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"real smooth tripping over air"

I, uh, kinda got carried away with this one… Just a tad.

(Prinxiety high school! au, 899 words) One of the least popular kids in the school has a major crush on the badass guy that everyone looks up to.

I don’t think there are any warnings besides swearing and mentions of violence, but just let me know if there are!

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“Roman, you’ve been staring at Virgil for five minutes. You’re going to end up creeping him out,” Logan commented, raising an eyebrow at his friend. Roman shook his head and tore his eyes away from the leather jacket-wearing junior across the lunchroom.

“Shut up, Lo. Not everyone can easily gain a boyfriend,” he snarked, scowling at Patton and Logan’s intertwined hands.

“Now, Roman, that’s no reason to be angry. We just want to protect you from… You know…” Patton’s words trailed off as he grimaced. Sending one “bad look,” no matter if its intention was harmless, at Virgil could and would end up with you having at the very least a black eye.

“I know, but just look at him! He’s so handsome!” Roman cast another gaze at Virgil, who was sitting alone at his lunch table listening to music. Everyone at the school was too intimidated by him to even dare try and sit near him, let alone at the same table. Yet they all thought he was the coolest guy on the planet. Girls, guys, and nonbinary kids alike were all drooling over him, bending at his every whim, even after he’d made it very clear that he was only interested in guys. Of course, he payed them no attention, preferring to be alone.

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Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A thousand precent. He’s just, you know when someone walks into a room you just go ‘that kid’s got it’. He literally does walk into a room and everyone just stops. And it’s not just 'cause he’s famous, he just has an aura about him… It’s an aura. It’s a thing… He’s got a really cool name as well; Harry Styles. It’s almost like he was born to be a pop star. He’s just perfect isn’t he? Lewis just realised on national Radio 1 that Harry Styles is actually perfect.
—  Scott Mills and Rixton talking about Harry (17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1) x
Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A thousand percent. He’s just, you know when someone walks into a room you just go ‘that kid’s got it’. He literally does walk into a room and everyone just stops. And it’s not just ‘cause he’s famous, he just has an aura about him… It’s an aura. It’s a thing… He’s got a really cool name as well; Harry Styles. It’s almost like he was born to be a pop star. He’s just perfect isn’t he? Lewis just realised on national Radio 1 that Harry Styles is actually perfect.
—  Scott Mills and Rixton talking about Harry (17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1)

The day Mads Mikkelsen told me to behave. Not! 😂
interview for Cosmopolitan Germany some time ago in Kopenhagen
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After smoking a half pack of cigarettes he went straight to a tennis match: “ I just smoke so that the others have a minimal chance to win”


Seventeen as Babysitters

“All of seventeen as if they were babysitters”

Here you go anon!! Thank you for requesting I luv u I hope it’s okay!!

Seungcheol: Plays with the kids all day long he’s pretty used to taking care of kids anyways. Kids call him Papa Coups and hold onto his legs as he walks around. Basically the cutest thing in the world all parents love him.

Jeonghan: Also great with the kids. Lets them braid his hair and carries them around the house all the time. #1 grilled cheese maker. Can be stern mother when necessary. Sings kiddies to sleep after tucking them in right at their bedtimes.

Joshua: Is super sweet and dorky around the kids. Very easy to sway him into spoiling them. Also very easy to prank. Always loses hide and seek. Gives kids too much candy and has to deal with the consequential hyperactive children.

Jun: Doesn’t really care about watching over kids; is more concerned about having fun with kids. Plays board games with them and gets salty when he loses all the time. Takes out every toy in sight and doesn’t put it away after they’re done with it. House is always much messier after he leaves.

Hoshi: Why would you hire this one he’s literally less mature than some of the kids he’s supposed to be watching. Can keep up with the kids the entire day without getting tired after 59 games of tag. Falls asleep on the couch with his kiddies snuggled up against him.

Wonwoo: Scares the kids a little bit at first but as soon as they realize he’s a big squish they attach themselves to him. Actually adored by all children ever. Viewed as the coolest guy on the planet. Has a very large weakness for puppy eyes and will do whatever the kids want if they discover his weakness.

