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I read the other day that Hamilton is coming to Australia (where I live) in 2020… sooo far away but I'M WILLING TO WAIT FOR IT (hahaha sorry I wanted to jump in too)

wtffffd you are double-privileged bc HAMILTON OMG and also australia that’s like the coolest place ever!!

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1. What is the rarest color on your bookshelf? Yellow. I have no yellow books. I’m tempted to buy one just so I can make a bookish rainbow
2. What’s a genre you have never read (and why)? Horror. I’m jumpy and already scared of everything. Those books won’t make it better
3. Is there a really expensive book or edition of a book that you would love to have (if so, what is it?)?  Jane Eyre Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition
4. Have you ever picked up a book because it was mentioned in a movie/show/book? I don’t think so
5. We all have love stories we’re tired of, but what’s a love story you would love to read? Whatever CoHo comes up with next
6. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever read in/at? Nothing cool comes to mind. I’ve read in the ICU where curtains separate beds. Seriously… I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres. I kept laughing to myself and the other 6-8 (I can’t remember how many there were) patients there probably thought that I’d lost my mind. I’ve also read in class (in uni). Trying not to gasp (the book was about a man in prison in Thailand. scary, gross, shocking… you name it)
7. What language do you predominantly read in? English (not my first language. 2nd… well, 3rd in counting)
8. What’s the best book you had to read for school? I liked Père Goriot by Honoré de Balzac
9. Is there a book you would like to read but that intimidates you a bit? (if so, which one?) ASOIAF series. They’re so long. And so loved and blah.
10. Finish this sentence: The perfect bookshelf is… big, filled with books and Funkos, materialising in front of me out of my dreams right now. Now. Nnnnnooooowww…. now
11. Is there a poem you really like? Which one?  Several. In my native about death and/or nationality

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Welcome to MUFF-… I mean Grillby’s!
Can we take your order?


I think Louisiana is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. I love the culture here and the food is amazing. I haven’t stopped eating at all.  I miss everything about London though! I miss not being able to watch the football. I miss the pub. I miss walking. I don’t drive so whenever I’m in America, I feel very static. I can’t really get around as much.  I think London in the summer is one of the most beautiful places and I feel sad that I’m missing the summer because it’s only like two weeks long!

I went to Saint Louis this weekend on a fun solo trip, because I wanted to get some pictures taken!
I was so thrilled to officially meet the amazing @thefrogman in person & get some new headshots, & other fun photos (like me in a tree, which should surprise no one who knows me)! I also got to meet his friend Ryan who was also awesome (& a fantastic photo assistant)!
& today I went to the zoo with @cinematicelasmobranch & she showed me all around & it was a blast!!!
& then I went to the City Museum which might be the coolest place ever.

My pictures are already edited & everything!! After I get home tomorrow I’ll post a bunch here!! I can’t wait! It’s been a delightful whirlwind of a weekend!

We need to stop the fighting.

All the things you guys do is important and RU needs you all. There’s going to be no killing or getting anyone kicked out of the group. Seriously. We’re a team and this team should should all be excited! We’re getting out of America and we’re going to some of the coolest places ever. It’s going to be on a level of awesome no one’s even achieved yet. If I have to bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles, then make you eat it so you can be happy, I will.


Hands down the coolest place I have ever shoot at. It’s also very different from what I have ever work with. I like these kinds of shoots since the picture is moreso about the art than it is about the model. This draws away from the model and gets you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. 

Amazing shoot by dzuyanhdinh