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which program do you use to make edits?

Alrighty, this might be a long answer.

Multiple. I’m going to go through ~every~ program I use because that question is kinda broad.

Heads up! Everything listed here is FREE 🙌🙌 (minus one thing, of course)…

To find my pics I use Pinterest, mostly, but if I can’t find what I’m looking for on Pinterest then I just go to Google.

To make the cool doodle-y gif things on pictures: [kudos to @cmarthad1 who taught me this one :)]

Find your picture. Go to Picsart (an app) and use the draw option. When done, save the pic then delete your doodles and start again. Save the new one. Depending on how many frames I want in my gif I usually draw on the pic 2 or sometimes 3 times. Then go to Gifsart (my👏go👏to👏app👏for👏everything,👏seriously) and click on the pics with the doodles on them. Gifsart will put together a sort of slideshow of the pics (with options for the speed) in gif format. Cool, right?

To make the really cool, but kinda complicated gif boards/sets:

In PicPlayPost you can put these gifs together on boards and edit/crop them, too! It’s really easy to use and I sometimes put my Picsart/Gifsart edited doodled gifs in them! One such example was the Gisa Barrow/Mare Barrow/and Farley (I think) board for Women’s Day. 

To make the character aesthetic 3 x 3 boards:

Find your pics and insert them into PicMonkey Collage (the free online collage/editing tool that I use) in an aesthetically pleasing way! 😂 

To make the boards such as the I Rise and Marecal dancing scene things:

A lot of people use things such as Adobe to make these types of collages, but I use Pages. Yep, the Pages that most Mac users switch out for Microsoft Word. I add shapes to it (rectangles, usually) and enable the option opposite to “Move With Text” so that the text won’t be weirded out. When you’ve got like a board of 2 x 5 (or 4 or 6) rectangles under one another you can start adding the pictures (by dragging them into the rectangles) or the text (by typing). In the Marecal dancing one I also sometimes broke the 2 x 5 pattern by putting an elongated rectangle that spammed the whole width.

I also use some other programs on the side to edit/recolor my images, including:

Photos (on my mac or iPhone). I like this when I just have to easily make the picture black and white because it’s one click.

*Word Swag* and Pages when putting text on an image. Word Swag has the coolest fonts but Pages is easier (and 100% free, Word Swag is the only program that I use that requires an in-app purchase to get access to some of the fonts that I use)

Polarr: rarely but when I really need to edit an image because it just does NOT fit in with the other colors/shades/etc. then I resort to Polarr because you can really go in-depth.

* = costs money or requires an in-app purchase for maximized ability XD

Hope this helps! If I remember something later, I’ll just reblog this and add to it, okay? I think this covers everything, but if you’ve still got questions then feel free to ask again!

Thanks for the ask!

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Do you do all the lettering yourself? Or do you use a program with fonts? I really like all of them!

hehehehehe when we feel really motivated, we do the lettering ourselves but there are times when we don’t……really want to??? we get our fonts from here: FREE FONTS BABY!!!  this is the coolest thing because free fonts baby!!