Woozi: Pretends to hate his job. Rolls his eyes and gets into arguments with the kids. Gets angry when kids ask him why he’s so smol or why he looks like a strawberry. Secretly enjoys being with the kids but won’t ever admit it. 

Seokmin: Oh my god he would honestly love all the kids so much he would shower them in affection and compliment them all the time like “Did you draw this?! This is so great!!!” Loved by all children everywhere. Can handle even the most irritating children with ease because who can say no to that sunshine smile I mean seriously

Mingyu: Is a good babysitter, lets the kids do their own thing until the video games start. Destroys all the children without mercy in Mariokart. Is extremely salty when he loses and demands rematches. Makes the best mac&cheese.

Minghao: Likes watching mellow kids and plays with them. Impresses them with his dancing and gains their love with his cuteness. Likes to give them little kisses on their heads. Is really good at cheering them up if they get upset but panics if they start screaming.

Seungkwan: Sass master Boo is always right and should not be argued with. Enjoys bossing kids around but is sometimes a softie for when they’re good listeners and rewards them with cookies. If he encounters a difficult child he enjoys sending them to the corner and forcing them to watch him eat a cookie very slowly and dramatically so they learn their lesson. Increased number of noise complaints from neighbors after he visits.

Vernon: Teaches kids how to have swag and how to be dope. Is also very good at teaching kids manners and cool dance moves. Assumes all kids want to be just like him. Kids actually think he’s some hipster guy and are only fascinated by his dope lifestyle, not impressed.

Dino: Dino is too young to babysit he is the baby Dino would be the most polite babysitter, always asking them if they’re hungry and playing with them. Enjoys losing on purpose during board games. Is good at quieting down screaming children.

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Is it bad that Im 15 and a virgin? I dont know what to say to keep girls around if I be to honest they run and if I lie well thats not good either.


Its not a huge issue at all. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was sixteen, so I know what you’re going through completely. The thing is… You’re not missing out on much, so its best to wait. Women aren’t going anywhere, neither will your opportunities for sex. You have your whole life to get laid, but you only have a small window to develop your social intelligence. Many introverts develop their reclusive personality traits during their early teenage years. The best thing you can do is learn how to communicate with people effectively and create connections. If you want to have beautiful women in your life, then you have to learn how to be a leader of men. If other guys don’t think you’re cool, what makes you believe that women will? If you can’t create bonds with your own peers, its going to be extremely hard to do it with the opposite sex. So reflect on your social circle as it is now. Are your friends getting laid? If your friends aren’t good with women, then guess what? You won’t be either. Who you choose to spend your time with determines how far you’re going to make it in this world. Many guys choose to settle for lame friends because they have no other choice. If the relationships in your life are formed out of desperation and neediness, then they will always be fulfilling. The best hangs out with the best, and mentor the rest. A lot of guys come to me because they want to learn, and I’m glad to help if I can see that they have potential. Unfortunately in most cases most guys are beyond being helped. I’ve tried to help men who didn’t want to help themselves, and it was a waste of time for both parties involved. 

For the kids that I do mentor.. I always ask them a simple question as a placement test to see where they’re at, I ask them;

“What do you believe women find attractive in a man?”

