coolest thing ever

Lemme tell you about the coolest Valentine’s Day idea ever: you can surprise your loved one by sending your greeting to them to SPACE!

It’s a campaign by Estonian student satellite ESTCube-1 as the final mission of its successful service. The messages will be saved to the radiation-resistant memory and will orbit Earth for more than two decades, until they become stardust in a beautiful flash of a falling star at the moment when ESTCube-1 enters the Earth atmosphere!

On February 14, your Valentine will receive your message and confirmation that it was sent to ESTCube-1. Submissions are open until midnight of February 13 TODAY,  Eastern European time (GMT+2).
In Estonia, we rather call it Friends’ Day so the message doesn’t have to go to a girlfriend or boyfriend.

More information and the submission HERE
see more from ESTCube on their Facebook page

EDIT: all the messages are now circling Earth :)