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the princess diaries sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “somebody sat on me again.”
  • “she’s in town. she wants to have tea.”
  • “please don’t crush my soy nuts.”
  • “you look so…young.”
  • “me? a…a princess? shut up!”
  • “_______, my expectation in life is to be invisible. and i’m good at it.”
  • “we wanted to protect you.”
  • “so the future of your country is in the hands of my fifteen year old?”
  • “families don’t do stuff like that to one another, okay?”
  • “at least your dad’s alive.”
  • “does your bad posture affect your hearing?”
  • “princesses never cross their legs in public.”
  • “i’ve never put on pantyhose. but it sounds dangerous.”
  • “_______, watch him like a hawk.”
  • “you broke my glasses!”
  • “you used to care more about what was inside your head instead of on it.”
  • “you should know that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
  • “are you really sure you can run a country? you could barely keep your goldfish alive for more than a couple of days.”
  • “what are you doing this saturday night?”
  • “i just had a…clumsy moment.”
  • “you are the coolest queen ever!”
  • “i just hope that, if he kisses me, um…my foot pops.”
  • “i hope you get your first, real, foot popping kiss!”
  • “you’ve been hurt so you just cry, okay?”
  • “is this the way a princess should act?”
  • “i didn’t do it for you.”
  • “______, YOU ARE SUCH A FREAK!”
  • “courage is not the absence of fear. but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”
  • “why me?”
  • “because you saw me when i was invisible.”
  • “everybody’s got pre-coronation jitters, including me.”
The Princess Diaries Sentence Meme
  • “Stop daydreaming. You’ll be late for school.”
  • “Just remember, when you make your speech, don’t’ look at people. Pick a spot on the back wall, don’t take your eyes off of it, and speak loudly.”
  • “As manager of the team, I really think you should be a part of the team.”
  • “You never saw two idiots exchange saliva before?”
  • “You know, for a second there, I thought you were going A-crowd on me.”
  • “I am never going to be a good public speaker.”
  • “Tea? She came all the way from Europe to have tea?”
  • “Why should I go see the snobby lady who ignores us?”
  • “Let me look at you. You look so…young.”
  • “Me? A princess?”
  • “Why would you pick me to be your princess?”
  • “Since your father died, you are the natural heir to the throne. That’s our law.”
  • “I’m royal by marriage.”
  • “You are royal by blood.”
  • “My expectation in life is to be invisible and I’m good at it.”
  • “In my wildest dreams, I never expected this to happen.”
  • “You are the legal heir, the only heir to the throne, and we will accept the challenge of helping you become the princess that you are.”
  • “You will study languages, history, art, political science.”
  • “I’m no princess.”
  • “I refuse to move to and rule a country.”
  • “I don’t want to be a princess.”
  • “For the time being, the child needs protection.”
  • “Can you see me walking one step behind someone for the rest of my life?”
  • “Just in case I’m not enough of a freak already, let’s add a tiara.”
  • “You are so lucky you don’t know who your parents are.”
  • “As always, this is as good as it’s gonna get.”
  • “Is there something else about me and my life I might want to know about?”
  • “That is not a sensible car for a princess.”
  • “The promise of tomorrow hung in the air.”
  • “I’m on the verge of becoming a nutcase and my parent’s think I need an attitude adjustment.”
  • “Does your bad posture affect your hearing?”
  • “When walking in a crowd, one is under scrutiny all the time.”
  • “Princesses never cross their legs in public.”
  • “I was watching you earlier and you’re very tense.”
  • “The quickest way to a Spanish heart is dance.”
  • “You’ve been wearing black too long.”
  • “Don’t always think you can get a ride with me.”
  • “You use to care more about what was inside your head instead of on it.”
  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
  • “Can you please pretend you have a life for just one moment?”
  • “I am so sick of you ragging on me all the time and always telling me what to do.”
  • “Are you really sure you can run a country? You can barely keep your goldfish alive for more than a couple of days.”
  • “It was pride and ego who drove me to know that royalty would see one day the beauty was mine.”
  • “Doesn’t anyone respect royalty anymore?”
  • “She has never been normal. She was born a royal.”
  • “I’ve made a list of all the reasons for you not to be a princess.”
  • “I don’t want to run my own country.”
  • “No one can quit being who they really are, not even a princess.”
  • “Well done. The worst is over.”
  • “Why don’t we cancel lessons for today and just have some fun?”
  • “Did my father always want to be a prince?”
  • “Chivalry isn’t dead, you know.”
  • “You are the coolest queen ever!”
  • “I think I might get my first real kiss.”
  • “There’s no one I’d rather be here with than you.”
  • “Just because you don’t to be our princess doesn’t mean we’re sending you into exile.”
  • “Is this the way a princess should act?”
  • “You’re saying that as a queen, I was too harsh on her.”
  • “I was critical of the person who could become the next ruler of my country.”
  • “You being a princess is kind of a miracle.”
  • “Wow is having the power to effect change, make people listen.”
  • “Someday I might grow out of that but you will never stop being a jerk.”
  • “The truth is, I think you’d make a very fine princess.”
  • “People think princesses are supposed to wear tiaras, marry the prince, always look pretty and live happily ever after but it’s so much more than that.”
  • “I couldn’t bear to disappoint you again.”
  • “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”
  • “The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”
  • “Their decision tonight will affect the queen, the court, and all the people of this small but proud country.”
  • “Normally I get so nervous that I faint or run away or sometimes I even get sick.”
  • “Earlier this evening I had ever intention of giving up my claim to the throne.”
  • “Probably all I ever do is think about myself.”
  • “If I were princess then my thoughts and the thoughts of people smarter than me would be much better heard and just maybe those thoughts could be turned into actions.”
  • “This was my very first tiara.”
  • “I recognize the same spirit in you as someone else I know. Me.”
  • “You saw me when I was invisible and just because I’m royal doesn’t mean I’m very different.”
  • “Everybody’s got pre-coronation jitters…including me.”
What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: Waking up beside a beautiful man, the trials of making breakfast and opting to eat out instead… ;D