For men who don’t have a lot of social intelligence the answer to that question is usually superficial and empty. Many tell me that women want money, good looks, or a man that has a lot of material value. For men just getting into the game its easy to fall prey to this ideology because we have a lot of negative social conditioning concerning women. The media is good at selling us an image of the “perfect man”, when it doesn’t actually exist. The media preys on our negative emotions because they want to sell products. Insecurities are a multi-billion dollar industry. So much money is being made on making you feel inferior, and you probably don’t even realize that its happening. When I realized the truth it was the equivalent to Neo swallowing the red pill… The truth will always be hard pill to swallow. Once you realize that the world around you is filled with deception and lies, you actively seek out the truth because you understand that if you continue down the road that everyone else is..That will only lead to misery. The average guy isn’t good with women. The average guy is a prisoner to his insecurities and he buys expensive things, creates “cool” personas in order to compensate for his lack of confidence. The average guy is a fucking coward, a pussy…Most of the “men” you meet are pussies, all of them. They’re afraid of failure so they don’t even try to get better at anything. They allow their fear to stagnate their growth. Approval seeking behavior, fear of failing, fear of looking like an “idiot”…Its all pussy ideology that has been perpetuated by the media to sell us shit that we don’t need. The truth is if you continue down that road you won’t have many friends…well decent friends…and you damn well won’t have any women in your life. Being a pussy is unattractive no matter who you are. You can be the best looking guy on the planet, have the best car, the coolest clothes, have the money…But if you’re a pussy then all of those “strengths” turn into weaknesses. 

Who you are now just isn’t authentic. You’ve been socially conditioned to feel inferior, so you now you feel the need to lie and manipulate people to get your desires met. Getting girls contrary to popular beliefs, has nothing to do with women…It has everything to do with you. If you believe that you’re awesome then other people will be sucked into your reality. Getting girls is just a side effect of feeling awesome. If you really want to improve then you need to surround yourself around people you admire. Find a mentor that is good with women, then learn from him. Find people that you think are awesome and turn them into your friends. Your immediate social circle should consist of people you look up to. They should be smarter, cooler, and more responsible than you are. You want to surround yourself with people you look up to because you want them to rub off on you positively. I guarantee if you change your friends, you change your fate. If you hang out with awesome people they will introduce you to other awesome people…Who will in return introduce you to hotter and hotter women. Cool guys get hot girls… This is the one thing that the media does get right, but their methods on how to become “cool” are manipulate and often false in order to get you to buy into the pussy ideology to sell you products. Gaining social intelligence doesn’t have a price tag….What it does require is balls. You need balls in order to be awesome. If you want friends that inspire you, and women in your life that you’re actually attracted to….Then you need courage. Courage is a prerequisite for confidence. You need courage to survive rejection-which you will receive because you’re still negatively conditioned- then after you’ve put your neck out enough and remained patient, you will gain confidence. Courage, Patience, and Confidence are the three attributes that women find attractive, and other men respect. 

If you work on developing yourself in those areas, you won’t be a virgin for much longer…That is a promise. You will naturally be an attractive person.

May God bless you.


Well, it’s been a while, haha. I thought I’d  stop by and just rant, vent, talk, blabber, etc. Life is never what you expect. I am learning that lesson everyday. 

After I graduated, I had a job lined up that I ended up losing because I was, well, busy getting married overseas. At one point a part of me felt like I did it all wrong, backwards even, when I noticed my peers getting jobs and here I was married and jobless. 

I lost majority of my friends (Also - don’t be friends with people who can’t be happy for you - I realize now what a huge blessing the distance is).

 I moved back and live oceans a part from the coolest guy on the planet (second to my dad). I was married but felt like I wasn’t? 

Overall, I was frustrated.
I always told myself I would stand on my own two feet before I ever got married - and I totally didn’t listen to myself.

After the wedding chaos ended - I tackled the struggle of getting a job. I think I applied to every entry level job in the area and I still had no luck. I was growing bitter and frustrated everyday, and yeah, I blamed getting married at some points. Haha, actually, I’m a dummy because my husband is so incredibly supportive and was patient with me and would reassure me through every vent session (I have one everyday at least).

One day, an acquaintance (who is now like a brother to me, and a great mentor, shoutout to Ridwan) reached out and told me about an opening at a graphic designer position at a non-profit organization, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA).

I was skeptical and hesitant at first. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of working at a majority Muslim environment because as sad as it sounds no one is more judgemental of a Muslim than another Muslim. And like do I really want to work at non-profit (I was thinking of all the aunties and uncles that stare at me whenever I tell them I studied art like ??¿¿? - and that is bad enough).

I doubted myself A LOT. I have like zero confidence when it comes to my artwork. But he saw something in me and so he urged me to give it a shot, and despite all the stress and anxiety of the interview process - I gave it my all.

