchers hitting home runs - first half of the 2015 season

(Jake Arrieta, Matt Harvey, Madison Bumgarner (2), A.J. Burnett, Jose Fernandez, Noah Syndergaard, Tyson Ross, Chad Billingsley, & Mike Leake)


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Aries- Suki- Tough, independent, and strategic. You can take the lead and solve problems, even if you can be a little reckless sometimes. For having such a tough shell, you really can be sweet when opened up.

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Taurus- Toph- Stubborn, determined, and materialistic. Even though some of your traits are negative, you are always yourself, and never doubt it. You have a strong sense of your personal beliefs, even if you break the rules sometimes. 

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Gemini- Aang- Even though you’re peaceful and non-confrontational, you can sometimes let your emotions get to you. You’re a sensitive, free, and fragile soul, much like the free-spirited, air-bending avatar. 

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Cancer- Katara- Your emotions are strong, and your maternal sense is as well. You will protect your family and your friends no matter what. You can be a little high-strung, but those close to you appreciate your hard work and sincerity. 

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Leo- Korra- you have a fiery spirit that will not be broken! Tough yet stubborn, you need to learn your own faults and weaknesses before you can truly be strong. You are pretty badass, though.

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Virgo- Mai- A little bit dry, a little bit vindictive, and a little bit sour. Nevertheless, you are very sweet and relaxed with those you trust. You have some neat tendencies, and you have a habit of being a complete badass.

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 Lin- You’re true to the rules, and firm to the boot. You have a tendency to follow the rules a little bit too strictly, but you don’t really care too much about what others think. You are a bit of a loner, yes, but you do have a softer side, when you decide to show it.

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Libra- Asami- Charming, kind, and dignified, you are a great match for Asami. Even though you’re sweet, you pack a sweeter punch, and you can always fend for yourself. Though normally cool, you can hold a grudge, but those don’t always last long, in favor of reason. 

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Scorpio- Zuko - You’re naturally at war with yourself, and you’re very determined. Even though your emotions can get the best of you, you are loyal to any person or cause that you invest in. Once you discover yourself, you will surprise yourself and those around you with your self-assured personality.

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Sagittarius- Bolin- Charismatic, Naive, and full of energy. Your heart is what leads you, along with your moral compass. You will be there for your friends, and even if you falter or go on the wrong path, you will sort things out again. 

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Sokka- You make a great natural leader. You are serious and practical, but you can be goofy sometimes. Although sometimes the butt of a joke, others around you see you as their rock and as a great friend.

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Capricorn- Mako- Serious, stoic, and a little bit critical, you can find yourself taking on a protective role with your friends and family. You’re not afraid to get into trouble for your friends and for their safety. You are dutiful to a fault. 

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 Azula- You’re a little bit of a perfectionist, and you always make sure to be as accurate as possible. Some view you as cold, but you prefer determined. You will always achieve a goal, and you will always feel more than you let on. 

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Aquarius- Varrick- An innovative entrepreneur, you tend to disregard others’ feelings in order to seek out an opportunity. You’re charismatic, bold, and likely to get in trouble, even if you’re not the most morally profound. 

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(king) Bumi - You’re pretty strange, but your ingenuity can’t be matched. You’re true to yourself, and, even if you have a vague way of expressing things, your friends appreciate your personality. 

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Bumi (Aang’s son)- Much like the one before you, you’re pretty odd. You’re brave and determined, and quite the extrovert. You’ve had a lot of wild adventures, even if no-one believes you, and you’re a humanitarian with a knack for spur-of-the-moment ideas. 

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Pisces- Ty lee- You’re a little strange, but you’re very peppy and individualistic. You can be a little bit shy, but you always have the best intentions. You’re loyal, bubbly, and never hold a grudge for long. 

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Jinora- Intelligent, spiritual, and calm. You are brave, smart, reserved, but you bring more to the table than what people expect of you. You are naturally romantic, and you are attracted to fantasy and adventure. 

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HELLO! I'm Emm... Just saw your post about dropping by anytime because you want to get to know us all.. So Hi! How are you? I love your blog, you reblogged the coolest GIFS! AND you're a brilliant writer!

Hi, Emm!  Nice to meet you!  And thank you for the nice words about both my writing and my blog!  I know a lot of people are one fandom only with their Tumblrs, but I like putting out a mix of stuff, especially since Arrow is my second fandom here on Tumblr, and I have people follow me for things other than Arrow–at least, I think so?  :-)  

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melon :)

melon - my first impression of you

you’d make the coolest gifs sets, so i thought of you as an insanely talented sweetheart, and i still do zenab. hope you’re well booboo <3 

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