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#GirlOnTop: Get Melanie Scrofano There!

look at this:


mel did so much us for us this year just to give us the amazing season 2 we got. she hid her pregnancy for 9 months+, did backflips while extremely pregnant and work 10+ hours days on her feet to give us the amazing performances we got and are continuing to get this season. not only that but, she will be back in 4-5 months again to film us an amazing season 3 with the rest of the cast.

the least we can give her the position she herself said she belongs in.



look at this face. she deserves it.


Okay, but can we take a minute to talk about a Superfamily AU where Steve and Tony adopted Peter as an infant and for the first years of his life, he thinks Pepper is a superhero?  

Hear me out.  So, an offhand comment by Steve or Tony about Pepper being the real superhero for getting one of them to do…something and Peter overhears it and spends many of his formative years trying to figure out what Pepper’s powers are and to catch her in the act of using them.  Everyone thinks it’s adorable that Peter’s started following Pepper around because, “aw, kid’s got a crush,” and that is not what he’s spying on Pepper; he wants to see her fly - and if he’s good, maybe she’ll take him flying, too, since Tony is clearly “the Worst Dad In The World” and won’t take him flying in the suit.  (Sweet spiderling, how you hurt your father.  Steve spends the better part of an hour convincing Tony that he’s an awesome dad and also, their kid is so Extra, like his little four year-old ass actually stormed out of the room.  Like flung his head and stormed out because is so Tony’s kid.)

Anyway, so Peter doesn’t have a crush (he totally has a little boy crush on Pepper; it’s adorable); he’s doing recon.  He just knows Aunt Pepper is gonna pick up her car when her she drops her fancy pen and it rolls under the car.  She doesn’t.  Peter starts to think maybe she can sense when other people are near.  Maybe that’s he super power.  Maybe she can read minds.  

So, little Peter spent a lot of time thinking Pepper (and also trying to figure out her secret super hero identity because surely she had to have one.  You don’t just have powers and not use them to help people.) was a cape-wearing, car-lifting, mind-reading superhero who just happened to fly way below the radar.

Ofc, when he’s older, he gets what his dads were talking about, but he stills thinks she’s a superhero anyway when she can bully Tony out of the lab and to the dinner table when even Steve can’t manage it.  

Enter Civil War.  (I have given this A LOT of thought.)  Basically, Peter’s dads are off in another country getting a divorce and Peter is Just. Not. Having It.  He convinces Happy that he needs to go to Romania because my dads, Happy and Happy can’t help it.  He sort of agrees with the kid.  Plus, he’s always had a soft spot for Pete.  (Happy is at home with Peter because there is no one Tony trusts more to protect his kid than Happy Hogan.)  So Happy smuggles them to Romania somehow and Peter gets there just in time to see the mayhem Steve and co. unleash on Romanian rush hour.  

Happy had sort of explained what was going on, done his best not make anyone a bad guy.  Just explain that there these superhero accords and his dads were totally on different sides of the fence, and yeah, they’re fighting pretty bad this time, kiddo.  I won’t lie to you.  

So Peter shows up to all of this and his dad is arrested and so is Uncle Sam and huh, that’s this Bucky guy his dad keeps telling him about.  He doesn’t look that impress - holy shit, he’s got a metal arm!  He is totally going to be the cool uncle!  He’s not telling Uncle Sam or Uncle Rhodey that, though.  Yeah.  But that’s not the important thing right now.  The important thing is his dad is kind of a dumbass right now and he needs to got and Talk To Him.

So, he sneaks in to where Steve is (he got really got at sneaking when he was tailing Pepper all those years) and is that the weird cat guy?  That guy is so weird.  Who dresses up like a cat?  Who does that?  Peter kind of gives him a side eye and a wide berth because really.  (*Also, fuck you, too, Peter, I would totally dress up as a cat.  T’Challa and I could be cat superhero friends and it would be awesome.)  But there’s Uncle Sam, complaining about his “bird costume” (ha, a bird costume.  Peter is never letting that one go.) and there’s his dad looking stubborn and like he’s about to do something stupid.  Again.  Peter’s gotten good at reading those looks on his dad’s face because Steve does a lot of stupid shit like jumping out of planes without a parachute and jumping out of glass elevators without parachutes and also eating the whole breakfast Peter made him and Tony for Father’s Day when he was four.  Tony had eyed it skeptically and promptly distracted Peter while Steve his dumb face and ate all of it.  (Tony tried really hard to feel bad for him, but “you ate it! i can’t believe you ate it!  and also “i thought super soldiers couldn’t get food poisoning.”)