Fast forward to today, June 10th. 3 months later. I am so incredibly thankful to be here. It is Ramadan and the atmosphere of the office is not too different of that at home. I am in an environment that understands my Muslim identity - I don’t have to worry about explaining praying, religious holidays, or fasting, or why I wear an abaya to work sometimes, and we give salaam whenever we come and go.

Ultimately, I am proud of myself for getting a job that combines my love for my faith, my art, and my ambitions to help better humanity. (And it wasn’t entry level so take that every dumb employer I applied to before). I am surrounded by amazing staff. I am seeing myself growing each and everyday. I learn something new with every assignment. I see tangible growth whenever anything I create gets printed- and that feeling of finally feeling whole is indescribable.

I had a rough start with this whole being an adult thing. But God has always had my back and I am starting to see it everyday I wake up and come to work and walk out mentally exhausted - but I walk out recognizing how blessed I am.

Life doesn’t always go as you planned - but with a little faith and patience, I think God guides you in a way that is unique to you and brings you to a place where you can see the potential in yourself that everyone else saw.

Not comparing your life to others, not setting expectations based off of others, not recognizing that everyones blessings don’t come in the same way at the same time - that is one of the answers to growth and happiness.. Drop friends who claim to support you but their actions say otherwise, drop people who can’t understand the decisions you make for yourself, and drop people who feel entitled to your life.


I am sitting at my desk, staring at my name plate, truly humbled to be where I am in life.
All praises due to the Most High. Everything works out for the best in hindsight - always remember that.

It’s so good to be alive.

Lastly, I pray all of my Muslim fam has a blessed Ramadan.
And thank you to everyone that took the time to read this.


Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet, a thousand percent. He’s just you know when someone walks into a room you just go ‘that kid’s got it’. He literally does walk into a room and everyone just stops. And it’s not just ‘cause he’s famous, he just has an aura about him… It’s an aura. It’s a thing… He’s got a really cool name as well; Harry Styles. It’s almost like he was born to be a pop star. He’s just perfect isn't he?“  

Rixton band: ‘Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A 1000 percent. You know when someone walks into a room and you just go - this kid’s got it.’
Scott Mills: ‘He literally does walk into a room and everyone stops. And it’s not just because he’s famous, he just has an aura about him.’

Scoot Mills and Rixton talking about Harry Styles on Scott Mills Show, 17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1

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Exo React To Overhearing That You Like Them

Anonymous asked: How would EXO react if another member suddenly blurted out that I had a crush on one of them? Like, if Chanyeol said I had a crush on Lay within Lay’s earshot. :)

Ah, our first request~ This is actually a really nice request and we enjoyed doing it! It kinda ended up as ‘if exo realised they liked you’ but hopefully that’s still ok.

Hope you like it~ ≧◡≦

- Poppy x


He’d probably be shocked to say the least when he hears this. I think he’d be blushing and would find it very hard to talk to you for a while because he’s simply just too shy to say anything. After sitting there for about 30 minutes thinking of the nicest way to say “hi”, he’d stand up, make eye contact for 0.003 seconds, and just sit back down blushing while his heart beats faster than its ever gone before. Eventually he’d pluck up the courage to invite you out for coffee or something.


I think Luhan would also be a nervous little lump when he’s around you after hearing that you liked him. He wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye for long without blushing or nervously twitching but then again I also feel like he’d be really excited when he overheard what the other members were talking about and would try to spend as much time with you as possible so he could get to know you better. He’d ask you one day if you wanted to meet up at the park with another friend and would then claim that the friend couldn’t make it so that he could be alone with you.


Ok, do you really think this guy needs anything to boost his ego? Didn’t think so. If he overheard another member saying you liked him, he’d try to be the coolest guy on the planet - and fail miserably. He tries to walk with 'swag’ to try and impress you and ends up tripping and falling on his face. Tries a new pick-up-line on you and starts choking mid-sentence. In the end he’d probably just give up and ask you out for dinner somewhere. Just not KFC I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.


