Steve Carlsburg…..
Can we just take a moment to recognize what an asshole that guy is!
I mean, first the hubcap and now this? I just want to say that I saw your house the other day and I have never seen a more unruly tangle of cacti in anyone’s front garden. We even have a town cacti barber who only charges your patience, so really, what it comes down to is pure laziness.

Really, Steve?

How about you get your own life under control before trying to bother me about mine. 


My dad just got home from a dinner meeting where his boss and some other employees bought a $300 bottle of wine.

When he arrived home, he asked me, “What could we have for $300?”

So we brainstormed. 

I said, “The Japanese Rosetta Stone I wanted. I could be trilingual and take Japanese in college!”

He replied, “Yes, or 3 pairs of those Bilbo Baggins Hobbit leggings you wanted off that website… blackmilk?”

I added, “Or Final Cut Pro?”

He said, “Or a tv? An xbox or two?”

Then I paused for a moment. Here we were, brainstorming what we could have purchased with $300 spent on that fine wine from Oregon. And I realized. There was a deeper moral to this story. I mustered, “Think of it. There are guys who can buy a $300 bottle of wine, but there are people who can’t even afford a box of cereal.” (I volunteered at the food bank as a kid and I had just recently gone back to help out again, but this time I had distributed food instead of stacking it. This was a totally new experience, because I actually met the people I was helping.) I continued, “Those men can spend $300 on wine, but some people have to build up the courage just to admit they need help and go to the food bank for something to eat. I’ve seen people who can barely afford to survive, but men right down the road are drinking wine that costs more than some people can afford to spend on food for their family each month. That’s disgusting.”


I’ve been shaken. I’ve noticed it before, but not like this.

But what am I to do? I’m a teenage girl and my opinion counts for nothing.