But right.  Dad’s about to do a Dumb Thing.  So Peter marches in all business, all serious and gives Steve his best Dad Face.  Or more accurately, Steve’s best I Am So Disappointed In You Dad Face.  He even crosses his arms and shakes his head a little.  Then he opens his mouth and what he says is:

“I’m calling Pepper.”

And thus, Civil War was averted because Pepper shut that shit the fuck down while she and Peter both gave everyone Very Disappointed In All Of You faces.  

I feel like this could be a 5 Times fic.  Five Times Peter Thought Pepper Had Secret Superpowers and One Time She Really Did.  

Other things to consider:

- Spider-Man was an embarrassing nickname his dads gave him when he was a baby because he crawled all over everything.  Steve used to joke that he was waiting for the door when Peter learned how to crawl onto the walls.  Oops.  Careful what you wish for.  That’s the first thing that gives his whole Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man gig away because really, Pete?  It’s like you took out a billboard ad in Times Square.  

- Tony takes Peter to his first day of school in the suit because he’s weak to those eyes.

- Steve is weirdly obsessed with his health and is always ready to take him to the doctor at a moment’s notice and “it’s just a cold, Dad.  I’m fine, oh my god.”  (Steve always sits up with him when he’s sick, though, no matter how old he is and 15 year-old Peter still secretly loves that his dad will make him soup and bring him a warm washcloth for “just a cold.”)

- Steve and Tony are absolutely those embarrassing dads who show up to every school event ever with Peter Parker Fan Club t-shirts and cheer obnoxiously loudly and yell out “that’s my son!”  They are the worst.

Basically, Superfamily and Pepper.  I have so many thoughts about superfamily.

how dare you emily andras

wyn’s kid is gonna love:

-daddy X (cuz im wyndolls till death) who makes the best smores

-uncle Doc w/ his fancy car

-aunt Rosita and her cool sciency stuff

-uncle Jeremy w/ his sparkly sweater and weird licking habits

-aunties Nicole and Waves who teaches them all about gun safety and dead languages

-oh and that weird ass cousin Juan Carlo who has the weirdest advice

-they go to school and brag about how cool their family is and all the cool stories their mom made up

Camp Camp Finale Review

Holy crap that was a good episode. There is a lot to cover for this so let’s get started.

*All the parents (save for Max’s) are awesome.

*Now we know why Preston inadvertently yells at random times.

*Nikki’s mom is a whore.

*Neil’s dad is a bigger nerd then him.

*Nerris’s dad is hilarious and taught Nerris to play DnD.

*Nerf’s full name is Gaylord Nerfington.


*Harrison’s parents are afraid of him.

*Camren Campbell trying not to get arrested.

*Dolf was raised on a German army base.

*His dad can’t put two and two together for shit.

*Erud’s dad’s are cool secret agents.

*Max had no camp.

*David actually getting angry with him and then finding out the truth.



*His name really is Neil Armstrong jr.

*“You should probably get yourself checked for quartersister.”

*Camren Campbell getting arrested anyways.

*The Fartz.

*Caught in the act on stage. (Poor Preston looked horrified)

*Most of the families are super sweet.

*David getting super real with Max.


*Going out for pizza solves everything.

So to summarize, this was a great episode and finale for the season. It was funny, cool, and had plenty of feels. We saw into the lives of the campers and it was awesome.

Have a nice day everyone.


This is really rather gloriously brilliant.

pokemaniacgemini  asked:

I just really hope Papyrus doesn't get hurt in all this. Still, I wonder if part of the reason he's so intent on helping this human fix their sibling relationship is because perhaps he is subconsciously feeling guilty about his own bro troubles?

I’m not so sure, if Papyrus realizes there’s something wrong. With constant praises from Sans I bet he thinks he’s truly the greatest brother and they have the perfect family, of puns, japes and puzzles. Sans drops hints here and there, but Papyrus thinks all is fine and dandy, and his attention snaps to focus on the troubled humans.

And I do hope he won’t fly too close to the sun :C I don’t want him to doubt himself, ever.


Mr Cameron, who left Downing Street after Britain voted to leave the EU in a referendum last year, said: “Well, there’s been a bit of a fight already.

"My children want to use it as a Wendy House, I want to use it as a book-writing room and my son also wants it as an alternative bedroom. So, quite a lot of competition.

"When it first arrived there was great excitement - who was going to spend the first night in it?

"Who won? That was my son … I wasn’t going to take him on!”

Speaking about Mr Cameron’s purchase, Mr Bennett told Sky News: “He is going to use the hut to write his new book. I don’t know what the book is about.

"He was an absolute delight. I know people talk about ‘Call Me Dave’, but he really was a delight and so was Samantha.

"She was really involved in the design of it and it was spot on. It was a fantastic design, she has certainly got an eye.