You can’t really get any more awkward than Suho, right? When he hears the other members he’d be a blushing mess, although he might not believe them since he’s used to those kids and their little pranks. He’d probably either be extremely shy and awkward around you, avoiding all eye contact and blushing whenever you walk in the room, or he’d be a little too enthusiastic to see you, and by that I mean standing up in the middle of the room with a massive smile on his face as he waves until his arm falls off. 


I think Lay would be really shy around you after he knows that you like him and would probably try to make a conversation with you but end up stuttering and not finding any of the right words to say. Having a decent conversation with him would seem almost impossible since he would only answer with either 'yes’ or 'that sounds nice’. You may start to feel a little uncomfortable but Lay on the other hand would be having a great time listening to your voice as he gets to know you more and more.


I honestly think he would be the cutest little tease ever. Once he knew how you felt about him he wouldn’t be able stop sending little hints your way. From discreet winking to not-so-discreet-and-actually-rather-terrifying eyebrow raising, you’d probably catch on to it sooner or later. However if you didn’t catch on he’d just pull you to the side and whisper “So I heard from a little birdy that you like someone..?” and would give a cheesy little grin as he points to himself.


Chen would actually act pretty similar to Baekhyun in my opinion, but would be even more of a tease. Remember that incredibly sexy omfgvnsjefhvrrurif thing he did with the yoghurt on the radio show? Imagine him doing that with every. single. bit. of. food. or. drink. He’d be the kind of guy to act all innocent as if he wasn’t doing anything at all but in his head he knew what he was doing and he liked it. I can also imagine him doing the most random things ever to try and make you laugh and see that he’s a funny guy; for example the chopsticks incident.


When around other people, he’d be a total goofball and wouldn’t be able to stop being weird but as soon as the two of you were on your own, he’d be really shy and wouldn’t know what to say. You’d often find yourself glancing at him and immediately looking away because his eyes are constantly on you. #CREEPYEOL He’d probably end up saying something that sounded really sweet in his head like “you have a cute nose” but in reality it sounded something like “you have nice nostrils.” and you’d both just burst out laughing.


The best way to describe D.O in a situation like this is a 'adorable squishy ball of marshmallow babies’. I have no idea it’s late and I’m tired. He’d be super sweet and caring and would do anything to see you smile. One day he’d probably 'accidentally’ make an extra lunch so he’d end up giving it to you, hoping to impress you with his cooking skills. I also think that he’d often get caught looking at you with the satansoo expression and end up getting super embarrassed at your creeped out expression because the poor boy has trouble controlling that squishy little face of his.


In my opinion Tao would be really similar to Kris and Baekhyun. He’d be a cocky little shit and would try to impress you by being cool and would attempt to subtly flirt with you across the room. However I also think he’d be really shy when he was actually face to face with you and would giggle like a little school girl whenever you made eye contact. I don’t think he’d try to show you any of his martial arts skills because he'd be terrified that he’d let go of his nunchucks and you would be left lying in the middle of the floor with a large red nunchuck-shaped mark on your head.


This little ball of fluff would be so nervous and shy around you. If he didn’t have the courage to go up to you he’d just admire you from afar like he does with Kyungsoo but if he did talk to you he'd be giggly and also polite, wanting you to know that he’s a genuinely nice guy. He wouldn’t flirt with you intentionally, but I feel like he would unknowingly begin flirting whilst having no clue what he’s doing. If he had the chance he would probably ask if you wanted to go with him to walk his dogs and if you went along he’d casually slip into the conversation somewhere saying that he thinks you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.


Last and most certainly not least, Oh Sehun. The bratty maknae would be quite a tease but would act really uninterested at the same time. You thought he was waving to you? No, of course not. It was the pretty girl Luhan standing behind you. He sent you a really sweet message? Nope. Wrong number apparently. Of course he would only be doing this to wind you up and not to make you upset, however if you did become sad and depressed because of it he would feel terrible and just straight up tell you how he feels about you.

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