Chapter Type: SO MUCH FLUFF- and also a titchy bit of smut! (finally) ;)

Author’s Note: Its always so ridiculously easy and fun to write this story :D I hope you enjoy!!

Recommended Listening: Gavin James - Remember Me + Every Avenue - Only Place I Call Home (Acoustic)

Chapter 6 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 5

The morning brings the sun streaming in through your window, practically blinding you as you come to, groaning as you reach over to your bedside table to silence your alarm, before you go to bury yourself back under the sheets.

Its as your eyes are sliding closed again, making you look down at the bed sheets, that you see an arm wrapped around your waist, and you become confused for a few moments, staring at the limb as your eyes flicker from it to yours, your brain trying to work out why you had 3 arms. You widen your eyes when you remember the night before, slowly turning your head to look behind you and seeing a still sleeping Seungri pressed against your back, his naked shoulder making you freak out internally until you subtly lift the sheet to see that he was still wearing his jeans.

‘What are you doing?’ he murmurs sleepily, making you jump. He doesn’t open his eyes, but shifts his head slightly to make it look as if he was watching you.

'I-I have to get up for work.’ you stammer, quickly making something up and covering him back up as you go to get out of bed.

'Nnnnngh,’ he moans, clamping his arms around you as you try to move, and you fall back to the bed with an 'oomph’, shifting to look at him and seeing him with a smug smile on his face, eyes finally open, as he cuddles you against him, sighing happily as he buries his face in your neck and you cant help but giggle at the feeling, holding his neck as he rolls over on top of you. Your heart is racing in your chest as he hovers over you, staring down at you intently, his expression mischievous as he leans on his forearms, brushing a strand of hair from your face.

'Good Morning.’ he murmurs, voice still rough from sleep and you cant help the shiver that races through you, the breath rushing out of your lungs, and you’re not sure where to look as his gaze pins you to the bed, so you end up looking down.

Big Mistake.

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During a bored spell at an airport, Kate Hudson and her son started dancing and rapping along with Fetty Wap’s song “Trap Queen.”